Saturday, April 30, 2011

Long post is Looooooooooooooooonnnnngg!!!

Hey! I'm back here, typing stuff as usual.. Sorry for being gone so long but it's the last week of school before the exams! That's what I call it because for the next two or three weeks, my school will be having exam and exams and more exams.. I only learn 6 subjects so mine are spread out across the three weeks. More time to revise for me! YEAH!

I totally enjoyed myself this week. My class rules!!!!

I don't really remember some stuff but this was what I did this week...

On Monday, I had normal lessons.. Yup. That's what I remembered. And tuition when I got home after that. During tuition, my teacher said that my Chemisty wasn't like so bad. My translation of the "not so bad": ISN'T SOOO BAD THAT RATS CAN EAT IT.. Hahahaaa... That was random.

Yum.. I'm chewing on some chocolates my friend gave me cos she didn't like the taste of them..

Before I forget, we had PE on Monday. I really hate PE. I don't like sports. My friend from our original Nerd Group, (Let's call her.. Umm... 'F.rose') and I had a big argument about Handball. The dumb PE teachers seperated our NERD GROUP. They always do that. They have never even seen as play?!! No once.. Rrrrrrrrr... Mesa dislikes them to the core.

If we stand together, we'll be united with power and teamwork!! And I thought that's what the school has be talking about.. Blah blah blah, teamwork, blah blah, good values like teamwork, blah blah. Over the four year in this school, I've had enough of being shoved into a group of really energetic, hyper sports fanatics and being injured when they use their bull strength to hurl a basketball, tennis ball, frisbee, whatever it is at me. HUMMMMMPH!!!

I suppose the teachers think that by putting all in different groups, we would learn to like sports or play it well or something like that.. We just don't belong in those other sporty groups. Sometimes my other Nerd Gropus friends get lucky and enter a group with nice, caring, cheer-you-on-no-matter-what classmates but not me..!! I never get into a group like that.. It's always..

The group forces me to be the goalkeeper for whatever sport that needs goalkeeping. And the oppsoing team would slam the stupid ball freaking hard into me!!! It's hurts I tell you! And that girl, F.rose still at the nerve to say something along the lines of "Well done! Very good! Keep it up!! We must play like that.. etc.." She just seems to disregard my feelings.. Of course she doesn't care.. She's never been forced to be goalkeeper. And when she is, she just let's out an "Eeeeeeek..!" and dodges the ball.. HELLLO???????

OMG, I'm ranting... Sorry folks.. But I've had enough of PE lesson and teachers and mad, sporty classmates.

Any way, F.rose and I are still ignoring each other even until now. I just don't feel like talkign to her any more. Even the other two crazy sporty mad teammates had bothered to ask if I'd been hurt during Maths class. I can't stand her.. I'm been tolerating F.rose for more than a year!! She interrupts people's comversations, she acts like she knows all and is the Queen and the leader, she chooses when to care for her friends' feelings, she makes people listen to her reluctantly. But I still continued being her friend even though most of my other friends dislike her because F.rose has no other friends. Her classmates dislike her. Her cousellor thingy and club or whatever she does at recess can't stand her. I want to be nice but I can't be nice forever..

We also had PE on Tuesday. Hated it as usual. I was going, "Come on.. 25 more minutes to Physics lesson. Yessss, 16 more minutes to Physics!! 3 more minutes to Physics...... YES, PHYSICS LESSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Hahaha, I bet that that was so nerdy but I love Physics. it's my 2nd favourite subject after English.

Hmm, throughout the week, I'm been getting back test papers from the previous tests. I passed everything except Design and Techonology (Theory part only).. That's so sad. I can't understand Mechanisms and Electricity and whatever it is!!! I can memorise it, though. Someone told me before that girls are bad at that... But I like the designing part!!

We had some talk about Science Practical on Thursday. And I found out that I was in the first shift. IT'S NOT FAIRRRRRR!!! I'm the only girl in my class that is in shift 1.. So I had to come to school super early all alone. Mesa almst cried when mesa saw the notice boards..... My mum is trying to persuade the teacher to put me with my class. She also couldn't understand why the school teachers put me in the first shirt all alone for when mainly everyone else in my class is in the second shift. It's weird to take an exam all alone, with no one right? Also, the first shift is made up mainly of super duper smart people!! Nothing like me.. Waaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh.... (Random outburst..) 0_o

We had Sports Carnival on Friday (yesterday). Sport. The word reeks of horror. But Sports Carnival wasn't so bad. It was at the start but it got more awesome towards the end.

My group had to do Archery. I sucked at it at the start:

The instructor said shoot the paper.
I shot the grass. 0_o

The instructor said shoot the animals.
I shot the wooden board. =,=

The instructor said shoot the apples, not the human.
I shot the human. (Sorry.. That was unintentional like the rest!!!! Ooooooopppssss....)

The instructor said to shoot the blue rim of the circle.
I shot the grass.. Again...

But the last round, while everyone was shooting arrows at the bullseye cos it was the last round, I ran off to hide at the water cooler cos I learnt in Physics something cool that could help reduce the heat. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggg... Did I mention that it was way to hot for me? I've never been in the hot sun for 3 hours..

What a nerd.. Always being a couch potato, watching Sci-Fi movies on the TV. Alway on the laptop or hapndphone reading Facebook updates or blogs. Always listening to Brad Paisley on Youtube. Reading the Geography textbook. (Did I mention that I love Geography? It's gotten so interesting recently!!) As you see none of the stuff I do has sports in it. LOL.

Well, after I got back from my loooooooooong disappearance to the water cooler, I was just in time for the final part of that round. I was the last to load up the arrow and knowing that I would suck at it again, I didn't really concentrate and just pointed it at the dart board and fired it away. AND IT HIT THE BULLSEYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT DID!! It's was so weird, when I concentrated really hard, I missed when everyone else's arrows hit somewhere near the target or the target.

YAY!! Looks like I'm no longer 100% bad at sports. Perhaps just 92.013289458694984% bad at it. Hehehheeee.... I think I was using the Force there!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAA!!!

Then, we all when to watch the rest of my class play Handball. Then we cheered. It was a lot of fun!!!!! We had to go to the hall to watch the cool, sports fanatics (who won) get awards. I won nothing but I'm glad my class' Handball team won something.

Sports Carnival isn't so bad, I guess. And Archery is kinda cool. It's like shooting TIE Interceptors from an X-Wing! CORRAN HORN IS SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL~!!!!!! (Oh man.. My Rogue Squadron craziness has started again..)

After that, my friends, Joshua, Mingiee, Alina, Ffion and I went to eat FAST FOOD!!! Mesa likes Fast food! It was awesome! Since all five of us don't want to go Prom night, we plan to have our own outing together while everyone else is at the hotel for their Prom Night~! And we'll walk pass all of our classmates wearing suits and gowns and yell "HI!!!!" It's be a lot of fun!!! I can't wait!! And we'll catch a movie! And just HANG OUT TOGETHER!!!!!!! YEA!!!

I just hope Ffion sticks to the plan, though. I'm sure everyone else would!!

Ohh, I almost forgot. I'm sure someone (not sure who) would probably be wondering why I don't like Prom Night. Well, if you really want to know...

I'm not into Formal dressing and sorry to disappoint, but I don't like dresses ans gowns. It girly. I'm more towards tomboy.. May be that's why I'm so obsessed with ROGUE SQUADRON and reading the space battle part in a Star Wars book!

P.S. Starship Troopers is showing on my TV where I'm at on Monday!!!

P.S.S. But I think that other girls look very nice in dresses and gowns.

Um.. Another reason why I don't really want to go for Prom Night is because I don't want to be selected for the dating section or whatever my friends tell me it is. It's because of that annoying love-struck boy that is still currently following me around. Sigh.. I've told him to get over it but he can'[t seem to. Many people in my school mthinks we are together when we are clearly not. Weirdos, they are.

Any way, I think that this week was rather AWESOME!!!! (Even though this post is made up of things I dislike. ROFL.)

I'm going to revise for my Exams know. I could be back soon but we'll never know. Just kidding, I'll be back by next weekend. But look out for new posts cos I might pop by anytime!!

Rogue Eleven Out!

P.S. I can't wait for May 17th!!!! Ask Atina, she'll know! Heheheheeee!!!

P.S.S. I can't wait for November 18th!! It's our Outing while everyone else is at Prom Night!!

P.S.S. I can't wait for February 10, 2012!!! Yall know why!!

P.S.S.S. See y'all soon!! Now to comment on everyone's blog.....


  1. Oooh I love archery! We go to this camp-y place every Summer and they have an archery range there. I haye gym espically when they assign teams! I have 2 friends in that class so it's like noooooo! XD

  2. I'm starting to love Archery too! It's kinda fun and I like going hyper when the arrow hits the bullseye (almost..).

    I'm not much of a gym person either. It's weirdly painful when the teachers tries to force me to stretch. I can't even touch my own toes?!! Haha.. And by forcing, I mean that the teacher literally pushes me down. It hurttttttsss!!!! >_< Hope gym isn't to bad for you!

  3. I hate P.E. too. Mostly because its filled with mean people who get to run wild the whole hour. I spent the majority of P.E. hiding behind the water fountain :p

  4. Same here! Some of those mean people are sport fanatics which makes it worse. I hide behind the stairs. XD

  5. Yes.. I know why. XD JUST READ it on THE LAKEHOUSE! lol Can't wait for it too!!!!

  6. denise ikuto faith~~ XDDJuly 16, 2011 at 10:50 PM

    eh... the lakehouse???


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