Saturday, December 24, 2011

To Atina

I have thought it over and I think that the past is the past, we should forgive and forget. I do disagree with the way you were brought up, with the whole religious environment and people, but that's know you are. I have no right to comment on it. I'm my own self, I don't believe, but friendship isn't about beliefs and preaching them.

I'm willing to be your friend if you promise not to preach your beliefs to me and not to do anything that is related to your religion with me. I have classmates from all kinds of different religions but we work and learn in harmony. Nobody is preaching to no one. That's how it should be. Your beliefs is your own.

Regarding your friend's (I shall not name) post on your blog: I think it is an insult to non-believers. Whoever said that "those unbelievers are dumb and aren't smart enough to see the truth". What kind of rubbish is this? I strongly suggest that your friend show more respect for people of other religions with other beliefs. Who does he think he is to say such insulting things.

Atina, I honestly don't care who you mix with and talk to, just please don't become like that. Don't become so obsessed with your own beliefs please. You are a nice girl, really talented. Stay pure and truthful to yourself. Believe the real meaning of your religion, every religion is beautiful and sacred. Please don't become so sucked into it like some of the people I've seen on the Web.

Stay truthful to yourself. You can believe whatever you belief in but don't let it pull you down. Don't close up your mind. I think you are a talented pianist with a great personality. Your personality, who you show yourself to be, is what made me become your friend in the first place. Don't ever lose that. Don't be a blind follower. Be a smart one.

That is of course, entirely my own opinion. So what do you say? I rarely forgive people but I like who you are.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Complain Letter

You wanted this post? You get it. I'm going to be prefectly honest because I'm tired of this.

Part 1:

1. Why did I quit the Lakehouse Forum?

Let's go straight to the point. I don't have a religion. I'm a free thinker (most commonly known as atheists, I believe). I don't belong. In my honest opinion, the Lakehouse doesn't feel like much of a Star Wars community. It's *cough* more like a place for people with similar beliefs to gather with their kind. I also don't like it when you guys mix Star Wars with religion. They are seperate topics. As usual, that's just my opinion.

2. Why did I quit blogging?
This personality I created in the blogger world is stupid. It's false. It's not me. Yet I can't be who I really am. Why? You all won't like the real me. I use quite a bit of vulgarities, I'm not a good student in school, I'm not your teacher's pet. I'm rebellious, I disobey my parents and I like it that way. Another reason why I left is because I'm bored of reading all of y'all blog posts. In almost every post you all make, you preach your beliefs. It bores me, no offense. Some of you do that in comments on my blog too. I honestly disagree with some of your opinions and such but I can't say anything.

Part 2:

To the person who insulted me online:

You know who you are. You typed out my full online name "Andrienna Jaina Solo" on the Lakehouse and on your blog, saying that I've gone to the darkside in real life. Excuse me? Please stop mixing up Roleplay and Real life. Please don't make me look like a bad person on the internet. You think it's funny? It's not. You don't know the real me, don't judge someone unless you understand them. You do not understand my life because you live in a sheltered, homeschooled world. And if it's your mother who is telling you to post those messages on your blog and the Lakehouse forum saying things like "Please pray for Andrienna Jaina Solo, she has gone to the darkside in real life. She needs prayer." I strongly suggest you quit it. This can be considered as Cyberbullying because you used my online name that people on the Web and in my school know me by.

If you want my friendship, EARN IT.

Comment if you want to. I'm outta here.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Read this

Do y'all remember me? 20 comments (you can post as many times as you want) and I'll return to blogging and the lakehouse. 20, no less.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Last post here. New post there!

Hey everyone! I'm moving blog. Yes, you got it. I will be moving to a new blog. The blog address will be shown to y'all on the Lakehouse. Somewhere on the Lakehouse at least. I saw one of the Lakehouse girls create a topic just for her new blog address so I wanna do that too.

What's my reason for the blog moving? Wait.. It's more like Blog changing. I'm creating a new blog.

I had a massive argument with my best friend and he hates me now. We argued over something as stupid as Physic homework. Yes, I suck. LOL..

By the way, I almost abandoned the Lakehouse. ROFL.. Don't worry, I realised that y'all are nice people so one of my rules to myself is:
If you are nice to me, I will be nice back to you. If you aren't nice to me, I can be your worst nightmare.
So I have no proper reason to leave the Lakehouse. Cos y'all are awesomely nice people and I can't bare to lose another friend.

So in conclusion, as this will be officially my last post here, please don't forget to check out my new blog once I give y'all the link!

May the Force be with you! This blog has been great in helping me find so many internet friends!

~Andrienna Solo~

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today is my second last day of my June holidays. I'm kinda sad. School's like crap and I suck at my subjects. Neh..

Um, so.. I was trying to get motivation to study well or something and made a list. Not really, there's no list.

I'll make one now.

1. Umm..

This is not working.. I'll try again.

1. My Jedi Master in Roleplay told me that I'm a fast learner. In real life, I'm not. So I wanna prove that you don't have to have a good memory and be a quick learner to do well.

2. I wanna get where I wanna go. Not telling y'all where. :P

3. I wanna prove that people like me are as good at everyday people. HAH!!

4. I wanna earn lotsa lotsa cash in the future so that I'll have as many Star Wars books as Darth Caedus.

5. I wanna move to the US.

That's all for now. I'll be back tomorrow to summarise up my whole epic awesome holiday into one post! MTFBWY!

~Andrienna "Jaina" Solo~
P.S. I updated my Rp character's info cos my fellow Jedi are getting mixed up.

Have to continue later. I'm bringing my bro to Wushu class. Bye!