Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Star Wars Fan-Art!!! =D

So like I promised, here's my Star Wars Fan-art, all done during lessons. :D

Hehee, hope yall like them! Please let your friends and others see and it'll be great if you leave a comment below so that I can improve my drawing skills. Of course I'm nowhere as good as many others but I think it should be satisfactory! ^^

LOL... xD Holding a pillow...
The next one is for Joshua (he saw it in school already) since he requested that I draw one of him in Rogue Squadron cos he claims he's a crazy fan even though he forgot who Nawara Ven is.

And that's me, Jedi. (I like green a lot soooo....)

Hope yall enjoyed! And I'll continue to draw more for you Star Wars fans out there if you like.
See ya! Rogue Eleven out!

Nooooooooooo... Not More Tests Again?!

Just some updates.

Next week is another one of those Common Test weeks where the whole week is filled with tests for every subject. Soooo.. Monday's gonna be for English and Geography.

For english, it's gonna be comprehension and I'm weak at that. I sometimes fail and I sometimes get a borderline pass. My compositions usually pull up my marks but looks like it won't be helping this time. I don't think comprehension can be studied cos there are millions (perhaps billions??) or possible passages the 'school-english-people-things-monkeys(?)' could choose to use for a comprehension. And one thing my friend, Clara and I agreed on was whatever you answer is always wrong. Even if you think it's right, it will always be wrong. It's like the answer for whatever it is is super elusive.

It's like the answer's right there floating with the chunks of Alderaan and when I try to take the answer, I end up taking rocks. And comprehension can't be studied it seems. So I think I'm going to use the Force real hard (Jedi kickin' style) for this one. Just a pass is good enough since I usually fail... Please please pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, I needa pass!

And it's having problems memorising the whole Natural Vegetation chapter. Apparently our Geo teacher was absent for many weeks (still not back yet, it seems) and there's this part in the chapter that I do not remember being taught. I'm quite sure that Mr Yuuuuu and the other relief teacher didn't teach it.. I really wonder.

Another update, a sad one.

Our fish died. He's called Jon Junior by the way because we used to own anther Jon before him. It's sad really because we've been having him for quite a long while and it's really sad to see him leave. Hope he rests in peace with all the previous fish we took care of. I'll really miss him because the tank will look empty without him.

Finally, gotta say I went Sith on my mum today because she scolded me nothing. I know what Wifi is, you doofus. And why should I pretend I don't and stand there hearing you force my dad to tell me what Wifi is?? I've got better things to do and you say I like wasting my life away? C'mon?! Be sensible and understanding and open your ears and clean your ear drums when I tell you stuff. And I got so angry that I ended up bending my pen into a U-shape. Serious. It was too darkside, I realise so I should stop doing that.

but I'm cool with my mum now so things and pretty much like they are before with her usual amount of nagging and my usual amount of rudeness when I can't stand it or when I feel irritable cos of other random stuff.

Okay, I needa take a shower now. Yes, it's midnight and I love late night showers! It's so refreshing and I sleep better.. If I don't have to memorise my geography again later...

Rogue Eleven out. (I realised that I put "Rogue Leader out" in my previous post when checking for new comments. That was an error, dudes.)
May the Force be with yall! Hope everyone does well for the Common tests! (See, I'm sooo kind!! Yay!)

P.S. I need a new pen. :0

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm Gonna Like Star Wars Til Forever!!

I'm a bit pissed with technological things because I really suck at anything that has advanced technology. You are probably guessing that I can't figure out how to get my picture from my phone into the laptop and finally to here. Well, guess what? You won a million dollars -- paper money. Hummmph..!! No pictures today then.

And there is another thing, this only occurred to me once and quite sometime ago but why do kids and people around my age memorise every minute detail of their handphone or MP3 or whateva?? I was taking the bus (the one that goes a loop before arriving where I need it to) when I met a very old friend. I met him when I was partying after school (cancel the partying part but I did have a hell lot of fun) at this student care centre when I was in Primary school. He was actually a fan of my awesomeness (Yea~). Cos I used to tell stories and draw comics for people there, gaining lots of fans in the process.

The thing is when I met him that day, he was so concerned about the model and brand of my handphone for a few minutes. The thing is I can't be bothered about my phone's ID thingy (whatever you call it cos I seriously ain't bothered) and type and whatever cos if you have a phone that functioning, enables you to message and call and perhaps some access to the internet then thats all I need. He was flippin' in the bus seat about I not knowing my phone model and whatnot.

And after he stopped freaking out, he went on to blabber about phone models with tons of codes and what could only be more numbers of more phone models, which I did not understand a thing about it all. I sounded like a doofus saying, "Mmm", "Ah", "Yup, "Uh-huh" like as though as it I knew all that. LOL.

May be, he is just obsessed with handphones like how I'm obsessed with Star Wars but that's not the point. The point is: he discouraged he from liking Star Wars. Yup.. He did.

I only have one thing to show you then:

"Why Star Wars is the best thing ever list"
  1. My classmates find liking Star Wars to be very cool thing cos I'm like no other girl in the class.
  2. Star Wars taught but a lot of social skills.
  3. Reading Star Wars books really improves my English, yea!!
  4. Reading Star Wars books gives me something to do in my spare time and my mum doesn't yell at me for idling my time away.
  5. I get to interact with other Star Wars friends on the internet.
  6. I use the time (about 10 minutes) walking from the bus stop to school imagining 'What if I were on Coruscant?' or something like that to pass the time.
  7. I doodle a lot of mini Star Wars characters on my worksheets, everwhere. And my classmates did notice and usually pick me to draw for the class in group and stuff. Contributing is funnn!!
  8. School is so much fun cos people in my school would always make lightsaber sounds or talk about Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan, etc.. When I'm within hearning range!!
  9. Star Wars helps me see that I don't exist alone in this whole galaxy, there are people around me too.

These are just some of the points in the list, but you get what I mean: Star Wars is everything that's important to ensure my survival. I cant live without Star Wars!

So if I should not like Star Wars that he should not memorise phone models.

That was... not what I wanted to post about but it ended up like that so I left it that way. Hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any comments about whatever you wanna talk about (that is not vulgar) leave 'em all in the comments!

Rogue Leader out.

P.S. The dude with the phone obsession is still my friend but I just wanna use the opportunity to tell yall how important Star Wars is to me because before I became a fan, I was quite a loser in school. Ain't gonna talk about that.

Have fun Jedi and Jedi Coucil Mattress Changers (someone has to change the mattresses, right?)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

LOBSTER = Joshua! :D

A best friend of mine, Joshua, specially requested that I post something because he wanted me to post something. So, I have posted something.

I actually promised to show yall my drawings (particularly the Rogue Squadron fan-art) but I haven't learned how to go about getting my pictures from my new phone to this laptop. The whole transferring thing is different from my old phone so... You'll get to see 'em (hopefully) the next time I post something new, I think...?

I'm been busy.. SO "BEE-ZEE". LOL.

There's like extra lesson's aka 'Value Added Program' that we gotta attend everyday (except on Mondays cos I don't have a second language..). It's called value added in my school because it sucks your valuables from you such as your free time. Thats why the school is 'Value Added'. Similar to a black hole! Hahahaaaaa...! Wish our school was located near the Maw Cluster so that we'll have a holiday everyday. Reason? It's no longer there. Heheheeee...!

That was really random. And Star Wars helps me express myself better.. But I'm still really bad at english oral because the topics for conversation aren't what I can connect with and whenever I see the teacher's face, mind-blank.

Guess what??? I got a 24/30 for my English composition!!! OH YEAHHHHHHHHH PEOPLEZZZZZZZZ!!! (Warning: Do not bash me after reading the following.) As usual, I borrow names of favourite characters (mostly from the New Jedi Order) for my essays because it helps me connect with the lame topic given. By the way, the topics are always lame because they banned Sci-Fi (I write Sci-Fi best and they had to ban Sci-Fi stories... Humph!). Any way, I had to kill Jaina and Lujayne in my compo. It's about the topic "Fear" and I scored the highest in my English class. It has a touch of goriness, though.. Tomato sauce does make things more realistic sometimes.. Hehehe. But I killed the writer (I wrote from Lujayne's perspective..) at the end but my english teacher told me that I wasn't suppose to kill the writer. Sooo okay then. I'll stop making thing die in my compo?? I find happy endings lame. But happy ending in Star Wars aren't! YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

So Joshua, does this post satisfy your "so not free from desire" brain of yours?? Hmm?

Rogue Eleven out!

Engine problem... Just KIDDING! Me <3 Corran! Yea~!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's raining on a Saturday..

Hey! I noticed that my posts are very random..

Last night my mum asked me if the book I was readin', "Heir to the Empire" (very awesome) was nice. My totally quick response was, "Duh, it's nice!" Star Wars is the nicest thing EVER!!

Hmmm... I noticed that recently I've been drawing Rogue Squadron on my worksheets and workbooks and other things. But now (actually later) I can put pictures of my art here! Cos... **add drum smashing sounds and people yellin' "Meesa wan seeeeee!"** MY MUM BOUGHT ME A NEW PHONE and I can't wait to fiddle with it nowww-- when it's done charging... Can't wait! Can't wait!!!

Who thinks Corran is cool?? ME!!! MEEEEE!!!!

Ohhh noo.. the randomness has started.. 0__o

But Corran is really cool, he's my favourite character in the entire galaxy. Sadly, I don't have his figurine cos there's no shops anywhere near here that sells figurines from beyond the movies.. I do have a Luke Skywalker and Palpatine one I won in a Star Wars game I played at some convention more than a year ago..

I saw on my newfeed on Facebook that one of my classmates said he saw the Sec 1's in our school talking about Star Wars and laser guns and other futuristic stuff. I really wanna meet 'em. We must increase the number of Star Wars fans here, where I'm at!! C'mon people!! You know Star Wars is awesome! You know!!! **Waves hand and tries to use the Force..** You know Star Wars is the best thing evaaaa..... Hehehee...

Any way, I'm bored so I might go read my Star Wars book or discuss the X-Wing series (which Joshua is currently reading cos I convinced him that they were awesome) with Joshua.

Rogue Eleven out.

Jaina is sooooo cool. Yes, she is!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Raccoons are squishy and Chicken Wings are yummy and Tycho Celchu is 100% AWESOME!

Aaargh! School was so tiring today that I almost couldn't stay awake in Physics afternoon lesson/ VA program. I was so freaking sleepy that I mumblen lotsa rubbish and played with the pronunciation of Joshua's name!

Like.. Jioooo-shua! Or Juice-shua. Or the famous one (used by Joshua's cousin) JOUSHUA!!
Oops.. Joshua's gonna see this post with these inside-- Hi JOSHUA!! ***Insert sheepish grin***

I can't wait for the TV station on my planet to air Star Wars: The Clone Wars 3.. I've seen fans discuss about it and I really wanna watch it. I've NEVER missed a simple episode from Seasons 1 and 2. I'm such a fan!! I really wanna watch. I really wanna wanna WANNA!! I need it! Rooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaarrr!!!! Aaaaaaah!!!! I'm so obsessed with Star Wars that I need an extra bag to carry my overflowing fandom-ness in.. Oohhhh...!

I also realised that recently I've been turning all my school English essays into New Jedi Order Fanfiction.. And my teacher actually gives me more marks for my fan fics (I keep them realistic enough for the teacher to not think it's Sci-Fi cos we aren't allowed to write Sci Fi. Rrrrhhh!!). The one about Mirax and Corran got me my highest mark yet. (See previous post for more details).

I'm feeling so bored in front of the laptop. Joshua is taking an awfully long time to get online. I've been WAITING for AGES!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah

I believe there's American Idol on TV tonight so at least I'll be entertained then. BUT I NEED SOME FUN NOWWWW!! I'm actually freaking bored.

Ohhhh!! I know. I'm do a question and answer survey about myself to myself!
Let's seeeeeeee...

Do you prefer racoons or jelly?
I like jelly (I almost typed 'Jedi'..) cos it's so yummmmmmmy! But racoons are... Okay?? So I think I'd go for the jelly, especially of it's free!

Do you like rugs or curtains?
Rugs. Then I can lie on the floor without always being startled about how cold the floor is.

Would you rather get 100 bucks or take a picture with Tycho Celchu?
TYCHO CELCHU!!! He's soooooo awesome! Tycho!!!!!! You are soooo awesome that I'm at a loss for words to say how perfect you are. You are tha-best (besides Corran and Wedge and Ooryl and some more others)!! Totally worth it to get to snap a pic with him!


P.S. Blogger messed up my post so some stuff that I though of to talk about on the spot are gone.. SUCKS man. And I think I know why: Blogger doesn't allow me to make a heart shape with the no. 3 and the arrow. Especially the arrow!! It's so annoying. I can't use the arrow like in Facebook. Humph.. So disappointed that one of my random questions is gone (completely) and my "Rogue Eleven out" got delete the first time I published this..

Once more: Rogue Eleven out. (I still wanna be Eleven, Joshiee).

P.S.S. I'm going use ***s from now on the insert my emotions. Arrows stink. >:P

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boring + LOL-ing = Class Field trip!

My class went on an excursion today. It was... well, ummm... Strange. I was very deep in thought throught the bus rides in between stops. I had fun with my friends though. The tour guide is smart but seriously boring.. Kept asking us to complete the worksheet.
Joshua, sometimes I can't tolerate your attitude and behaviour. Just be yourself, okay. Everyone is different with their own personality. Stop altering your personality to suit other people's preferences. You are who you are.
Don't you think worksheet on field trips spoil all the fun?? I didn't do my worksheet (I copied only 2 answers from C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) Hehehe..! And I doodled another mini Gavin Darkligher!!
I'm mostly annoyed cos whenever you encouter problems or don't do your work well or hand in homework, the teachers ask ME to help you. You are only 3 months younger than me, not 3 year. Please, improve your handwriting and doing your work well. It does help you to pass your tests.
And I pretty much LOL-ed throughout the trip with Ming Jin and Lala and a few others. I made some funny friends from 4E2 (part of that class followed ours).

I ate yummy yummy YUMMIIIIEEEEE ice-cream at one point with Joshua's $1 cos I won. We competed about scoring the highest in a Physics class test. The loser had to buy the winner a ice-cream worth $1. And I won him by 6 marks!! YEAHHHHHH!!!! I got 34/40!! Whahahahahahhahaaaa.... I'm so braineeeee~!!!! <3

Seriously Joshua. Be yourself and think about your future. Stop failing your subjects in school. Don't tell me the only way to make you study is to compete over money, cos that's not really right. Okay?
And (I almost forgot), I got 23/30 for my English essay! Hahahahahahaaaaaaa.... I'm freakin' "brain- neighhhhh"! It was about marriage and I used the names Corran (yeah..!) and Mirax (you know!!!). BUT I ENDED UP KILLING OFF CORRAN IN MY ESSAY!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... He's didn't really die.. I just wrote it in such a way that he was going to die.. I wrote from Mirax's point of view, by the way. It wasn't meant to happen that way. Ispiration kinda entered my brain after I wrote one paragraph... CORRAN HORN WILL LIVE FOREVER COS HE IS THE BEST ON THE WHOLE GALAXY AND WHISTLER TOO!!! Got that? HA! Wish I could show it to you all but my English teacher made us file it up and the files are in the cupboard. Sad. D:

Gotta go, guys!! Skipping over to Facebook! Bye!
May the force be with you!

Rogue Eleven out!

P.S. We visited a building that was like a flying saucer during the field trip and my classmates were like ALIEEEEEEEENNNNNNNN, ANDRIEE... ALIEEEEEEENNNNNNN!!! Cos they know I'm crazy about Sci-Fi. Hahaha.. Freaking fun!
Joshua can't ruin my fun when I've got so many friends around me! Yeah!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sleepiness + Randomness = INSANITY!!

I'm so sleepy right now... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

We had Humanities Value Added (VA) Program and boy, was it super boring. Mr Yuuuuuuuu took our class again but he didn't really go "Ooooooooooh-Aaaaaaaaaaaah-ing" at me for drawing in class or laughing in class or going hyper in class or being madly random in class, so we're cool. And it rained during Humanities--

Ohhhh... :0 I'm tempted to bouce on my bed and listen to Taylor Swift's music. Ohhhhhh.

Okay, that was random. Then we went to MacDonald's for a mini-size, near-dinner snack. And cos it happened to have rained, the swings at the playground nearby were wet.. Well, just the rubber seat. And we (not desperatedly) "cleaned" the seats to swing on 'em.

Oh yeah, I got cool, awesome news! I'm gonna be designing some sort of multi-purpose collection display thingy for Design and Technology lesson and it'll be mainly for you Star Wars fans out there. Ya know, to display your Star Wars novels and comics and figurines (ROGUE SQUADRON FIGURES!!!!! <3) Aren't I nice? Hehehe... But we haven't started creating the product yet.. We're still at the "write loads of trash that exam markers wanna see" stage.

And not forgetting one last thing, WE HAD NO PE TODAY!!! NO RUNNING THAT VIRTUALLY AND NOT SO VIRTUALLY KILLS YOURSELF!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

And like Denise would say on Facebook: "RANDOM DANCING!!!" Though I suspect that she got it from iCarly... Hmmmm.. Mysteries are mysteries. I wanna Scooby Snack.

LOL!!! I'M SO INSANE!?! What Scooby snack? ROFL!

Ohhh man, I'm so sleepy. I think I'll take a nap 'til my mum gets home.

P.S. Joshua, I like your ambition No. 2 the most. Give a comment, you shall!

This is so cool, there are jets zooming about above my house now. I can hear it! Joshua'll like it. Bueeeeeeeeiii!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Humanities Lesson Epic Fail

I'm home!!

Hmm.. Humanities lesson sucked today. My real Humanities teacher was absent so my class got some relief teacher. Usually, relief teachers are gooooooooood. You can half play, half listen to their lesson and their aren't that strict. But we got some weirdo that looks like Mace Windu (BUT IS TOTALLY NOT MACE WINDU!!). Let's just call him Mr Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and he is so terribly not cool. I just wanna doodle an X-Wing pilot. Humph! He was like totally "piercing-stare" on me. Dude, bug out, man. I'm gonna be a comic artist soon so prepare for my awesome-ness. And any way, I copy notes on the projector slides on the white board very fast so why can't I doodle? It's not like it'll suffocate Mr Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..

And this is my writing speed comparison table:
Writing with 0.7 pilot pen (any colour): 3 to 5 seconds slower than Hui Ci.
Writing with 0.5 pilot pen (any colour as well): On average, it's probably the same speed as Hui Ci.
Writing with pen that is less than 0.5 type: Faster than Hui Ci by 1 or 2 seconds.
Writing with pencil (sharpened a little): Definitely seconds faster than Joshua. And because Joshua does write faster than Hui Ci, I'm guaranteed the fastest!

So Mr Yuuuuuuuuuuu, what have you gotta say about that? And if you weren't blind enough to notice, I WAS USING A PENCIL. SHARPENED THE NIGHT BEFORE. GOOD QUALITY TYPE. What's more, I pass my Humanities tests!

I did complete about 5 Rogue Squadron fan-arts in Math and Humanities in total. 4 coming from Maths class. My Maths teacher sounds nice, isn't it? Isn't it?! Laa laa laaaaaa... Ohh, I remembered something!!

MY HANDPHONE IS SPOILT!! I can't take pictures of my Rogue Squadron fan-art to put up and not literally, paste it with saliva (just kidding about the saliva part) on to my blog. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo

Gotta fly now! I haven't ate my lunch and it's 4:39pm! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! My stomach is attacking meeeeee... Stomach juice is acidic.. right?? I'm so bad at Chemistry or Biology or whatever it is.

Rogue Eleven out! Parteeeeeeeee in the toilet somewhere on Yavin 4!! Whahahaaaahaaaaaaaa....!!

Hello Milky Way!!

Hi everyone out there! This is my new blog. After so many blog failures, I'm gonna make this blog a success and this blog (hopefully) will last forever!
It's 1:30am in the night and I have school tomorrow but I'm to excited about blogging here and all that I doubt I can sleep. But I better. Perhaps later in the day, definitely after school, I'll fly back here in my X-Wing and do a proper and more lengthy post for the enjoyment of no one in particular.
I think I better sleep now.. And can I say something random?? I prefer chicken wings to the drumsticks. And another?? I prefer Star Wars conversations to normal everyday conversations.
Rogue Eleven out.