Sunday, May 29, 2011

Picture Post!! :D

Today's post will be mainly pictures, I guess. I'll post about what I did in school this week and my art after that (Corran fanart included).

So this is basically what I did in school: Making my design for Design and Technology (D&T) coursework. That's from Tuesday to Thursday. I did something else on Friday.

My D&T lesson went something like this:

Start --->>

Excited.. Shy to talk a lot with teacher.. Bored.. Lonely (I'm the only one).. Dull-face. 0_o Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! So bored... Owww!! (Kept on hammering my thumb).. Um.. Machine = Dangerous.. Sand paper (Lalalalalaaaaa...) Getting fun.. Less shy.. More daring.. Chat with teacher... Sort of made friends with teacher... The Plastic bending machine reminding me of barbecues and I thought about sausages and the Mara Jade thread on the Lakehouse. More sand paper.. Sand paper.. Cheerful. Ooooh la laaaa!!! 80% of my design (a Star Wars display) done according to me teacher!!! Woot! Meet up with friends! Yay!! Yay yay yay!! Laaa laaa laaaaaaa!!

<<--- End

LOL... That was.. WEIRD. 0_o But yep, that's what I did and felt summaried and compressed in to a little random paragraph.

I did English and Humanities on Friday with my 2 awesome friends: Christy and "Rika"!!! WOO HOOOO! Awesomest friends ever!!

And after school my best friend, Joshua and I made word son the school's scrabble board. Yep, the ONLY good thing in my school is a large scrabble board on one of the walls outside the school hall on the 2nd floor.

We made this together!! It's completely random and it's for the teachers (we didn't state that it's for them. In our hearts, it is.) XD

I made this cos the scrabble board didn't have a letter 'C'!! I wanted to make 'Corran Horn Rules' on it SOOOO BAD..!!!!!

Any way, Jaina Solo is COOL!!

Joshua made Wedge's name. He's obsessed with Wedge. Completely.. It's kinda scary.. It's..

I drew this on his arm!!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! Woo woo wooooo!!


Now for the second part of my post.

I'm going to show you how my art has changed over the year. From went I first started drawing comics (that's 5 years ago) till now.

I first started drawing in maths class. Yep, maths. I don't like maths. I drew my first comic it's called "Bun Rider" or something like that. It's like a fanfiction mixed with a fanart about a TV programme that my group of best friends (Amanda, Denise, Debbie and I) sort of watched. I think Debbie and I are the only ones who watched it. I forgot the name of that show. What I remember is that the title contained the words " 'Mask Rider' something". Haha.

I can't find that comic. :( I dunno where it is actually. But I found another fanart I did in that same period of time. It's from my favourite cartoon 'Galactik Football'. I used to be a little bit obsessed in football before I realised that I can't run fast and I always missed (then I quit, of course..).

That's how my art was like at first. (I was 12 years old then. LOL)

After the Bun Rider comics, I started another comic. This one's original. Sort of inspired by my favourite manga at that time. Somewhere in the middle of the story, it became about martial arts and aliens. I dunno how that happened. I had a good laugh re-reading it. It was like awful art with Middle school comedy and a wacky plot mixed together. Whahahaaa..

Yup.. Told ya. The drawing was weird. If you click on the picture you can see how the eyes and face shapes of the characters looked like. Funny thing is, this comic has no storyline. It's more like a story of my frustrations with school work and awful grades and weirdo baddies called "Fabianators" attacking the school. LOL!!! (Fabian was the guy in this daycare centre I used to go to who was slightly annoying.)

Somewhere from page 140 onwards the art became kind of dark because I drew it went I went to a completely new school and my classmates were hating on me (bullying actually.. Eeeep, I feel embarrassed. >.<) and I felt very alone. (I found comfort in the X-Wing books then.. CORRAN HORN IS AWESOME!!!)

I remembered drawing this comic from a few month before my super duper important exam when we were supposed to be studying like mad people. I don't regret getting crappy marks for the exam and going to a crappy school, though. LONG LIVE THIS UNNAMED COMIC! It shows me who my best friends really were and provided me with a zone to throw my anger in.

I stopped that comic 2 years ago. It lasted 3 years in total.

(None of my comics I mentioned have been published if you wanted to know.)

Right now my art looks like this:

(Corran Horn fanart like I promised. Hope you like it!)

More manga-like. I'm drawing manga right now.

My current comic. It's the latest one I'm drawing and it's a Sci-Fi one, had a more detailed style of drawing in my opinion. Well, compare it to my old comics and you'll see. I know my art is not much but I hope to be a comic artist someday.

So now you know a little bit more about me again. Hope you enjoyed this picture post. See y'all next time!!

~Comics <333~

Rogue Eleven out


  1. Wow, you're an awesome artist. I like the Ninja Turtle you drew;) and the Corran Horn fanart.

  2. Amazing art work! Hey, I was into TMNT too! WOW! I think my favorite drawing is the last one! It looks incredible!

  3. Wow, your art work is absolutely astounding!!! You're such an amzing artist!! =)

    -Barriss :-)

  4. To Futurejedigirl, Rebecca and Barriss:
    Thank ya'll so much for your wonderful comments! I'm gonna keep on improving my art and posting pictures of my art works here! <3333 Y'all are awesome friends!!

  5. Wow great pictures!!! I love your art work! AHHHH I wish I had a Ninja Turtle on my arm!


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