Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today is my second last day of my June holidays. I'm kinda sad. School's like crap and I suck at my subjects. Neh..

Um, so.. I was trying to get motivation to study well or something and made a list. Not really, there's no list.

I'll make one now.

1. Umm..

This is not working.. I'll try again.

1. My Jedi Master in Roleplay told me that I'm a fast learner. In real life, I'm not. So I wanna prove that you don't have to have a good memory and be a quick learner to do well.

2. I wanna get where I wanna go. Not telling y'all where. :P

3. I wanna prove that people like me are as good at everyday people. HAH!!

4. I wanna earn lotsa lotsa cash in the future so that I'll have as many Star Wars books as Darth Caedus.

5. I wanna move to the US.

That's all for now. I'll be back tomorrow to summarise up my whole epic awesome holiday into one post! MTFBWY!

~Andrienna "Jaina" Solo~
P.S. I updated my Rp character's info cos my fellow Jedi are getting mixed up.

Have to continue later. I'm bringing my bro to Wushu class. Bye!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Roleplay is Awesome! Yep!

Hey everyone. I know I haven't been on blogger and the Lakehouse recently. I was really into Roleplay this month. RPing is just too much fun!

My holiday ends this Sunday and I don't wanna go back to school. I actually hate my school, seriously. I hate math too. For holiday homework, we were given a math paper to do and I can only do 40% of the questions. AAAAAAAAAAAARGH, I failed again.. T^T

This stinks. AARGHH!!

Any way, I found myself a Jedi Master to train me since I'm still a Jedi Padawan. (I'm talking about RP..) My Jedi Master is AWESOME! I learnt a few defensive Force Powers and we're starting on the offensive ones soon. I'm gonna help rebuild the Jedi Order!! :)

Atina wanted to roleplay too and it turns out she's better at it than me! Eeeeeeee... I mean, she's playing a Mando (I knew she would) and there's a chat going on between she and Fi Skirata. It's so good! The way she writes and stuff is as though as if she is in control and has confidence in how the RP is going.

I'm still shy and I rather follow around. >_< GAAAAAAAAAH.. Atina is so goooood at RP! I'm really surprised in a good way! You go, Atina! You rule~!! LOL.

Hmm, but it could be because Atina is playing a Mando. Mandalorians need to fend for themselves and protect their brothers and sisters and stuff so naturally her character would be confident, in control and things like that.

I'm just a Jedi Padawan, still training to be a great Jedi. I feel like the way I portray her makes her a little confused and weak at first but as she gets to know the others better, she becomes more comfortable with them and opens up. I believe that's how I'm like in real life.

And we gotta change that! This is roleplay not real life. I wanna be the best Jedi ever. I kinda studied how Atina spoke to Fi and I understand. Both you and whoever you are RPing with need equal control over the turn of events. The problem is, I'm afraid to injure the others in lightsaber fights (for example) that is why I lose.

Sigh.. The holidays are going to be over soon. I want the holidays to last forever. When school starts, I won't be able to stay up late and RP so often. Kinda sad cos I love roleplay. I really love it. It's like I get to be another person in the Star Wars universe. How cool is that? And in roleplay, my character doesn't back off from fights. She's brave and awesome. I wanna be like that in real life. LOL..

This is a rather useless post, huh? I'm just going on and on about roleplay. I'm still learning about what goes on in it. Apparently, there are more Sith, Grey Jedi and Mandos than Jedi. We are kinda out-numbered.

My friend, Joshua wants to roleplay too. (I don't want him to RP. T_T) Why? Cos he's a little bit naive and easy to manipulate. I'm just saying, of course. But ya know, RP will but strange with him around..

That's all for today. I woke up to early cos I thought that my mum would be bringing me to my grandmother's house but I ended up staying home. It's only 10:35am and I dunno what to do. Bye.

~Jedi Andrienna Out~

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Everyday is like Everyday

Hey.. I'm back. June is a suprisingly dull month for the blogging world. What's going on in my life, you ask?

Here's the Everyday schedule of Andriee Jaina Solo:
Wake up
Eat lunch
Uses Facebook on my laptop
Draws comics
Goes out with my mum sometimes
Uses more Facebook and listens to songs on Youtube
Sometimes there is TV
Uses Facebook again
Draws a little more comic
Lazing around
Uses Facebook?
Roleplay time on Facebook!

The teachers in my school are like always making us study 24/7 last semester that I just don't feel like studying anymore in the holidays. T^T

I'm gonna party and have the beat fun I ever had!

I didn't get suggestions for my rp character's weaponry.. Sigh. Anyway, I've updated my character's profile and info:

I'm roleplaying Andrienna Jaina Solo, a mixture of me, Andrienna and Jaina Solo. I'm combining both personalities. In a way, you could say that my character gets the best of both worlds. :)

Andrienna Jaina Solo still a teenager and is still trying to figure out the galaxy. She might make a few wrong turns in life such as nearly falling to the dark side, but never fails to try and do good and make the galaxy a better place.

She is currently training to become a great Jedi someday and uses two purple-bladed lightsabers in battle. (I know that Jaina Solo probably uses only one lightsaber, but my character will have two.) She also carries a hidden blaster.

Andrienna Jaina Solo enjoys flying an X-Wing fighter and is her most preferred choice of starfighter. She hopes to be able to fly with Rogue Squadron someday. She can fly almost anything as well. (Bet you didn't think she could do that! :P)

Something unique about her is that she is a talented artist who draws in her bedroom at the Jedi Praxeum when no one is looking. (I can draw manga in real life. LOL..)

Apparently she likes hanging out with darkside users, something that she herself doesn't really understand. She can be really funny and easy-going but dead serious at times.

Taa daaaaa!

See y'all later, peeps! MTFBWY!
~Rogue Eleven out!~

P.S. Please tell me what you think about my character in the comments! PLEASE!! Thank you!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog Post Update

Hey, I'm back after not usre how many days. I'm starting to get lazy cos hardly anyone reads my stuff her much. *Takes a peek below and notices that DuchessSatineKenobi has commented on my previous post* Okay, okay, I'll post.. But y'all better read it.

It's 11:11am!!! Make a wish! I treat it like a prayer actually. I wish many wishes for myself, my mum, my friends and the rest of the world so that everyone can get what they need. i know I sound stupid, but wishing is really fun and it helps you stay positive.

Atina asked me to do a Star Wars comedy Fanfic with her and I agreed. But.. I have no story. It's cos when I write, I go into 'Serious Writer mode' that's when I get serious (even at 5am <-- That's another story..) so how does one get serious but write something that ridiculous and funny? I have no clue.

My Star Wars Roleplay has been going pretty well. I met another Roleplay online that was new to the whole thing too. Let's just call him EG. I've had a lightsaber duel with him, played around his starfighter (LOL moment..) and had a 'normal everyday on Coruscant' chat. I've also met this other guy who is super nice in real life chat but plays a Mando Darkside user. Call him LH. We had a lightsaber duel (I lost.. Okay, stop laughing..) and we spent time on board his shuttle.

P.S. I want Amanda, my best friend to rate my writing better so I'm gonna do my very very best at this!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp!!!!!

I'm a little zonked out cos I'm still half asleep. I slept at 6am last night.. Burning midnight oil for roleplay and chat... Zzzz.. Hahaha!!!

Umm, if any of you want to make friends with me, search 'Andrienna Jaina Solo' on Facebook. There should only be one of me with such a name. I roleplay Jaina Solo but I'm planning on making her fall to the darkside for a while cos it's getting boring if my response is always, "I train at the Jedi Temple with Uncle Luke." And that's it. A little to plain. And I want more emotion in her. :P This is all Roleplay anyway..

I <3333333 Roleplay!!!! It's tooo epic! Tooooo awesome!!!!! Haha. I'm sad that once my holidays are over, I can't stay up late to roleplay anymore. But I'll still Roleplay in the weekends. That's for sure!!

LH wasn't online yesterday so I was slightly annoyed cos we promised to be online at the same time to continue our roleplay. But I understand that he probably has sometime more important cos it'll be 2pm where he's at. (It's 3am where I'm at..) Horrible time difference. I want move to the US when I get older. I'm like burning midnight oil for roleplay.. 0_o

I'll be meeting Atina and her aunt today at 1pm and I'm gonna have a blast. We did meet up on Saturday and we hung out and many places. The church service was cancelled somehow so we went to Borders instead. Then kinokuniya to find Star Wars books. I reserved two books in the Coruscant Nights series for meee! LOL.

Another thing, I'm having a poke war with two people on Facebook. *Cries* LOL.. POKE!! Haha!

I feel like upgrading my rp character's weaponry. Any suggestions?

See y'all later! And leave a comment in the section below if you are awesome. :P
~Rogue Eleven Out~

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today Is A Brilliant Day

Sometimes you just gotta break out of your own little world and dare to make friends.

I'm finally accepted into the role playing community! It's so cool! I'm still scared that I'll mess up but I'm gonna keep trying! Thanks Julien (even though you don't know my blog) you are such a great help! Couldn't have done it without ya~!!

I'm playing Jaina Solo. :)

Sometimes taking chances is perfectly worth it :D ♫
Now I'm one step closer to being with Star War friends from all our world!

--> Next post will be about my best friend coming over to do Math holiday homework!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Drawings, Like I Promised.

Hey y'all. I'm a little annoyed.

It's for two obvious reasons. I'll go straight to the point cos I hate being wishy washy and lalalala-ing. <-- (Is that even a word? Whatever..)

1. Blogger is giving me problems. My pictures aren't right. Most of them are sideways and I don't know why. I've already rotated them right, ya know. Rrrrr...
2. No one commented on my 2nd Fanfic post. C'mon. My writing ain't that bad. At least I tried. Sigh.. I'm guessing I'm not cut out for writing.

I'm someone who tried my best not to break promises so here are my drawings. I did them during the motivation workshop, fyi.

It's sideways.

It's upright..

It's poopin' sideways again.

Before I go, I'm going to show you this strange cloud I saw on my way home that day. It's weird, see..

I like the second picture better.

My mum let me stop by the bus stop on our way home to let me get a good picture since trees kept blocking my view so many times at the corner of the bus interchange.

Okay. I'm going now. Comment if you like, don't comment if you don't like. Or comment any way if you think I'm annoyed. I'm not any more. Nowadays, I try not to let stuff bother me. :) That's Andriee's rule No. 1094730747327 to being happy.

See ya. I'll be back when I want to be. :P

~Rogue Eleven Out~

P.S. Do you still want fanfics from me? I have a Jaina Solo one. T_T And it's probably not gonna get any views so I dunno.

P.S. >_< Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!! *Cools down by sitting in a tub of ice water..*

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My 2nd Fanfic!

Hey y'all! I have no idea why I'm online. I have finished read every fanfic with Corran in it from that website I found. I read the *ahem*NC-17*cough* ones too. The NC-17 ones weren't too bad. I have a Corran and Mirax Fanfic too. It's PG. And I had to kill off Corran in it because it was a school essay and the topic was on 'Death'. 0_o I got a 23/30, okay!

Since I have nothing better to talk about since I promised to upload my art but they aren't completed yet, I'm going to post my school essay here!! LOL..

**Some parts are edited to make the story more suitable for Corran and Mirax fans and to make is more Sci-Fi.

***Sorry for injuring Corran in my essay. >_<

****We're not allowed to write Sci-Fi essays so I have to edit a lot of parts. Yikes..

Wait.. I have to find my essay first..
Ohh, I found it! It's AU, okay. And a little strange, I think. Enjoy. Entirely from Mirax's point of view.
P.S. Sorry, Corran. Eeep..!! >.<"

"No... NO! Please, no...!" My boyfriend's shout woke me up from my sleep.

I groggily tried to get a bearing of my surroundings and I fingered around the side table in the darkness, reaching for the table lamp. With a flick of my finger, the bedroom lighted up in a soft, yellow glow, chasing the darkness away. Seeing my boyfriend, Corran, in such terror jolted me wide awake.

"Hey! Hey, it's just a nightmare. Wake up!" I yelled, while shaking Corran frantically.

Corran sat up in shock, the blanket falling off him to his waist. Sweat covered him all over and he looked around our room as though searching for what had scared him in his nightmare. Then, he grabbed me with his shaky arms.

"I dreamt that you almost died, Mirax," he whispered in my ear, "I dreamt that you left me."

"It's just a dream," I reassured him, embracing him in a warm hug, "Don't think so much about it."

I didn't know I could be so wrong until it was too late.

I dropped Corran off the Pulsar Skate at the Rogue Squadron base before heading off. We went about our usual duties, him flying with Rogue Squadron while I smuggled stuff for the New Republic. Our jobs did not take us too far for each other. We would still frequently see each other everytime I stopped by with a new load of shipment.

Somehow, I felt like finishing my work early today so that I would have the rest of the day off to spend with Corran. Making my mind up, I made the jump to hyperspace. As I watched the stars stretch and elongate from the cockpit, my mind drifted back to the nightmare Corran had..

An annoying beeping filled my ears as I sat back upright and pulled the lever, bringing the Pulsar Skate back to real space. The darkness of space surrounded a dot in the centre of the viewport: Coruscant.

As I stroded towards Corran's room, I started to have a bad feeling. Little did I know what I would find..

The door swooshed open and I stepped into the room. The soft, pale light from the corridor illuminating the room. A dark figure lay half way on the floor groping for the bed.

"Corran!" I screamed as I dashed to his side.

Blood streaming down his mouth, he tried to focus at me. His green eyes filled with shock and horror. He looked as pale as a zombie.

"Oh. Corran.." I weeped, tears blurring my vision.

He said something inaudible as I fished my comlink out of my pocket, hands shaking as I dialled for the medics. By now, I had caused a scene and squadron members and colleagues nearby rushed over to help. I was oblivious to all this as my mind kept straying to the thought: Will he die?

Hours after, I sat outside the Emergency Room waiting anxiously for the medical droid. I kept my fingers crossed as I chanted in my mind, "Please don't die." While deep in concentration, I heard footsteps on the grey stone approach me.

"Are you Mirax Terrik?" The monotonous voice of the medical droid asked.

"Yes, about Corran Horn?" I felt my voice fade away.

"I am sorry, but we have to inform you that Corran has been diagnosed with an unknown illness. It's fatal. I apologise."

I stared back into it's expressionless face. How was that possible? How?

"H-How long left?" I asked, fearing the answer.

"A month or two."

The news hit me so hard that I froze for a few moments. Then, tears streaming down my face and I sobbed uncontrollably. Suddenly, I felt so alone. I was going to loose Corran forever.

I took Corran back home in a wheelchair the following week. As we sat there in perfect silence, praying for a miracle, I glanced at him from the corner of my eye. He looked so calm and serene. So fearless. When he heard the news, he accepted it and faced it head on bravely. As bravely as when he flew against TIE Interceptors in his X-Wing. I smiled at the fact that I was so fortunate to meet such a strong man like him.

On our way back to the Medcentre for another check up, Corran told me something.

"We have to cancel the marriage," he declared.

"No," I replied, looking him in the eye, "You are the only person I want to be with in this galaxy. The marriage will go on."

Further tests and medical check ups at the hospitat revealed to us that Corran was having fewer and fewer days left to live. We held the wedding only a fortnight after. Seeing Corran's wide smile and joy at having his last wish fulfilled, overwhelmed my heart with joy.

That night, after the wedding, the two of us sat in the balcony of our appartment overlooking the building on Coruscant, enjoying the peacefulness of the night. The night sky, a contrast to Coruscant's naturally occurring auroras, was a blanket of twinking stars above the city lights.

We leaned against each other, taking in every single moment we shared together. With one hand around my shoulders, Corran gestured with the other at the star filled sky.

"One day, Mirax, I'll be among the stars, always shining my light upon you," he whispered promisingly.


I hope y'all like it. I tried my best at writing. I actually love writing but I'm not much of a writer, I think. I dunno. This was actually my first attempt at a romance story in school but I'm glad that it could become a fanfic for you all.

Please comment and give tips on how to improve and everything! Comment, people and aliens~!!

Thanks for reading! Goodnight! (It's pass 2am..)
~Rogue Eleven out!!~

P.S. All characters and whatsoevers belong to their respective owners. I'm just a fangirl with a fanfic. :D

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! OVERJOYED!!! :D

Guess what?
Guess WHAT?!


*Fangirl screeaaaammm!!!!*


(Looks like I'm not going to be sleeping tonight.. Fufuufuuuu... XDDDD)

And there's
sooo many CORRAN HORN!!
Soooooo mannieeee!!

*Loss of proper english due to Corran Horn obsession. LOL*




<333 Rogue Squadron!
~Rogue Eleven out~

P.S. Eleven is my favourite number.

P.S.S. Corran is Awesome.

P.S.S.S. I... needd.... to reaaddd.. Corran Horn.... Fanficc... *Drools on keyboard.*

**This post has certain words in green because of Corran. <33!!! Heheheee...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Holidays Are Finally Here!!!!

Hey everyone!! This is my 66th post and that means.. ORDER 66!! Aaaaah~ LOL. Okay, people, I'm back! I teels like I'm disconnected from the blogging world and the Lakehouse and e-mail and things like that because of some poopin' motivation workshop that was compulsory.

Some of the stuff in the motivation workshop were not neccessary. For example, the trainers kepts talking and talking for hours at a time. No breaks?!! Yea..

Omg.. My brother, Alfie said that my painting was nice!! Woots~!!!!!

Where was I? Oh. Actually the last part of the motivation workshop gave me a shock. I didn't know heroic people exist in our daily lives. I mean, I always thought they only existed in Star Wars and Babylon 5 and Code Lyoko and all my other cartoons and movies.

The trainer was talking gibberish (not really) to the parents who attended for more than an hours. I was dying.. SOOOOOO BORED!!! 0__o I read my Star Wars book, ate sweets, played a shooting block thing sort of game on my handphone, playing a racing car game on Joshua's handphone and disturbed Mingiee. Hahaaa..

Towards that end, the trainer asked my schoolmates to talk on stage to theit parents. Not me. Most of the girls that did so cried while they were expressing their thoughts and feeling to their parents. The first speaker said that her dad was handicapped and all and she was like a hero to me cos I thought people with characteristics like her belonged in books and movies. Wow.

And I have successful completed my mission. I didn't cry!! Muahhahahahahaaaaa!!!! >:)
Yea, I rule. LOL.

I finished watching 'Kobato' already. The ending was so sweet. I really like Fujimoto cos he's so cool. Y'all should watch it too!! I found small typo errors in the english subtitles but they're not a big problem.

Now, I'm watching a new anime, 'Soul Eater'. It's kinda strange and weird and has a few inappropriate scenes (but I'm almost 16 so whatever) and I think it's gonna have a good storyline so I'm gonna continue watching it. 51 episodes in all, for your info! Yea~!!

Code Lyoko ended during that stupid motivation workshop so as usual, I missed the last 2 episodes for the 2nd time. Aaaaaaaaah!!! I wanna tear my hair out!! Just kidding. But, seriously, I MISSED IT AGAIN!! Sigh.~

By the way, do y'all know that my holidays officially begun yesterday?!! That's no more school for me for 3 weeks!!! Woooooo hoooooooooooooo!!!

What I'm gonna try to do in the holidays:

  • Draw 2 pages of comic everyday.

  • Revise 1 chapter of my school stuff almost everyday.

  • Finish Design and Techology Project (My Star Wars Collectibles Display!).

  • Do more Painting.

  • Get my dad to install the Adobe Photoshop thingy for me so that I can scan my art into the computer and add colour and shading to them.

  • Play Farmville.

  • Read finish 2 Star Wars books.

  • Re-read the NJO series.

  • Meet up with best friends.

  • Pass Denise X-Wing: The Krytos Trap to Denise to read.

  • Improve my manga.

  • Finish watching Soul Eater.

  • Watch Starship Troopers 3 cos it's taking up recording space in my dad's TV recorder.

  • Find and watch the last 2 episodes of Code Lyoko on the Internet.

  • Draw the leftover cover pages for my comic.

  • Draw more comic.

  • Finish crappy holiday homework. Yuck.

  • Meet Atina and have the most fun ever!

  • Have lotsa lotsa FUN!!!

Ta daa!!

One more thing. My maths teacher had a mini chat with me on the last day of the motivation workshop about studying in the holidays cos I never ever ever do that. Holidays is party mode after all. But what he said at the end was awesome. No teacher has ever encouraged me to do that.

He encouraged me to try out for art school. That's very AWESOME. I tried out once, 5 years ago but I didn't get in but.. WHO EVER SAID YOU CAN'T TRY AGAIN? :D

I need to compile my best artworks together. I have quite a few I like but I want to draw more so that I can have an even wider variety to choose from.

Actually, this art school thing is my back-up plan. I saw my report book later that day and my marks can bring me nowhere. Seriously..

And my other back-up plan is to publish my comic in December this year so that I can add it in as an accomplishment.

The good thing is is that I can have 2 bonus points minus off the points I get of my marks. YAY!! The lower the points the better. Aaaaah~ 0_o I need 11 points to do Film Video, 3D animation and Creative Writing and all those stuff I wanna do!!! And my points are at 21. Yes, I know, my points suck. But I have 2 bonus points!! Yay!!

I actually have these 2 extra points cos I have 4 CCAs and half of the points in from the comic competitions I've joined and won!! Woooooooooo~!!!

My next post will be featuring my drawings!! Hope you'll enjoy. Now I gotta run around the blogging world and comment on everyone's blog before they think I've disappeared too long!!

See ya!!
~Rogue Squadron is awesome. Believe it. Heehee.~

Rogue Eleven out!!!

P.S. Happy holidays to everyone having holidays now!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I ain't gonna go to no poopin' motivation workshop.

I'm sure what I want to say now. So I'll tell you what I did yesterday and today:

I went for the 1st day of the Motivation workshop yesterday and 70% hated it.

It's not like I made myself hate it. I just didn't like it. They gave only 30mins to eat lunch and another 30mins for dinner. I always take 45mins at home. During lunch I tried to eat faster than my usual and I choked on a strand of noodle. So for dinner I took my time to eat. I realised that I eat slower than everyone else. :'(

I found the talk partly boring because we had to sit in the same seat for more than 3 hours at one time. My bum hurts! And after 4 hours I couldn't concentrate any longer. So I doodled and chatted with my friends, Mingiee, Jingyi, Yiting and Joshiee (Joshua).

I'm listening to Rascal Flatts music now. XD LOL. After that, I'll listen to Brad Paisley and then Taylor Swift--

I have to mention that the 2nd instructor at the workshop doesn't like Taylor Swift and I was slightly pissed cos I love <333 her music!! He asked us to use his methods to memorise the 20 words and he picked this one guy in the class to say it in the correct sequence. That boy said it correctly, 'though a little bit slow. And the instructor asked him if it was satisfactory. He said yes and the instructor got angry. The instructor wanted that boy to say it correctly and quickly but I guess the boy couldn't but still tried his best.

I'm annoyed with that. I could only remember 10 words cos I have a bad memory and that dumb instructor said THAT to that boy?!! Asking him if it's satisfactory and getting angry when he said yes?!! This is a direct insult to people with bad memory! My mum agrees!


I think that the workshop sucks. I skipped today but Alina told me that many people cried today. Good thing I didn't go. I have to go tomorrow though. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!

I'll end the post here cos I'm in a strange mood and I feel like jumping around my room, playing the guitar (I'm learning a new song, "Today by John Denver!! Omg, I <333 John Denver's music!!) and drawing another fanart!! Eeeeep!


Lakehouse sisters FOREVER! :DDDDD

See y'all next tiem for more random ranting and hyperness and insanity from mee! :)
~I want Rogue Squadron to be the motivation workshop instructors not these goons~
Rogue Eleven out!!

Special shout out to my grand aunt and POA tuition teacher!
Grandaunt Bessie's birthday was yesterday and Jin Shan's birthday is today so...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You guys rule!!

P.S. I got back my exam results today and although I did badly, I know what need improving so I'm happy.~

P.S.S. I realised that I forgot to complete the Star Wars May Meme. O_o I'll do it in my next post.