Monday, March 28, 2011

I've been tagged!!

Hi! Jedi~Chick tagged me! Yay! I like tags, it's fun! It also gives me something to blog about.
Here goes nothin'!!

List 10 (music) Artists you love, in no particular order, without looking at the questions below.
1. Taylor Swift
2. John Denver
3. Julia Sheer
4. Tyler Ward
5. David Cook
6. Savannah Outen
7. Brad Paisley
8. Marie Digby
9. John Williams
10. Lady Antebellum (Does it count? Hee hee..)

(There's more but these are the ones that came to my mind when I typed this, so..)

Now for the questions!!!!!

1. What was the first song you've ever heard by 6?
That would be "Fighting for my life". I prefer "Goodbyes" and "If only you knew".

2. What's your favorite song of 8?
I like "Avalanche"! So niceeee!!! Haha..

3. What kind of impact has 1 left on your life?
Well, Taylor Swift's songs helps me understand life and this galaxy that I share with others more. And she's my best friend's favourite singer too. Her music never gets old!! Yea~!

4. What's your favorite lyric of 5's?
The chorus of "Life on the Moon".

5. How many times have you seen 4 live?
None. I see all his videos on Youtube.

6. What's your favorite song of 7?
Hmm.. "Online"? It's the first one I heard when I entered my bedroom and saw my mum sitting by my bed listening to it on Youtube. It's my favourite song!!!!!! Love the lyrics! I just do!

7. Is there any song of 3 that makes you sad?
Not that I've heard so far. I've watched all her videos on Youtube so... I guess, "No?".

8. What's your favorite song by 9?
EVERYTHING STAR WARS!!!! YESSSSS!!! STAR WARS!! **Sees one hyper active fan-girl squealling and jumping on her bed.**

9. How did you first get into 2?
My mum's complete collection of his albums, CD's and whatever you can think of. His music RULES! Literally!

10. How did you first get into 3?
I saw one of my classmate's (we were classmates last year, actually..) post about finding good new music to listen to and I clicked on the link and somehow, after several of that singer's videos, I found it. I can't remember which song it was but I can say that it was a good one!

11. What's your favorite song by 4?
Hmm.. Hard to decide. Many of his original songs are great.

12. How many times have you seen 9 live?
None. NOOOOOOOOOO.... But I did go to this concert that played famous pieces but John Williams. It isn't like the original, but it gave me the "Star Wars feel" when that orchestra played the "Imperial March". Whatever gives me the Star Wars feel is usually awesome~!!

13. What is a good memory concerning 10?
"American Honey"!! That song was stuck in my head for days and it's one of the few songs that I don't try to get rid of.

14. Are there any songs of 8 that make you sad?
I'm not sure. It's been ages since I listened to her songs but I know that I do like her music.

15. What is your favorite song of 1's?
FEARLESS!! Awesome multiplied by awesome to the power of awesome!

16. How did you become a fan of 10?
I heard them on the Ellen DeGeneres and "POOOOF". Fan. (Not air-conditioner, okay.)

Now tag people!!! Hmm... Who shall I tag?
I tag:
Barriss Offee
Joushua Antilles
Denise Ikuto Faith
Dutchess Satine Kenobi (cos I ran out of people to tag. LOL)
and Amanda 政宗 しろき
And also anyone who want to do it!

See ya later!
Rogue Eleven!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm back from Mars!!!

Hey everyone! I finally have this long awaited chance to post again. I've been really, really busy!

This week brought me some happiness and some disappointment, of course. And I'm rather upset with my best friend. He made me so mad that I went all 'mature kid" on him. When I go mature kid on someone means that I speak more psychologically hard to understand that usual. I use it very rarely, though. But he made me so disappointed and now I kinda feel rather alone in this universe.


That was just one upsetting thing that occurred this week. I just wish he didn't fail every single subject. (I won't reveal his name so that his identify with be safe.) Okay.. It's the biggest, most horrible event that occurred this week. To keep a long story short, (Let's call him.. Umm... WET CEMENT. LOL. what kind of name is that..).

Any way, it happened when we got back our results for the term. Wet Cement discovered that he failed every single subject and his parents were freaking angry. Their anger is rather deadly, by the way. And now, Wet always tells me that he is busy or he can't talk. We used to talk quite a lot. And I don't understand why we can't talk much nowadays when I used to be the one telling him to finish his homework and study for tests. I don't understand the situation now but I believe and can come to the conclusion that Cement's parents are being sarcastic and annoying by constantly reminding him that "If Andriee can get 'A's, why can't you?!"

But that does not solve the problem of why we can't chat like normal. And his parents are mean. They are. My school actually had two tests last term, between the months of January and February. Wet did not do well for the 1st test but managed to do well for the 2nd test. He even beat me in several subjects for the second round of tests!! But my school decided to take the marks of ONLY the 1st test at the eleventh hour. That stinks! That's why Wet Cement failed. In truth, he DID NOT fail.

I guess his parents just won't believe us when my mum and I tried to tell them. Sigh... I feel that our friendship is breaking apart because of the test results. I wish people would quit judging others by their intelligence. Instead, we should see people for their kindness and how good we are to ourselves and others around us throughout our lives. Completely my opinion, of course.


Something cool: I made friends with a Star Wars fan on Facebook. He's from Turkey and is really sweet! We talk mostly about Clone Wars and school. He's 11, 5 years younger than me! He's really nice. He said to me just now when we were chatting that if we were in the smae country, we would definitely be best friends. Aww... So sweet! I replied the same thing back. We've chatted three times so far and we get along surprisingly well! He said that it would be cool to fly over to where I'm at! He's such a terrific kid! I told him that I'll visit him when I get older. Hee hee! I wonder what he's doing now. I sure hope he has a great day!

Other news: My phone bill isn't to high!! Yeahhhhh!!!

More random news: I whole group of Star Wars fans are adding me as a friend on Facebook! It's really great! Now I'm friends with people from all over the world! I'm going to draw my comics and learn some Principles of Accounts for my test tomorrow! And there's a Physics test on Tuesday. So sad.

See yall next time! Have fun! May the Force be with you!
Rogue Eleven out!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hi and Bye! Till later!

To Jedi~Chick:
Thanks for the figurine measurements! As promised, I wrote in my Design Journal that the source of the measurements are from you and your blog! Hope you have a good day! The Force be with you always!

Now I need to sleep cos.. It's 2am!! Can't sleep cos I accidentally overslept my nap time again today. Oops. See y'all soon!

I've got extra lessons later today... Nooooooooo!!

Rogue Eleven out!

P.S. Yikes, I carelessly spilled water on my Wedge and Corran fanart.. Eeek. Tell you more later tonight. It's a loooooong story.

Monday, March 21, 2011

OMG!! Happiness!!

Read previous post before reading this:




Rogue Eleven out!

"Mesa sad and Fanart" Post

So the best time of the year has come to an end. The March holiday's are over.

A great time of the year that sadly finishes the moment I wake up later in the morning for school. I don't feel like going back to studying and facing exams and all those stressful, unpleasant stuff but that's how thing go so ya gotta, ya know?

The end of this holiday also spells a lot of things that I don't wanna experience again. I don't wanna have to stay back after school for extra lessons MONDAYS TO FRIDAYS?!!! And still have plenty of homework to do when I reach home every weekday at 6pm. Perhaps my school thinks that people can study 24 hours for 7 days all the time. But that's not me. I can't do that. I tire easily. My brain tires easily.

Eeek. I sound whiny but I want to express the unhappiness that will creep into my life in 7 hours.

The teachers who planned this whole extra lessons thing has got to be insane. My brain can't learn for 8hours straight. Seriously..

And they expect us to do our homework and revision at home?! I have a life... I have a comic to draw. Those teachers might think, "Your comic and art are not as important as the big exams this year!!"

They are partially wrong. The exams are really important, of course. But so is my comic. Art is the only thing I can do well in. I wanna make a name for myself and if I don't start now, when will I ever start to move forwards, towards where I wanna be?

I need time to draw. I don't keep drawing the same way all the time. I make small improvements along the way. It's true. I sat down with my friends about a month ago and showed them a mini-comic I did 1 year ago and a comic I did in December last year. They said I made a lot of improvement.

That ought to be something, right, teachers??

But I'll keep on doing what I do!! YEA!!


Cos the minute ya stop doing what you do, you are no longer yourself. That's what I always believe.

Now for the good part about my post!!

A sneak peak at my comic. It's a little blur..

I tend to rush a little with the drawing of each frame/box thingy in my comic because there is quite a number of scenes to draw so it's quite a waste of time to concentrate on a particular scene for too long. But I make sure that the drawing is still clear and good enough to understand the picture.. I'm sure the editors will help me with the improvements to scenes and such any way.

Now for the Star Wars fanart!!!

It's Corran (left side) and Wedge (right side)!!

(You'll need to click on the picture to see it more clearly cos my handphone's camera isn't working well today..)
Corran <3
I drew them from during the Rogue Squadron novels. Are the X-Wings nice??
Gotta go sleep so that I'll have enough energy for school tomorrow.
Rogue Eleven out..
P.S. I'm asking my mum to talk to my school teachers about letting me skip one extra lesson every week and my mum agrees with me about it. She said that "If it tires you, don't go." My mum rules!!
Bye for now!!
Please help me with my Design and Technology project!! I need it in 17 hours!! Please help!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chemistry Group Work at my place!!

Hi everyone! I'm back!

Well, you guys know that Joshua came over yesterday slightly after one in the afternoon to finish over Chemistry group work.. Pair work actually cos my other friends, Jordon and "Mingiee-Bean", the two people I always group with were rather hard to contact.

To Jordon and Mingiee: I know you know my blog (though there is a possibility that you guys could have forgotten..) if you still wanna be in my group for the Chemistry thingy and Fuels and Alternative Fuels/Energy, leave a comment, message me, etc...

Back to the post, so like I mentioned earlier, Joshua came over to do Chemistry with me. Before we started on the PowerPoint slides that we had to do, I realised (in 1000% horror) that there was a Chemistry Quiz that I had to finish on the school's online learning website too..

I'm really bad at Chemistry! SO BADDDDDDD!!! HORRIBLE! I cannot seem to understand. I changed my Science tuition teacher (the one I'm being taught by is the one my mum hired instead). And the new teacher I have is great. But.. I still suck at Chemistry. I want to understand badly, really badly but I can't and I dunno why.. I don't really hate Chemistry any more because Chemistry lessons in school are a lot of fun and the teacher I have in school is way better than the previous one... BUT I STILL CANNOT UNDERSTAND!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I know my tuition teacher is reading this..

Any way, moving on.. Joshua taught me the Chemistry quiz (I still don't really understand but I can say that I understand 5% more than last time which is better than nothing).


Then we moved on to our pair work.

We did get distracted along the way...

Joshua fiddled with my Lego A-Wing!!!

Note: If you do a "zoom in" after clicking on the picture, you should be able to see Princess Leia in the A-Wing instead of my A-Wing pilot Legos. LOL. Joshua put her in there! Heheh..

I also let him play with my other Star Wars Lego. (It's not really mine but more my brother's.)

Despite all those awesome distractions, we finished the PowerPoint slides and I really liked the effects Joshua put in. There was this effect where the words selected will form a Wedge as it appears and it was labelled Wedge. That made Joshua excited (the way he expresses his excitement is rather cute, I have to say!) The "Wedge" reminded him of his favourite character Wedge Antilles!
Then I let Joshua use Facebook on my laptop for a short while before dinner.
Check out the number of friends online he has at 5pm!!! This might be no big deal to you if you are one of those Facebook people that has possibly 300 friends but I only have 98 friends so it's kind cool to see how your account's chat bar thing would look like if you had that many friends.

Joshua agreed to help me rearrange my Star Wars book collection after dinner at about nine in the night. So I emptied my Star Wars shelf.

(This is not my full collection. I left about 5 books on the shelf in my Star Wars cupboard. And the stack near the top left-hand corner is Babylon 5, another great Sci-Fi series I love.)

And I used the Internet on my phone to go to the Star Wars Wiki's List of Books (novels section) to arrange my books in chronological order (more or less) depending on which books I've bought.
Halfway done....

It was dark (mainly because my bookshelf is black in colour) so Joshua helped shine a torchlight into it for a picture. Joshua rules!!

And we're done! Taaa DAAAAAAAAA!!

Cool isn't it!!! YEA!!! LOVE MY STAR WARS!! My brother, Alfie helped with the sorting too!
Thanks dudes!!
Before I took Joshua to the bus stop opposite my home for his dad to pick him up, we sat by my bed to discuss spaceship designs for my comic. My brother will be helping with the designs too!! I gave Joshua a sneak peek at my comic.. He was a bit reactionless and expressionless so I think the plot needs working on or sumthin'..
Joshua please tell me if it needs improvement.
That's all for today! Hope you readers enjoyed today's post! I had fun posting it.
Another thing:
My fanart was a slight failure because I tried to draw human art. REAL art. But it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. Does that mean I should stick with Manga?? Hmmm....
So no fanart pictures today. Sorry!But I have new news (Sounds like "Nioo-nioose" if you say it fast. Hahahaaaa..!!)
I am going to try and draw Corran fanart in my usual style and if I like it alot, I will use it as my profile on the Lakehouse!! I think the profile picture I'm using now is getting old.
See y'all awesome friends, classmates, Star Wars pals in a while!
Rogue Eleven out!
P.S. Tomorrow will be the last day of my holiday.. (Feels like bawling..)
P.P.S. To all Star Wars fans who collect figurines. If you can, can you help me with my Design and Technology project? I'm designing a Star Wars display and I need measurements of Star Wars figurines! More details here:
Thanks everyone, especially Atina and Endor for following my blog and Jedi~Chick for constantly commenting! I love reading comments so please comment! About anything in the world if you like!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Another Boring Day

Hey everyone, I'm back again. It's 12.55am. Yes, it is. I'm not lying. I can't sleep because inspiration for my next fanart just "zoooooooted" into my brain.

Definition of zoooooot: It means enter but contains more feeling than the word.
Notes about using the word zooted: You can add as more "ooo"s as you want to cos that's the fun part.
Another note: Do not. I repeat, DO NOT. Use it in English essays or important documents as it's not an official word, just a figment of my creative side.

Okay.. That was random.

Today wasn't so interest and was quite uneventful. I spent most of today watching Ratatouille, finishing more homework, watching cool documentaries on TV, Physics tuition and.. Just about all that.

And right now, I have inspiration for my next Corran fanart!! Yes yes yes!! Whahahaaa..

I'm a little hyper right now..

Other news: My best friend, Joshua will be coming over tomorrow to do Chemistry group work and other undone homework so I'm gonna give yall a really good post. I'm really going to. Wait and see!!

Gotta go!! Rogue Eleven out.

P.S. I'll try and post my fanart tomorrow together with (may be..) the Anakin Solo, Jaina Solo and Jacen Solo ones a while ago. And if I think it's good enough, I'll try to scan it into my computer and use it as my new profile picture on the Lakehouse? May be..

May the Force be with you!!

P.P.S Help me with my Design and Technology project if you are able to! Link's right here: Thanks!

**Flys off in an X-Wing**

Note: I decided to do a Jaina Solo fanart instead. And I'm trying out a new style of drawing.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Short Update, Yeaaa!!

Nothing much interesting happened yesterday. I'm saying yesterday, since I'm posting in the dead of night at 12:45am. I have a slight sleeping problem in the holidays. And that usually results in a bad waking up problem.

Which was what happened yesterday.. Somehow my mum didn't call me up or anything, and I slept right through all the morning noises outside my house until 2:30pm. I've never woken up this late in ages.

Hmm, other stuff: Anyone can lend a helping hand for my Design and Techology project? Details are in the previous post below this one.

I tried finishing all my homework tonight but I made little progress. And there only 4 days (4 days?!?!!) left of my holiday. Sad thought there.

I'm trying to think of good stuff to think about but my--

**Toilet break**

Where was I? Umm.. I noticed that my friends out there are doing this March challenge(?) thingy where you gotta answer questions daily. Wish I joined in. The reason why I didn't is cos I thought that I'd be too busy to post and stuff. Strangely when I was looking at my past posts, I realised that I do post almost everyday. I might just join it on the next challenge 9or whatever it's called) next month.

The year, my school has been giving me more school work to do which clashes with my comic very frequently. Right now, my comic is way behind time. And it's actually very hard to do all my homework everyday, go for extra lesson from tuesdays to fridays, have tuition on Mondays and Saturdays, find time to read Star Wars for at least 1 hour everyday, watch cool stuff on TV like Survivor, American Idol, Amazing Race, my cartoons, etc.., draw my comic (I wanna publish it in December this year) and draw for my viewers and classmates and a whole lot of other stuff.

**Looks at above paragraph**
That's a lot of stuff to do.

Most important to me is my comic because I know I'm not good at studies or sports but I wanna do something in my lifetime. Even if my comic doesn't sell or isn't good enough (I hope not) I still wanna see my name on the bookshelves someday..

May be I can be a writer too, though I'm much better at drawing cos drawing helps me visualize the whole scene. Especially space battles!

I wonder if there is anything to talk about. This post is probably quite a short one so I hope things will get interesting later today. See all of you awesome followers, classmates, reader and everyone else in a short (may be long?) while!!

Rogue Eleven out!

P.S. I'm going to pop by the Lakehouse in a while.. Lalalaaaaaa!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Important!! Help for my Star Wars display needed!

This is my second post for the day and it's regarding the help I need for my Design and Technology project. I mentioned it in my previous post, if you wanted to know.

This is what I need:
(My cursive isn't too bad I hope...)

The height, width and length of the figurine. Try to take the longest measurements so that when I build the display. It can fit the entire figurine! Thanks guys! I'll definitely own you one! The more fans helping the merrier!

Eg: Commander Cody's measurements are _______, _______ and _________. Or something like that. Hope I'm not asking for too much because I'm not good at describing what I need so I hope it will do...
Like I said, your help will be 100% appreciated and I will help you back with something whenever possible in the future. I will also promote your webpage/blog in my Design Journal which will be submitted so people will see it!

In the comments!!!
And may the Force be with you!!!
Rogue Eleven out
P.S. Something random about why I love Sci-Fi so much!

It was my status yesterday. Haahahaaaaa.... :D

I'm back everyone! Awesome, isn't it! Hehee!

Yo everyone! I'm been really busy lately. Got a ton of holiday homework to finish (which I still haven't even gotten half done yet..) and Chemistry tuition and loads of other stuff to do. So I'll make this a quick but possibly long post for your enjoyment before dinner.

I remembered promising to talk about the barbecue at Denise's church friend's home. So here go's nothin'!!

Well, I have to wait for Denise at the train station for kinda a while since she was rushing there from school so I occupied myself with the 'awesome-mess' book in the world, "Heir to the Empire". (Yes, I read slow.. Deal with it~!!) Then we bought drinks for the barbecue and took a bus there.

And her friend's house (Sonia's house) was huge!! Humongous, in fact! I loved her house! I wanna live in one just like that one day and it'll have plenty of storage space for my Star Wars collectibles and big rooms for all! So cool. I didn't get to see the inside but one look and you'll know how big it is. The house was joint to another and some more but there was plenty of free space in between for walkways and such. So this space near Sonia's home was where we had the barbecue and I helped with the flipping of sausages and buttering the chicken wings (I loveeee Chicken!!)

It was evening by then and one of the church helper dudes invited as to a game (something like Duck duck goose or whatever it's called. I forgot. But it was a passing game with two pink balloons and a small purple one). And I got to know some of the people there in the process. I lost the game though! Heheee...

Denise and her church friends gathered for a mini bible reading and I sat in. And it was loads of fun and it was really enjoyable! I wouldn't mind sitting in on another.

The rest of the evening and into the night was spent eating and getting to know the others there and making friends. I met this girl (I forgot her name) and we actually study quite near each other. The only difference was that she was in a school for smart and supposedly rich kids and I'm in a not-so-good school. (Told ya I'm not smart but I still try to be as smart as Corran or Wedge~! Heee!) But she's a nice person. Kinda cool too!

I also met this other guy, Andrew who is a Star Wars fan like me!! Yesssss!! And we talked by the fire (electric heater thingy to cook the food since charcoal usage seems to be the old style of barbecuing) about X-Wing Lego and Episode 3 and a little about the newest clone wars figurines. (I have none cos my mum doesn't allow me to buy figurines. I can buy books and comics, though.) And someone had a brillant idea of barbecuing marshmallows! So I ate a few (totally like the melting in your mouth parts of squishy marshmallows!!)

Denise's dad was really cool too. Asking and sharing "top 10 lame jokes"!! Fun fun fun! But Denise, another friend of hers (Nicole) and I had to leave soon after and Denise's parent were really nce to drop Nicole and I off at the train station. I took a train and a bus back with Nicole since we live quite close to each other after that.

All in all, the barbecue was great!! So to thank Denise, I'll promote her blog even though she doesn't post much nowadays but her blog has some features that might appeal to yall or sumthin'? I dunno?? Any way... Done.

Now for something short that happened today:
Joshua and I had to go back to school today for improvement on our Design anf Technology project. It's the one I told yall about in some previous post I believe. Can't remember which post though. Any way, I'm making a Star Wars display cabinet thingy. Cool, ain't it!! Yea~!

I need help from you Star Wars fans out there! Please help! This is important to me cos I'll be getting a grade for this!! Really need your help!

My teacher said that I will need the measurements of Star Wars comic books, hard cover novels, paperback novels, models (eg. X-Wing, Snowspeeder, etc..) and figurines.

The thing is, I have most of the above so I can get most of the job done with what I have. What I don't have is figurines. Like I said, my mum doesn't allow me to buy any figures!! Aww.. But I need to measurements for them to be able to get the accurate height, width and length to build my design.

So it would be a really big, temendous help to me if yall could grab say, 2 to 3 figurines from your collection and measure the height, length and width of each for me and leave the measurements in the comments section below! More details in the next post to clarify my needs and stuff. The reason why I ask for measurement of three different figures is because I want to calculate the average measurements for better accuracy.

I'm taking my project really seriously because I'm doing it for you Star Wars fans out there! Because Star Wars is everything to me and I wanna keep us Star Wars fans hope and dreams and what-nots alive!

If you guys help, I will promote your blog, youtube channel or fanpage/webpage in my Design Journal. Of course, with the name you use on the internet (or if you request I use your real name).

Your help will be much appreciated as this might be the only subject that I can get an 'A' (I mentioned that I'm not smart. Creative, yes. Hee hee!!).

Do help me, fans (not air-conditioners)!

I'll be back for my next post about the measurements of figures in a more detailed manner with drawings of mine for elaboration! So stay tuned!

Rogue Eleven out!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Handphone posting is funnn!!

This is my first time posting something on my blog on my handphone..! It's kinda cool. YEAAAA~!!

Any way.. I deleted the previous post cos i felt like it. And I might be back for a real post tomorrow cos I'm going for my friend's, Denise's church barbecue and i think it's going to be awesome.

I can't wait. It's at around 5pm... Yay!!

See ya guys soon!! And Corran Horn is toooooooo AWESOME. HE MAKES THE WORD AWESOME AWESOME..! Hahahaaa..

Rogue Eleven out.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yesterday's Part 2: Drawing for yall!

I was too tired to do Part 2 yesterday so I'm posting it before going for my Chemistry extra lesson. (I suspect it'll be boring and I yet again, won't be able to understand much but I hope to learn something!)

It's an improvement of a drawing I did. (Shaded the hair, actually..)
I had to stand it on my chair cos the lighting that day (when I took a picture of it) wasn't so good. That's why it's a little off and you can see too much of the chair(?).. Hahaa..

For you guys:
Well, I did this for all the friends out there that I made through the internet! Especially Jedi~Chick, Barriss, Leia and Amaranthine in particular for all your wonderful comments! :D :D :D

See ya later! Gotta go for Chemistry noww... After I've eaten my noodles that is..
Rogue Eleven out!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Part 1: March holiday randomness!!

Hi! I was a little busy yesterday cos my best friend, Joshua came over for dinner and to borrow a Star Wars book from my collection. So with all the entertaining and fun we had playing my brother's, Alfie's Nerf guns (makes me feel like either Jaina Solo or Leia all the time), I was too exhausted to blog.

Any way, since I'm back, I'll show you new drawings I did recently. But I wanna divide my post up into two random parts.. Okay, they aren't random but before I start on Part 1, which would be mainly questions done for fun, I wanna announce something...

Get ready for it!!

Yes, you gotta...

Yea yea yea....!!!


I still gotta go back to school for Chemistry extra lessons and Design and Technology cos I offered to help Joshua with his project (designing some sort of piggy bank, I would think). I'm doing a collector's display for Star Wars fans if you wanna know what I'm making for mine.

Okay, now to begin...

I found this on Jedi~Chick and Leia's blog and I thought, "Why not?" So I'm giving it a go. Some questions about yourself, they are. **Insert Yoda's voice when needed**

1) How would people describe your personality?
Hmmm... Artistic, I guess. People everywhere seem to ask me to help them with their art homework and stuff like that. Another would be easy-going cos I take things slow and have fun while I'm at it and whenever possible..!

2) What celebrity would create a "starstruck" feeling in you if you met them in real life?
George Lucas and the creator of Oban Star Racers.

Short note: Oban Star Racers is probably one the best cartoons I've since so far. The feelings of the main characters like Eva, Jordan and Aikka were expressed so beautifully and you can really feel for them. It's Sci-Fi, by the way.
***(This could be a spoiler..) I almost teared when I saw the ending of the last episode and it left me with an empty feeling in a heart for a day or two. (End of supposed spoiler)***
And for a cartoon to be able to do that, I would say it was so masterfully and beautifully made. And it's sooooo original! And so perfect in it's own way. I still love Oban Star Racers a whole lot even though I first watched in sometime in the first half of last year.

3) Who's your favorite Blogger?
My two most favourite would be Jedi~Chick and Barriss Offee and the others I've gotten the chance to talk to through comments would be Amarathine and Leia, and they are really great Bloggers too! :D

4) What is your favorite comfort food/drink??
Chocolates!! <3
And coke or bubble tea/smoothies!!

5) Be brave- Tell something weird and random about yourself!
Okay.. Hmm. I name my blankets in the bedroom my mum and I share. Yup. Haha.. That was random but true. **Runs and hides behind the cupboard**

Ooh, there's more.. **Reappears! Ta Daaaaaaa~!!**

6) What's your favorite movie genre?
SCIENCE FICTION!!! Got anything with aliens and starfighters and dogfights in space, mail it to meee!

7) What's your favorite type of reading material?
Star Wars, need I say more? :)

8) What's your favorite music genre??
Country. Country music is so relaxing with some sort of energy to it that gets me going.

9) If you inherited a million dollars, what's the first thing you'd do with the money?
Complete my Star Wars book collection (comics included) and I'll use the rest to publish my comics and may be a bungalow, yeaaa! I'll probably donate some of it to space research and a one-way shuttle ride to Coruscant and I'll use another bit of it to get my friends and I lightsabers! And may be a little bit more for a Jaina Solo costume?

Uh.. wait. The question said, "first thing you'd do"... Oh well!

10) Name one weakness of yours (confessions are good for the soul).
Sports and the bursen burner and big ferocious doggies and the tendency to draw in lessons.

11) If you could live anywhere, and take all your loved ones with you, where would you go?
Colorado, Denver. Cos John Denver rules!! (Never heard of him?? Google it. Yub yub!)

12) Strange Talent??
Uh.. The ability to go from serious to completely insane?? Does that count?

13) What is something you consider yourself to be good at?
I think you guys already know~!

14) What is your favorite thing to catch a whiff of??
The seaside, clam chowder soup (did I spell it right??), and the smell in the air before it rains cos it'll help to give me time to ready my umbrella to protect my Star Wars book. Heheheee..

15) When you leave a social gathering, do you wish you could've talked more, or talked less?
Depends on the company I'm having and the conversations there.

16) If money wasn't a factor, what stores would you shop in?
Borders and wherever I feel like shopping at.

17) What is your greatest fear or strangest phobia?
Darkness. It overwhelms me too much.

18) What's your greatest accomplishment?
Having won a merit prize in a Manga Competition last year. (12th place.)

19) What are your favorite Animals?
Krayt Dragons. Nah, I was kidding. I like turtles, starfish, and any pretty fish in the ocean.

20) Are you a hopeless romantic?
Haven't gotten the chance to find out yet.

21) What movie or book character can you most relate to?
Corran Horn. Upon seeing my blog url, that goes without saying right? Jaina Solo would be a close second.

Wahahahaaaaaaa! I'm done! And that was so much fun! (I did it while listening to music.. Yea!!)

See ya later for Part 2!
Rogue Eleven out.

P.S. I posted a short-something on the Lakehouse! Yay!! :D

P.P.S. There's a possibility of there being Part 3..

Monday, March 7, 2011

A little disappointment but nothing too serious. :D

**This post contains complains about my Common Test results. If you are a reader who gets bored easily, you might not want to read the below. Hee hee...!**

I think my mum is having one of her rarely seen mood swings and just at the right moment...

I got back my Common Test papers for English and Principles of Account (POA). Well, since I was yabbering about my problems with English in one of my previous posts last month, I might as well tell yall my marks. Any way, it's no harm.

I actually fail English.. By 1 mark.. HOW COULD I POSSIBLY FAIL ENGLISH?!! IT'S THE ONLY LANGUAGE I KNOW SINCE FOREVER SO I SHOULD BE GOOD AT IT. It's the first English test I've failed in my whole life.. I wanna bawl... I got a 9 out of 20 for it (comprehension). I mean, I know I suck at comprehension but I usually still pass it by 2 or 3 marks... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.....!!!!! It's so frakking annoying! I still can't believe the 9 marks I see written in blood-red ink on the paper. And I tried thinking optimistically by thinking stuff like 9 is Corran Horn's number in Rogue Squadron. But.. It didn't exactly work the way I wanted it to cos I'm still kinda (sort of, really..) fuming about it.

And my mum made it worse. She was lying half asleep on the bed when I got home and she said that if I wanted to chat or sumthin' she would be wide awake to listen and talk. So I told her my marks cos honesty is GOOD! LOL.. And she kinda picked a fight with me about how understanding of my feelings she was. She didn't even hear me out totally and whenever I paused for her reply, she wouldn't answer and I had to nudge the mattress which annoyed her. But she kept claiming that she's awake?!! Aaaargh! I mean, does it make you lose pride or insult your ego to just tell me that you're to sleepy to talk to?

Another thing was that she thought that I don't try hard enough or sumthin' similar to that and that really gets on my nerves cos I believe that everyone will find it infuriating to be told that they didn't put in their best efforts when they did. I put in my best efforts. I know I did..

People in the world should be more grateful of what they have and instead of giving negative comments, why not help the other improve? It'll be a win-win situation as if the other person gets better at what he's working on, wouldn't you feel happy to know that you were part of the success that the other achieved?? Sometimes, me mum should teach me what went wrong in the answers I write in my exam papers. It's not like she can't since she told me long ago that she got 'A's in everthing. Literally, everything.

SO shouldn't you impart knowledge to the younglings so that they can become great Padawans one day? And then Jedi Knights and Masters?

Any way, I'm less pissed with my mum now. So, just to satisfy your curiosity, I got a 19/25 for POA. Not my best mark but I'm contented since it's equivalent to 76% which would mean that I actually got an 'A'.

Other stuff. We had PE (Physical Education) today and as usual we had to run 3 rounds around the school. Yes. THREE. I'm not kidding and because I'm not a sporty person, I came in last (yes, last..) in the whole level. But I know my talent lies in other areas.

See ya, Jedi! Rogue Eleven out!!!

P.S. I did a mini Anakin Solo fan-art in maths class today cos our teacher didn't come and my maths class had to join Joshua's maths class... Joshua's maths teacher started teaching in the middle of nowhere so my friends from my maths class were lost with me. :0

P.P.S. I USUALLY score high in English. Believe it! :D

Gotta fly! Phweeeeee~!!

New original Drawings!!

Hmmm... New drawings again. And it's two in the morning! Whahaaa... Okay.

The first one was drawn on black paper. It's my first time trying this on black paper and I don't think it looks as nice as those I usually do on white or light coloured paper. Another reason why it didn't turn out as ncie as I wanted it is because the only white pen I have has a bit of an ink-flow problem. Aaah~

I drew the next one (the one below) a few minutes ago cos.. Well, I felt like drawing (in the middle of the night). The lightings not so good, I guess. And I did it on one of my Design and Technology A3 paper.. Hopefully my Design and Technology teacher won't notice the "one-less-paper" in my file! Heheeee..!!

That's all for tonight and I think I really need to go to bed now cos there's school tomorrow and I have to wake up earlier than in the weekends. I'll be back soon. Till then, May the Force be with you!
Rogue Eleven out! Zzzz.....

Please leave a comment or two! I will definitely read 'em! Bye!
P.S. I noticed that the shading for the hair is a little too light so I might re-do it and post it again soon. ^___^

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random Updates!

Hi everyone! What shall I post about today..? I don't exactly know... But I can do mini updates that might concern yall or just no one in particular:

I registered on The Lakehouse Forum and I can't wait for 'em to lemme start using my newly created account!! Aaaaaaaaaaah!! I'm soo excited.. Lalalaaaa, can't wait~! Yea..!

Something random: This morning I had a sudden urge to take "X-Wing: The Krytos Trap" out from my "Star Wars Novels Shelf" (Yes, I name my bookshelf, LOL.) And my mum entered my bedroom just when I was doing that.. And I went a little "Aaaaaaaaah-Corran-Is-Sooooo-Cool!". Yub yub!!

Haha.. That was random, indeed...

Hmmm, I think that's it for today. I know, it's a very short post but the next one shouldn't be too short, I hope.. Now I still have that pile of Humanities worksheet sitting on my table.. Awwww man!!

See ya later, friends! Rogue Eleven out!

P.S. I might not be posting Star Wars fan-art for a while cos I'm concentrating on my comic that I'm gonna try and publish by the end of this year.. Aww. But I'll try and post one each week or fortnight or sumthin' and perhaps a few original ones.

P.P.S. I'm not that good at colouring with colour pencils so I'm gonna check if my dad's house computer has Adobe Photoshop or whatever it's called (I kinda forgot cos the last time I used it was last year in school during the December hols). If the computer does have it, then I could try adding a bit of colours to my art work!! Yay!

May the Force be with you!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm Using the Force!! Hooozhaaaaaa! LOL

Hi everyone!! My POA tuition ended about an hour ago so I'm a little bored.. Besides waiting for new updates and stuff and checking out the Star Wars Underworld (it's a great Star Wars page!) and blogging, I actually have not planned what exactly I wanna do today..

But now that I think about it, I think I'm going to either finish my Humanities homework (it's piling up as I didn't attend some of the after-school lessons cos of Art Club..) or draw my comics!

By the way, I wanna publish a comic book by the end of this year!! Yea~! I'm pass page 100 but I still have a lot more to draw. I believe it's Science Fiction and the story revolves around a girl whose character was inspired by my primary school best friend, Denise. (Check out her blog here if you like: though she hasn't been back in months.) Any way, there's quite a bit of action in the first book (I've been working on it since the start of last year till now.. I know what you're thinking.. "100 pages only?!!" I'm making very slow progress because of school stuff and homework and tuition, etc.. Okay? :D And now you know. LOL)

Just felt like telling yall cos... Well... Just felt like sharing something about myself. Hahahahaaaaaaa...

One last thing, I dug up a drawing I did during POA lesson in school about a month ago and I thought may be yall in the blogging world might wanna see it. Here goes....

It's a random girl. I got inspiration from the curtains since my seat is always by the large window in the classroom. Hope you like it! Please comment and tell me what you think about it. I personally think that my shading needs a lot of improvement because I've never won a single art competition that I've taken part in. Comment guys! I love reading your comments~!!
P.S. Go check out my Corran Horn fan-art if you haven't! Umm.. Or you could scroll downwards if you feel like exercising your index finger muscles..?
Rogue Eleven out! May the Force be with you!!!
See ya later!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Corran Horn Fan-Art by Meeeeee!!

Here's the Corran Fan-Art I wanted to show yall! Hope yall like it and please leave a comment about it so that I can improve further!!

P.S. I wasn't really sure how his hair truly looks like (I'm drawing from the time he joined Rogue Squadron) so if any of you awesome Jedi friends know, please tell meee!!
See ya guys soon!! Rogue Eleven out~!
P.S.S. I think I drew the legs a little too short. I dunno... What do yall think?? Hmmmm...

Yay! Parteeeeeeeeeee!!! 0__o

Hi, I'm back like I promised..
The tests are finally over!! Wooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo~!!!

Hmm.. Today turned out alright, I guess. I went to the library with Christy and Joshua after school for fun. We had no good reason for visiting the library except for some air-con since the weather outside was rather hot. We kinda had too much fun til we got a bit wild and insane, annoying one another. Actually, it was just Joshua and I that went crazy with fun. Christy was looking at us most off the time. It was sooooo much fun now that the tests are over. Now we just gotta wait for the results (which aren't gonna be good, I think..).

Other important things to note:
Lotsa thank yous to Amarathine for finding and following my blog! It's so awesome to get to know more people who know love Star Wars! Another bag full of thank yous to Barriss for all her good luck wishes and to everyone else who followed my blog!

Well, there is something else I wanna mention too. Joshua, Ming Jin, 'LaLa' and I took part in a Comic Competition in December last year and I believe that the results came out today. I think I'd like to go straight to the point: I don't think my group made it to the finals. I refuse to stop believing but the fact that the school did not mention our names is helping the ugly truth to set in.

But I'll never stop drawing cos art is everything to me. It's one of the only ways I can express myself fully and tell my stories. But I really gotta improve my drawing skills whenever my table isn't cluttered with schoolwork and chemistry stuff..

Any way, I found some more Corran Horn fan-art (of course by me.. Duh?)!!! **Does a squeal of delight!** It'll be in the next post because I want to seperate main posts from posts about fan-art or any other drawings. :D

Enjoy! Rogue Eleven out!

Last day of test!! C'mon!!

It's 2am in the night. Yup, I'm not joking. I accidentally overslept my nap time yesterday so I'm wide awake now.

I wish I was as smart as Luke Skywalker or Jaina Solo or Corran Horn or someone.. I think I'm going to fail most of my subjects this term.. :'( The tests are so hard!!!! My brain feels like it's already overflowing with knowledge.. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Particularly, Chemisty. It's a goner. I wasted 6 hours studying for the class test yesterday and I only got a 4/15. This is so frustrating~!! And there's another Science test later today in school and with how I'm doing in Chemistry... Well, let's hope for miracles.

It's a good thing my mum is understanding. She said I already tried my best. But I'm kinda not satisfied cos I'm the hate-failure type of person.


Until later today if the internet is functioning. If you are wondering: Waddaya mean if it's functioning? Like you think it's always functioning.. But an hour ago there was some problems connecting to the internet on this laptop I'm typing on now and it was really a coincidence that my handphone's internet access wasn't working too.. I wonder. But for now, it's working so I guess that's a good thing.

So, I'll try and be back at say.. 7pm today?

See ya! Rogue Eleven out~!!

P.S. I think I'll brsuh up my art from today onwards so that I'll at least be able to go to art school or sumthin' if I don't pass my important exa-- I'll pass! Cos I WANNA BE AS SMART AS CORRAN!!!

He's awesome. Heheeee! :D

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hmmm.. I think I'll keep this post short and simple because I needa revise for my Maths, Design and Technology and (possibly..) Chemistry tests tomorrow. Aaaaaaargh..! It's so hard to cramp so much important trash into my brain. And my weakest subject is Chemistry so I think I'll have to flip through my notes a little just in case my Chem teachers wants to spring a surprise test.

So far, I've done English, Geography and Principles of Accounts (POA) tests and I can't say that I'm confident that I'll do well even though I put in sooooo much effort to study for them. **Hears cricket sounds and aliens murmuring among themselves** YES, I did revise! I sort of sacrifised a few minutes or so of reading "Heir to the Empire"!! That's major effort put in, okay?!

Ohh yes! Did anyone check out the Star Wars wiki today? This depends on your time zone and all but today's quote of the day is by Corran Horn! (I'm a big fan of him cos he's just sooo good and talented and experienced and everything! He's the coolest!!) There have been quite a number of Corran Horn's quotes there so if you are a Corran fan or just wanna know anything Star Wars like you should visit the Wiki perhaps everyday if possible cos you never know when a quote by a favourite character might pop up. For Corran fans: I think last week, there were two Corran Quotes in a row and I when hysterical and my mum spend parts of the day telling no one in particular how obsessed I am with Rogue Squadron.

Hmm, I must have side tracked to Star Wars (the best thing ever, by the way..) again. As I was saying, I'm not expecting good marks this time as the tests are getting harder and the school peeps are adding more chapters to be tested this time. And for the first time ever, I COULDN'T BALANCE MY BALANCE SHEET! I HAD 9000 DOLLARS MISSING FROM THE DEBIT SIDE! I'm soooo disappointed.. I always (ALWAYS) manage to balance it. POA is my best subject.... What a disappointment. And my English teacher said that only 1/4 of the class passed the comprehension for the English test?!! If we, the best class in the school as only 25% passes, that would mean that the other 2 to 3 English classes are doomed... And I don't think I'm part of the 1/4 passes as I'm really bad at comprehension. And this time my Composition won't help meeee... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

Well, you everyone in general: It's the effort that counts so if you've put in effort even if you fail, BE HAPPY! Cos there's many more opportunities to succeed~!! :D

That's all, I guess. I'll try to post again may be tomorrow (unlikely) or Thurday (which happened to be the last day of tests so I'm bound to be free!).

Rogue Eleven out!! Good luck for your Common Tests, Joshua, Amanda and Christy and others who have tests and either stumbled onto my blog or are Star Wars fans or readers or sumthin'!!!