Sunday, May 29, 2011

Picture Post!! :D

Today's post will be mainly pictures, I guess. I'll post about what I did in school this week and my art after that (Corran fanart included).

So this is basically what I did in school: Making my design for Design and Technology (D&T) coursework. That's from Tuesday to Thursday. I did something else on Friday.

My D&T lesson went something like this:

Start --->>

Excited.. Shy to talk a lot with teacher.. Bored.. Lonely (I'm the only one).. Dull-face. 0_o Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! So bored... Owww!! (Kept on hammering my thumb).. Um.. Machine = Dangerous.. Sand paper (Lalalalalaaaaa...) Getting fun.. Less shy.. More daring.. Chat with teacher... Sort of made friends with teacher... The Plastic bending machine reminding me of barbecues and I thought about sausages and the Mara Jade thread on the Lakehouse. More sand paper.. Sand paper.. Cheerful. Ooooh la laaaa!!! 80% of my design (a Star Wars display) done according to me teacher!!! Woot! Meet up with friends! Yay!! Yay yay yay!! Laaa laaa laaaaaaa!!

<<--- End

LOL... That was.. WEIRD. 0_o But yep, that's what I did and felt summaried and compressed in to a little random paragraph.

I did English and Humanities on Friday with my 2 awesome friends: Christy and "Rika"!!! WOO HOOOO! Awesomest friends ever!!

And after school my best friend, Joshua and I made word son the school's scrabble board. Yep, the ONLY good thing in my school is a large scrabble board on one of the walls outside the school hall on the 2nd floor.

We made this together!! It's completely random and it's for the teachers (we didn't state that it's for them. In our hearts, it is.) XD

I made this cos the scrabble board didn't have a letter 'C'!! I wanted to make 'Corran Horn Rules' on it SOOOO BAD..!!!!!

Any way, Jaina Solo is COOL!!

Joshua made Wedge's name. He's obsessed with Wedge. Completely.. It's kinda scary.. It's..

I drew this on his arm!!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! Woo woo wooooo!!


Now for the second part of my post.

I'm going to show you how my art has changed over the year. From went I first started drawing comics (that's 5 years ago) till now.

I first started drawing in maths class. Yep, maths. I don't like maths. I drew my first comic it's called "Bun Rider" or something like that. It's like a fanfiction mixed with a fanart about a TV programme that my group of best friends (Amanda, Denise, Debbie and I) sort of watched. I think Debbie and I are the only ones who watched it. I forgot the name of that show. What I remember is that the title contained the words " 'Mask Rider' something". Haha.

I can't find that comic. :( I dunno where it is actually. But I found another fanart I did in that same period of time. It's from my favourite cartoon 'Galactik Football'. I used to be a little bit obsessed in football before I realised that I can't run fast and I always missed (then I quit, of course..).

That's how my art was like at first. (I was 12 years old then. LOL)

After the Bun Rider comics, I started another comic. This one's original. Sort of inspired by my favourite manga at that time. Somewhere in the middle of the story, it became about martial arts and aliens. I dunno how that happened. I had a good laugh re-reading it. It was like awful art with Middle school comedy and a wacky plot mixed together. Whahahaaa..

Yup.. Told ya. The drawing was weird. If you click on the picture you can see how the eyes and face shapes of the characters looked like. Funny thing is, this comic has no storyline. It's more like a story of my frustrations with school work and awful grades and weirdo baddies called "Fabianators" attacking the school. LOL!!! (Fabian was the guy in this daycare centre I used to go to who was slightly annoying.)

Somewhere from page 140 onwards the art became kind of dark because I drew it went I went to a completely new school and my classmates were hating on me (bullying actually.. Eeeep, I feel embarrassed. >.<) and I felt very alone. (I found comfort in the X-Wing books then.. CORRAN HORN IS AWESOME!!!)

I remembered drawing this comic from a few month before my super duper important exam when we were supposed to be studying like mad people. I don't regret getting crappy marks for the exam and going to a crappy school, though. LONG LIVE THIS UNNAMED COMIC! It shows me who my best friends really were and provided me with a zone to throw my anger in.

I stopped that comic 2 years ago. It lasted 3 years in total.

(None of my comics I mentioned have been published if you wanted to know.)

Right now my art looks like this:

(Corran Horn fanart like I promised. Hope you like it!)

More manga-like. I'm drawing manga right now.

My current comic. It's the latest one I'm drawing and it's a Sci-Fi one, had a more detailed style of drawing in my opinion. Well, compare it to my old comics and you'll see. I know my art is not much but I hope to be a comic artist someday.

So now you know a little bit more about me again. Hope you enjoyed this picture post. See y'all next time!!

~Comics <333~

Rogue Eleven out

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hmm, I Wonder..

I'm beginning to really dislike this world. I know that I don't fit in and I'm mostly the alone kid, but that gives you no reason to treat a fellow human this way.

Sorry people, I want to voice out. I want the world to know that not everyone is like you. I want people to understand.

Any way, it seems that the more I understand, the less I understand. Confusing huh?

I can't stand the way people behave. Or is it just me? I tried my best already. Just give me a little chance, just a little one will do!!

For instance, I've realised that no matter how hard I try, I'm never allowed to join in in conversation. My mum told me that using pick up line and phrases will really help, such as "Ohh, really?" or "Hey, I heard of that before.." and waiting for them to look at you and want to hear more. Then you say two or three sentences at most. I'm gonna try that, but I doubt it's going to work cos I've tried that before.

No one seems to want to hear for me. I can't understand why. I might lack in quite a few things but that doesn't mean I'm lesser compared to you. A little chance will do. Just a little. If you don't give me the chance to learn. the chance to try, how will I ever get far and be on the same level with you?

I know that I'm not intelligent, I lack common sense, I don't have much empathy, but at least I'm willing to try and gain some of each? Is it wrong to try? No it's not. At least I'm willing to learn.

I guess being somewhere behind when everyone is talking isn't that bad. You get to eavesdrop and listen to so much more. You get to know so much more!

But I still wish that I could just be let in to a conversation. Any conversation.. About horses, homework, maths, the weather, the newest song, anything. If only...

Secondly, people I don't know seem to like commenting about me. I know I'm not like everyone but that's not gonna stop me from trying my very best to be like y'all. If I can do it on Blogger and the Lakehouse, I can't see why I can't do it in public. Are people stopping me? Or it is just me, like usual..

There was an instant when my bestfriends and I boarded this bus to get home and took the 2nd seat from the back. There was a couple behind as then. Mingiee asked me a question so I replied like how I always do. The guy behind me started to comment on the way I spoke. He imitated it to his girlfriend. Hello?! I'm right here.. I can hear you! I know that I don't speak like how my friends do because I'm more English and all compared to other school kids from school's like mine but that that gives you no reason to comment. And any way, if you truly need to comment, the least you could do is to speak softly or do it after alighting.

Perhaps I should pick up the weird accent and sentence structure that most people will accept. For example, "Now what time?" And I thought it was, "What's the time now?" Hmm.. they are not much different but I intent to keep using good English cos I want to be a comic artist and may be a writer one day.

Okay. Y'all have come to the end of my ranting session. Thank you for listening to me if you have been doing so for I have no idea how long. MTFBWY everyone!

Could I get some comments? I dunno..

~The world will be nicer, I know it~
Rogue Eleven out!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Holiday Mode: ON!!

Today was strange but cool! I overslept so I didn't go to school. My mum asked if I wanted to and I said no. I'm tired of school. I just wanna party for now. Like.. PARTTTYYYYYYYY!!!! And any how, my mum dislikes my school's vice principal so I think that's why she didn't force me to school! Awesome, yea~!

I'm in a kinda hyper mood right now cos I DREW A PAGE FOR MY COMIC TODAY!


I'm back and I'm still going on inspiration, man!

I got the letter about that stupid motivation workshop thing I last talked about and it's all the way from early morning to night. Which stinks. Like STINKS~

C'mon. Rogue Squadron is all the motivation I ever need. And I pretty much have quite a high level of self-esteem. Like hey, did I ever say things like "I hate myself"?? Oh no, I so did not. I know I'm destined for awesomeness! Woooooo!

I'm a little too hyper cos I just turned on the air conditioner and the rooms just the right temperature. And the holidays are nearing! Oh YEA, they are~!!

I also did a Corran fanart! YEAHH!! It's like manga so I'm not sure if you'll like it. And I drew it without any reference. :D

Well, I'm a silly hyper mood and I'm enjoying every moment of it. I have my stach of chocolate on my bed and sweets on table and my pencils everywhere! YEA~!!!

Oh man, I'm really hyper. Ah well, y'all get to see the many sides of me. Hmm..

That wound on my knee seems to be healing but it's kinda annoying. Humph. I dunno why everyone is fussing over it. It's only an abrasion (I think).

My awesome school friends and I are trying to reach 1000 comments on a status in Facebook. We're at 440!! Woo! This is insane but fun!

I don't plan on putting my mind on learning stuff in school cos it's design and technology tomorrow and my design is a Star Wars collectibles display (mainly for lightsaber hilts and X-Wing books). Yub yub commander! Woot!

I wanna go wild!!! Holidays.. Holiday.. I need them so bad!!!

And I'm getting back my exam papers (some of them) tomorrow! Yea, I probably failed most but I got talent elsewhere and I'm working on it. Hehehehee...

Before I go, here are the answers to the Star Wars meme:

Day 22: Your favorite droid
R2D2!! He's the best ever! I like his attitude and his friendship with Threeepio! And he's small but so important. (Don't ever look down on small people!!!)

Day 23: Your favorite Jedi
Corran Horn, Jaina Solo, Anakin Solo, Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Kyp Durron, Dorsk 81 and so many more. Every Jedi is awesome in their own way. And they got Midi Chlorians (something I want if I were in the Star Wars galaxy. I also want an X-Wing. Heheheh..!).

Okay, that's it for today. Tell me if you want to see my Corran fanart. Bye for now, fellow Jedi!
~Rogue Squadron is awesome and you know it.~
Rogue Eleven out

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Answers and awards and questions and ME.

Today is all about answering stuff I got and said I would do. Before I start.. HI Y'ALL!! (Now, that was random.)

I received this award from James and Jacob. Thank you!! Yay me!

To accept it, I gotta type 7 things about myself. I remembered doing the previous one with pictures but I don't think I'm gonna do this one with them. And it'll be new info about me since y'all already know my favourite cartoons and manga if you've been following my blog from Day 1 (not really..).

1. My favourite place to think things through: The toilet (Any toilet will do. Although the one in my house is the best.)

2. Book series that left a positive, lasting affect: X-Wing Novels! (DUH..)

3. I accomplished my 2010 New Year Resolution No. 3 two days ago, I think. It's on my previous blog, the fisrt blog I ever had. It's a lame blog with no one reading it so I shan't post the link. What I accomplished was I didn't yell and scream when I fell that day. YEA! (I always yell and act like a demanding queen. LOL.)

4. Uhmm... I learnt a new word when I went to a bookstore near my home: Awesomerised. It's a cool word, man, really cool. I noticed it when I was testing new pens on the long row of paper at the pen section. People always scribble tons of funny and ridiculous stuff there. And I would reply them. Hahaha.

5. I made my mum promise that she'll read the X-Wing series when she gets her new and improved shaded glasses. Providing that she's comfortable with her new lenses, of course.

6. I can't wait for the June Holidays!!! Aaaaaaaaargh!! A few more days of school left. C'mon!!

7. I feel sorry for that stalker who I believe, is still hoping that I'll date him or sumthin'. Man, he's just not my Corran Horn. Sorry..

And I'm suppose to pass it on the 15 great blogs/bloggers I know.

1. Amaranthine
2. Ley
3. Endor
4. Rebecca
(All my other internet friends seems to get gotten it already.. >.<)
5. Joshua Antilles
6. Amanda 西井 しろき
7. Denise Ikuto Faith
And everyone else who hasn't gotten it and wanted to do it!

Now for the near 100 post (may be..) thingy I got from Ley's blog! Woo hoooo!!

Name: My internet name is 'Andriee Jaina Solo' My real life first name is Andrienna and I think it's the best name ever!! :)
Nickname: Andriee and Star Wars (Some of my school mates call me that. LOL.)
Elementary, Middle and High School: Not gonna say. Not gonna tell.
Height: 15com shorter than Corran Horn. Aaaargh.. I wish I could be taller.
Sweats or Jeans: It's so hot where I'm at that I wear shorts instead. Eeeep..!
Best Friends: Joshua Antilles, Denise Ikuto Faith and Amanda 西井 しろき!!!
Do You Have a Crush On Someone: In real life, nah.. In Star Wars, Corran Horn!!
Eat or Drink: I like both! Eating a little more.
Coke or Pepsi: Coke!!!

Have you ever?
Been in an Airplane: Nope. I wish I could..
Been in a Relationship: Hello? Where's my Corran?? (Hahahahahaaa..) Of course not. LOL.
Been in a Car Accident: No. I don't want to ever be in one.
First Award: Merit prize for the 20 page comic I submitted. ( I consider that to be my first award cos the rest I got before that aren't really of much value.)
First Crush: In real life, I've not found anyone. In my awesome world, that would be Corran. He's too awesome, ya see..
Last Person I Watched a Movie With: My parents and my brother. We watched Rio.
Last Song I Listened To: Enchanted by Taylor Swift.
Last Thing I Bought: A meal at MacDonald's. 0__o

Food: Hotdogs, popcorn, nachos, chicken wing and almost any snack.
Drinks: Coke, iced green tea and almost any flavour of bubble tea.
Bottoms: Shorts or something awesome. It depends on my mood, really.
Flowers: As of now, Dandelions. It was Ixoras yesterday.
Animals: Turtles, angel fish, starfish and others from the sea and coast.
Colors and Shades: I like green and any shade of green. I expecially like the green that Corran seems to wear..
Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Star Trek, Space Battleship Yamato, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5!!
Subjects: English and Principles of Accounts.

[[Put 'X' in the brackets if yes]]
[] Celebrated Halloween (I totally want to!!!)
[X] Had your heart broken (By several dorks from time to time.)
[X] Had someone like you
[X] Did something you regret (I regret not taking art as a subject.. What was I thinking?!!)
[X] Broken a promise (Only a few..)
[X] Hid a secret
[X] Met someone who changed your life (Does Rogue Squadron count?)
[X] Pretended to be sick (Fail..)
[X] Left the country (I saw a shooting star in Malacca, Malaysia. It was so surreal, yet beautiful.)
[X] Tried something you normally didn't like and liked it
[] Cried over the silliest thing
[X] Ran a mile (And nearly died.)
[X] Went to the beach with your best friend (December 2009 Chalet Stay. Awesome.)
[X] Got into an argument with your friends
[X] Hated someone (Once. Not any more. Hating is a path to the darkside.)

Eating: Yep. Chicken curry with rice.
Drinking: A cup of water.
Listening: Not at the moment.
Plans for Today: Get back to drawing comics. I'm way behind time again.
Waiting: For my friends to get back online!!

Your Future:
Want Kids: Nope.
Want to Get Married: Nope.
Career: Comic Artist and something to do with movie making.

Have you ever:
Snuck Out Of The House: No. I love my Star Wars books at home too much.
Broken Someone's Heart: Yes. I apologise.
Been in Love: Almost but no.
Cried When Someone Died: A little cos of X-Wing: Iron Fist. Man, I wish Ton Phanan didn't die. My friend think that I'm too crazy. ROFL.

Do you Believe in:
Yourself: Yes! 1000%.
Miracles: Yes. If you believe hard enough.
Love at First Site: No. Geez, don't judge a book by it's cover.
Heaven: Yep.
Santa Claus: Yes if he gets my an X-Wing (with flying manual included) for X'mas.
Aliens: Yea!
Ghosts: Uhmm....

Is There Someone You Want to Be With Right Now: Not really. Not at the moment, any way.
Do You Know Who Your Real Friends Are: Possibly.
Believe in God: :D
Post as 100 Truths: Haha.. No. I got it from Ley, remember?

Okay! I'm done! See y'all later!
~Never forget how awesome Rogue Squadron is~
Rogue Eleven out!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I feel like jumping out of my seat and partying! My exams are over! Just perhaps 2 more weeks of school and I'm free!!! The holidays are almost here and I can't wait. This month, though not over yet, has been pretty epic or me.

And I've come to seriously appreciate the toilet. The toilet is the place where I thought of the entire story for my first comic. It's the place I found back my mood to study. And the place where I realise to much more about the world around me.

Heh, here's the actual reason why I found back my mood for the exam. The reasons I gave in one of my previous posts was random.

And I might sound stupid typing this but what the toilet helped me realise was that ya gotta accept failure and move on.

LOL. I told ya I would sound weird. Ha..

Heheh.. This post I taking kinda long to type out cos I'm chatting on Facebook while doing this.

I'm feeling really lazy. It's gonna be the holidays! But the last 2 days of the exams were a blast!

On Thursday, after Science practical, we had to seat in the hall and wait for 4 hours for all the shifts to finish. It stinks when your name starts with 'A'. I was in the earliest shift and the only one for my class in it.

Gosh, boredom kills. But Christy, a friend from my English class was there with me, thankfully, and we chatted at my table despite what the zoopid teacher said about sitting in our shift numbers and studying (Bueh..). She told me about when she lived in Georgia and it snowed when it wasn't supposed to. I guess from the way she said it, it sounded like she'd rather stay there. I'll migrate someday. And may be the both of us could be living next to each other!

Then my class arrived! And no one cared about what the teachers said!! I snacked on a packet of 'Muruku' while walking around the hall with it. I totally had fun. I played with my class. I know the exams weren't over but ot was awesome! It was truly awesome. I'm definitely gonna miss everyone in my class next year. This could possibly be the last time all of us are having fun together.

There were people running around and throwing paper balls at each other. It was insane!! And I shared food and sweets with my group and all. And we played till we went nuts!!! AWESOME!!!

And on Friday, after our last paper, my four awesomerized (cool word) friends and I went to McDonald's to have lunch and we played like hell! It was so much fun! I can't put into words how awesome it was! I've never had so much fun since the last year of primary school!!

I did have a fall and everyone was like sooooo caring and checkin' on my wound and all. I can't believe how I could have not appreciated them till now. This people (Alina, Christy, Mingiee and Joshiee) are the best! I think we are gonna be friends forever! Definitely!

I'm so thankful to have such great friends around me and on the internet.

Haha, I'm kinda not use to these people being so caring and all. Haha. I used to do important stuff by myself. LOL. Man, these people are superb.

Now for the Star Wars meme:
Day 18: Your favorite scene
That has gotta be the second Death Star battle. The whole thing was epic with Wedge and the others trying to destroy the Death Star while Luke was facing Darth Vader. Pure Awesomeness!

Day 19: Your favorite era
I can't decide. Certain parts of the New Republic Era and the New Jedi Order Era. The New Republic Era has some of my all time favourite characters and maily cos the X-Wing books and in that era. (I'm an X-Wing Squadron fan if you have forgotten.) The New Jedi Order. What should I say? Hmm. GO READ IT. LOL.

Day 20: Your favorite Star Wars spoof
I have to think about this. I hardly remember the zillions of spoofs I watch. I just laugh at the moment. :)

Day 21: Most memorable John Williams music
The opening theme!!! DDDDDUUH!!!!!

Okay, that's all for today. The next post will be about another blogger award I received and more about the upcoming holidays that I so badly need!!

See ya!
~Never forget how awesome Corran Horn is~
Rogue Eleven out!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Corran Horn!!!! :D

**Runs to bookshelf to grab an X-Wing novel..**

P.S. I managed to convince 2 of my best friends to read the X-Wing Series. What an accomplishment! XD

Rogue Eleven out
~Andriee Jaina Solo~

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm freaking out!!

I'm always wanted to do Star Wars Role playing with those other Star Wars fans on Facebook.

I asked them!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~!!

I'm so nervous! What are they going to say?!?!!?!!???

I asked:
"Hi, um.. Role playing here seems kinda cool. Was wondering if I could join in? :D May the Force be with y'all! :) "
On the House of Solo and Tano wall!!!

I hope thay say yes!
It's like a once in a lifetime chance to me!!
I wanna role play!!


Please please please pray that the other roleplayers say 'Yes'!!


La La La.. What A Random Day.

**Do not read if you think I'm complaining again when all I'm doing is just stating the truth.**

Geez, I think my parents are numbskulls. They are numbskull for disliking average kids and teens. I don't have to be smart to be equal to my brother. Humph.. And I thought it was the effort you put in that counts.

I seriously feel like asking people like that to get a life. But that's too harsh so I shan't.

A few minutes ago, my mum woke up from her nap and started being mad at me for something totally nonsensical. She asked if I'd pulled the computer wire and judging by tone, she didn't sound too happy. But I didn't really mind her grouchiness and replied that I'd never pulled it before. That's because I've never did and it's to kinda reassure her that I would never pull it. I had no reason to be pulling it any way. Why would I pull a wire? Is it going to get me a unicorn? A dandelion?? Nope.

And she went berserk. Was I suppose to say I pulled it? That wouldn't make any sense. The logical thing to do is to not mind the wire since it's just a wire that's usually connected to the computer. Hmmm...

Then she started thinking that I'm accusing her of whatever of something. And I thought that perhaps she didn't hear what I said so I repeated what I said again. And she got more crazy. I don't get it. I know that right thing to do is not to pull the wire since she did tell me that before..

And soon after, she said that I should answer a 'Yes' or 'No' went she asked me something. Huh??? That's what I did. I told her that I never pulled the wire!! Whaaaaaaaat???

And she kept going on and on about answering with only a Yes or No. And she wouldn't leave the room.

I'm the sort of person who listens to logical things. It's understandable if it's logical. And you gain useful knowledge in the process. What I believed from this situation is that my mum did get her point across: Do not pull the wire (She mentioned it quite a number of times when she was going berserk). Other than that, I don't see any reason for her to pick on my speech.

Never = not ever, not at all.
No = not at all.

They are synonyms!!!!

Recently, my mum has been behaving very oddly towards me--

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh! My mum just returned to my room and she kept talking on and on. It was hard to control my anger. But I did. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!

Any way, like I said, my mum has been behaving very strangely towards me. Constantly picking on a lot of things I do. And when I try to clarify or question her negative attitude towards me, she would get anger all over again. It stinks.

Not to be mean or anything like that but the word 'Douche bag' came into my mind several times when I was talking to her.

I want back my old mum!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccck!!!

This is why, the conclusion I came up with it that she is mad at me for not being as smart and she and dad, and my brother and my cousins. I'm also not as smart as most of my friends.

She's not gonna stop me though. I'll be awesome someday. I just know it! Ya wait and see!!

Okay, y'all can read now (unless you've actually been reading all along.. Aaaah~)

So today, I started revising for my exams again. I found out why I lost the mood to study when I was in the toilet yesterday. I love the toilet. It's the best place to think about things and to get new ideas for my comics.

Now for the Star Wars meme:

Day 16: Your favorite planet
Hmm. I like Corellia. It's Corran, Mirax, Han, Wedge and so many of my favourite characters' homeworld. I really like Corellia. I wish it was real so that I can fly there and meet cool people and stuff like that.

By the way..
I'm gonna learn how to make Corellian Ryshcate.
**Spoiler the people who have not read X-Wing: Rogue Squadron**
Mirax made for Corran some Corellian Ryshcate in one part of the book and I really like that scene/part!! &lt;3
**End of Spoiler**
I want to make Corellia Ryshcate too! And give it to. Myself. Just kidding. I dunno.
Not sure what to substitute for Corellia Whiskey. That's gotta be hard.

Day 17: Your favorite romance
Ooooh! That's gotta be Corran and Mirax!! Haha. You would have expected that to come from a Corran fan, yea? :D
I also like Luke and Mara, Han and Leia, Tycho and Winter and Wedge and Iella.

Uhmm, I saw several times that many of my Star Wars friends on Facebook does Role-playing. They're names are Star Wars names like mine so I guess that's how they found me.

I really want to role-play with them! It looks like so much fun. I really want to join in as Jaina Solo since my Facebook name is Jaina Solo. But I've never talking to anyone except Anakin Solo before. I'm scared to join in because I'm not sure if I need their permission or not. :/

I was wondering if y'all could give me suggestions on how to approach them. They added me as a friend but we've never spoken to each other. Please leave your suggestions in the comments. Random suggestions is acceptable too!

See y'all later!!

Rogue Eleven out!

P.S. I really really want to role-play. I even know the codes. 'Ic' probably means 'in character' and 'Ooc' means 'Out of character'.

~Flies away~

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yay me!!!!!

I found back my mood to study! :D

It's for:

1. Corran Horn
2. In case there is an alien invasion
3. Cos I wanna be awesome someday.

See ya!

Thanks to:
DutchessSatineKenobi, My Chemistry Tutor and Corran.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ranting Again and Getting Caught Up on the Star Wars Meme

Hey y'all.. I'm back. Yep.

What have y'all been doing while blogger's been down? I've been sulking. It stinks. So I'm not gonna talk about it.

My mum's been weird to me too. Exams ruin everything, so it seems. All the more reason for me to improve my art and get my comic publish. If brains don't work, creativity and talent should.

This mornin', went I got up from bed -- it was 2:20pm, yep, I overslept again -- I overheard my parents planning what I should do next year after my classmates and school friends and I graduate. They were talkin' about me so I was curious (Who wouldn't be?) and I went over to hear whateva they were talkin' about.

They were talkin' about courses that needed really high marks to get in. And I just shrugged and said, "Those stuff? Too hard for me." And my dad probably replied something like, "If you try hard enough, you can do it."


But I realised why I probably flunked 'em.

It's probably cos of those stupid after school lessons I mentioned in my previous post. They took up all my time that I had no time to revise. So I made up my mind. I'm not gonna go for any more of 'em stupids. I'm not gonna care if the school gonna come and find me. I ain't gonna be a fool and waste my time.

My mum's gonna teach me some at home after school and I would probably have some tuition that will benefit me instead.

Man, I hate my school.

Other news:
I found this anime that's really cute. It's called Kobato. I heard about it frfom my friend, Denise. I'm currently at Episode 4.

I've still got Geography exam to study for but I lost the mood to study. After the math exam, I kinda lost the mood. But Geography's one of my favourite subjects so I'm still gonna put in some effort to do it.

So here's the list:

Things I flunked:
Design and Technology

Things I could have flunked:

Things I think I might pass but with not the marks I want:
Social Studies

As for the rest, I don't know. Sigh.

So to everyone out there, be glad that your are smart.

Something else:
DuchessSatineKenobi, pointed out that I shoud try to be more confident in myself so I'm going to be.


I'm gonna pass my Geography.. Is that confident, yet? Hehehee..

And I should get caught up with the Star Wars meme.

Day 9: Your favorite movie character
That would be Luke Skywalker. Totally Luke Skywalker. He's awesome. Simply awesome. It's like even normal everyday people can be something more. And the whole Death Star thing in Episode 4 was epic. Luke was totally the best there! He's possibly the coolest Jedi ever!

Day 10: Your favorite EU character
CORRAN HORN!! Yes yes yes! He's awesome! He's totally the best in the X-Wing series. He's so everything! I wanna be as smart as him someday! He's my inspiration. LOL. I'm his NUMBER ONE FAN!!!
I also do like Jaina Solo, Anakin Solo, Tycho Celchu, Wedge Antilles (I started becoming a fan of him after reading EU books), Grand Admiral Thrawn, Ooryl Qrygg, Mirax Terrik, and mainly the entire Rogue Squadron.

Day 11: Your favorite weapon
The lightsaber! DUH! Who wouldn't want a lightsaber! I want a green-bladed one. Green's my favourite colour.

Day 12: Your favorite non-human species/race
Hmm.. I like Wookiees, Gands, Mon Calamari, Chiss, Nautolans. Yep. I dunno which is my most favourite, though.

Day 13: The most memorable death
That would be Ton Phanan's in X-Wing: Iron Fist. I didn't think he'll die so soon. It was tooooooooooooooo sad!!! He was one of my favourite character's from Wraith Squadron. **sniff..**

Day 14: Your favorite EU novel
Um.. I like the entire X-Wing Series so it's hard to pick one.
X-Wing Series = Best thing ever!!

Day 15: Your favorite vehicle
The X-WING!!! Need I say more!! I love X-Wings! I want one so bad! X-Wing X-Wing X-WING!!!!

See y'all soon! I'm going to watch more Kobato! Byeeeee! And may be study some Geography later tonight.

Rogue Eleven out.

P.S. I might include pictures in the next post.

P.S.S. Thank you for following my blog, Rebecca! Now I've got 15 followers! YAY!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~!!! I hate my school so bad!!

Aaaaaaaargh. I'm feeling so awful now. It's just not fair.

I suggest --strongly suggest-- you not to read any further. I just want a space to express myself and be free. If what I'm about to say doesn't agree with you, then, well.. Many apologies but I want to express myself. After all, this is my blog. To prevent any disagreement, I suggest that you do not read it if you classify yourself in these categories:

1. Smart people.
2. People who think they aren't smart but are doing rather well in school.
3. True nerds.

So, once more, for your own happiness (?) I suggest you do not read what I'm about to type.

Wait! A bee just flew into my bedroom and I'm freaking out! HELLLLPPPPP!!!! Omg omg omg..!! Aaaaaaaah... Where's the bee. I'm so scared it'll come after me. It buzzed at my ear and I saw in fly by beforce dashing out my bedroom to my brother.

My brother is getting from bad to worse. He think's that he's so great, so smart, so everything. And when I ask him directly if he's as good as he says he is, he denies it. Then, why must he act so boastful like he knows everything?! Well, may be he is smart, unlike me. He does well in school, is good at sports and has many friends.

I wish I was smart. I realised that I'm not a nerd. I thought I was cos I passed most of my tests with the marks I like usually. And I'm pretty mucht he leader of our nerdy group. I don't think I should be in the nerd groups any more. No, don't get me wrong. I will never like sports. What I mean is, I'm not smart like my good friend Christy, who I suppose, considers herself to be in the group.

The main reason why I'm typing all this (trash to you) is because I think I flunked my exams. Seriously. I used to pass but now, my school makes the exams harder. I hate it! It made me realise how unintelligent I am. I just wish I could be smart enough, at least smart enough to go to a good school next year and learn Film Video. I really like Film Video it's so cool. But I'm not smart enough to do it. Sigh. If only, if only.

I feel so lost. I don't want to study any more for today. I just wanna read my Star Wars book, play Farmville, chat online, watch Youtube vids for an hour. I'm bored of trying so hard when I'm still gonna fail.

I know I failed maths. I just know it. And maths is needed to get into a good school and good lessons and whatevers. And my school made the Physics exam harder than it should be. It's so discouraging!!

I hate my school! I really hate my school now! I wish I was homeschooled again like when I was 4 to 6 years old. Yea, it's only 3 years and I was really little then, but I want to be homeschooled again.

Do you know what my school did to my brain?!! I feel like it's on overload! It'll short circuit sooner or later! Aaaaaaaargh!

sjvsapdv gwmu irgre u'er'ewue'eu'wu e'9rwu9wuw9 uww 'uew ue w'e y8t 8yrewyw 308t[yw5 08y 80w5 yw5 wy5w hy!!!!!!!!!!

Ooops, sorry! I just fumed a little.. Or may be a lot. Sigh.

Are you still reading this? I hope not. Really.

1. My school makes us stay back after school for stupid, dumb extra lessons where what all the teachers would just give you revision papers! I'm already so sleepy at 2pm!! Stupids! And we are made to do those stupid thing from 3pm to 5pm. I'm half dead already!!

2. My school still gives us a lot of homework. And when I reach home at 6pm, my eyelids can barely stay open. This is all because school starts at 7am so I'm gotta wake up at 6am. Stoopid stoopid school! I hate the school! I will never ever support my school! It's the worst school ever! I wanna live in another country and be with all my friends. I wanna go church with y'all!!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~ *cries* Any way, by the time I reach home, I need to have dinner and shower and take a nap. My mum says that it's scary to see me sitting at the dinning table for hours on end and just staring into nothing. I just need to forgot everything cos my brain in already very packed.

3. This leads to point 3. I need a nap. My mum says so too. So I sleep for 2 hours. That is really little! I used to sleep for 4 hours before the school implemented such a crappy schedule. After all that napping and dinner and chatting with my mum and stuff, it'll be 10pm. Yes, 10 pm. And I've not done my homework. Brain is still very exhausted here. But I still try.

4. I'll do my homework till about 2am before sleeping and the whole process repeats itself.
SCHOOL, I ABSOLUTELY DETEST YOU! And sometimes, at 2am, the homework is still not finished! There's too much homework!! That's why I always hand in work late. And I lose a few marks and my grades for assignments drop a little.

5. I'm totally upset right now. Typing this is upsettling me but I need to let it out!!! My school wasn't like this in the past. I dunno what happened to it. Someone, some important dude must have messed up the management of it. That dumb chicken!!!!

co;ewvngol;dsvn aerhgieurhpigerhgiuoper greh hgwir hgoirehgoerhgioerqph gipqhgoipwerh giuhgihegqh uhr heh etw geth hr h; erh er e eh gehwh thtr;ssguioeedvc nfdhvjbkc nfvbffih vkcmgfbij k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woops!! >_< Aaaargh! *sobs*

And what's the result of all that awfulness?

1. No time for my favourite reality shows like Survivor and Amazing Race and American Idol and so many more. I've watched at least 80% of each season of whatever show it is I like before this stoooooopid extra lessons thing started. Now I can only watch about 40%!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!! My reality TV!!!! How could you?!!!?!??!! Why??????!!!

2. No time to draw my comics! THIS IS SERIOUS! My dream is to be a comic artist and I want to publish my original comic by December this year. But because of my school, I've no time to draw or edit or write the dialogue!!! AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! *Loud crying sound* I'm behnd time by 40 pages!!! I could actually draw in the weekends but there's weekend homework! I feel like burning all the homework. Complete combustion!!! It'll give you carbon dioxide and water! HAHH!! I didn't learn about combustion in the extra lessons. I LEARNT IT AT HOME. Now I think about it, I want imcomplete combustion. I want it in the vice principal's and principal's house!!!!!!!!!!!

dpwhgiopdashgovfdn asdlsakd; ks ckv k ckjcx ;c k;xkxck vkcx dkcx. kcx bjkcxb kxc kam.V jksd;a vkx kx bakabs;k k;dfkdjn khkhghgr luihohig;orroqwi h;hgnrvek dxchb knvmbv mcoi ila'soi a-er9guje8950q796489wy78hw4tbiojk fvmchb km,bheinomdk blvcbjeotpmd lkvc,jbepdfk mxlcv,gj-wropvdnkx cl,mjr-bepdfnk xlvc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like my life has been taken away. I want back my freedom! I want to draw my comics!!


Exams isn't everything. It ain't the whole world. I'm gonna be a comic artist and a writer one day! I know I will! I'll show the world or at least where I'm at that I can be successful in my own way.

This weekend I WILL draw my comic and finish up the scene where the baddies attack.

I'm going to write a Code Lyoko fanfic once I've seen every single episode. And may be another Oban Star Racers one. Hmm, a Star Wars one?

I'll be awesome! Y'all shall see. And I wanna migrate away~ FLY!!!! (Serious.)

This is for all the people in my school and schools doing similar zoopid things:
1. I'm going to skip those dumb extra lessons and I got my mum on my side! My mum is such a pro that she can teach me maths, english and many more AT HOME! I don't need stupid lessons where I learn nothing and wate my time away. I'd rather learn something and make good use of my time.

2. I'll prove everyone that exams is not everything. Never throw your talent away.

3. I'm going to take a nap and wake up for Code Lyoko on TV.

4. (Point 3 lead to point 4) I WILL WATCH MY TV WHEN I LIKE! Couch potato power! Hah! YAY!

5. I forgot to mention that I have less time to read my Star Wars books because of all that. SO I WILL READ WHEN I WANT TO, WHEN I LIKE TO!

One last thing, my school organised some idiotic motivation workshop (it's crap) that will be in my holidays. And it's a normal school day till 9pm. 9pm!!!!! And for 3 days!!!! Stoooooooooooooooooopid!!

sd;hoashv;whaovheoi;avhos;dhvo;dhasfvsdvn nbb db djsfbvvsabjv adsbvbas


My plan is to have fun, go hyper and just lay back and slack during the motivational workshop. Ya know, my sources tell me that the motivational workshop will do things to make you cry. HUMPH! I'm stronger than you think! I'll never ever show my weakness!

I feel like I'll having a war with the school. *laughs histerically.. not.*

So to all my friends and classmates who read this. I just gave you a tip that the motivational workshop's people hurts your feelings and what you believe in bad. I'm not sure how it'll help but may be it'll help you somehow.

Okay, for the casual reader, you must be thinking that my sources are fake cos a motivational workshop is suppose to motivate you not destroy you. Well, I tell y'all this: one of my sources did cry in the workshop. Actually she told me that many people cried too.

Another tip is the 'motivators' will use things you would never one to think about ever and they make you think about it.

Okay. The more I type the angrier I get. I think my school hired 'em motivators to help us see the world in a clearer light or make us realise stuff. That's suppose to be beneficial but I disagree with their harsh methods.

I dunno. I know y'all don't believe me when I tell you this. But it's okay. I don't think anyone here understands my anger and frustrations but's it's alright. I want to sleep already.

Are you still reading this? Ohh man...

See ya later. And, may be, I'll still try to study for me Principles of Accounts exam tomorrow.
Rogue Eleven out.

P.S. I'm scared of the motivation workshop. LOL..

P.S.S. I think I'll bring my X-Wing book to calm myself.

P.S.S.S. I miss last year. It was so wonderful last year.

P.S.S.S.S. The human race is deteriorating. Sad.

Have fun, everyone! May the Force be with you!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 8: Your Favourite Movie

Hey y'all, I'm back! Eeep, Chemistry I soo hard. I left 6 and a half chapters to learn though!! YEA! And I pretty much understand physics, since it's my 2nd favourite and POA is simple.. But Design and Technolgy is soooo difficult to understand. I can't just memorise blindly cos I'd fail but I don't get it.. However, I really enjoy the designing part. I'm still making a Star Wars display for lightsaber hilts and comics and novels! Yay yay yay!!

I better finish this post fast cos I'm gonna be needing the time to learn those 6 and a half remaining chapters (there were 17 at first) and some physics and a little maths.

So Day 8 is asking for my favourite movie.

Hmmm... I can't decide. I like all of them. REALLY ALL OF 'EM ARE SO AWESOME! I love the Battle of Naboo in Ep 1, the whole Geonosis thing in Ep 2, the entire Ep 3, the Death Star battle (Luke rules) in Ep 4, the Hoth battle thing in Ep 5 and the Death Star II battle in space (Go WEDGE!!!) in Ep 6!!

I like all of them!! So I'm going to use the results of the poll.

It's Ep 5: The Empire Strikes Back! I love this Episode!!!!! Like like like like! (Seriously, I like this episode). Wedge was awesome on Hoth!! Weeeeeeeeee!! Wedge fan here! Wedge Wedge Wedge!! If I'm not wrong, he was one of the founders of Rogue Squadron! AWESOME!!

Ohh man, this seems to have become a Wedge Fandom post.

What I like about Episode 5 is what I said above and the awesome lightsaber duel between Darth Vader and Luke. Nice! But I was sad about Luke's arm. Darth Vader's a meanie! Hmph.. But he's one of the best Siths ever!! And Luke's the best Jedi ever. Yea, he is. Duh, he started the New Jedi Order. Where would the galaxy be without him?

And it became a Luke Skywalker Fandom post. Woops.

Any way, ESB is one of my favourites and it'll always be one forever! STAR WARS IS AWESOME!!!!!! Aaaaaaaah~ *Faints of fangirl-ness..*

See ya, humans and humanoids and droids and aliens.

P.S. Did I mention that Ooryl is sooooo coool?!! He is!!

Rogue Eleven Out!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Woah~! I've been tagged again!

I've already done the Star Wars Meme for Day 7 so I'm gonna reply to some tags in this post.

This is actually me break from Chemistry overload. It's sooo hard to remember everything.. I love the mum, she said "Yer tried your best." And she asked me to call her the Grand master of the Jedi Council after that. LOL. I did eventually cos I call her 'Yoda' most of the time. She think that Yoda is better that "Mum". Interesting but Awesome.

Okay, Futurejedigirl0202, gave me this award! I'm so happy and thankful! I didn't think I'll get two award so soon! Here's the award:

Thanks Futurejedigirl0202!! I feel awesome! XD

I pass this on to Ley Firewalker, Endor and Barriss Offee.

She also tagged me in some Wedding tag. I'm not gonna get married but I'll still do it, just in case I meet my Corran Horn. (Yes, I'm obsessed. Get on with it.)

1. The groom:

Two words: CORRAN HORN. He's gotta like Star Wars and tolerate 24 hours of Star Wars talk per day.

He's gotta be a Starfighter pilot and look dashing (Yessss!!). He's gotta take me across the night sky in his starfighter and we are gonna see the universe together. And we'll visit the Babylon 5 and meet Londo Mollari and touch his awesome haircut (Gosh, Centauri..) And uncover the secrets of the Vorlons together. I'm a MAD BABYLON 5 FAN. And we'll get to see the Minbari up close. OMG!!! Duh, I'm a Sci-Fi geek. Back to Star Wars. He's teach me how to pilot and X-Wing and he'll have many squadron members that are my friends too!!

2. The Place

In the hanger of a Starship with the magnetic field shielding us from the coldness of space beyond. I'm not lying. I have faith in our Earth technology to make my weirdest Sci-Fi dreams come truth.

3. The Song

Either Rock music or Country music. The opening theme will be Star Wars and in between songs there'll be the Imperial March and Battlestar Galactica and Code Lyoko. Not forgetting 'A Chance to Shine' the Oban Star Racers theme. That is a must have!! And I want Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer to be blasting from the speakers and we'll all GO WILD!!

4. The dresses

No dresses. We wear: Jedi!! My Corran Horn with wear what Rogue Squadron pilots wear (OMG.. They are sooo handsomein their flight suits. OMG!!!!!) and I'll wear a Jedi costume. And the crowd and audience shall dress up as characters and species from Star Wars, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Oban Star Racers, V, Alien VS Predator, Space Battlestar Yamato and many more Sci Fi movies!

I'm not lying when I typed this. I'm perfectly serious. Sci-Fi has influenced me a lot in my life and has always been a part of me. I love Sci-Fi! I'm a Sci-Fi nerd and I'm proud to be one.

I tag:

Barriss Offee

Ley Firewalker (You've probably done it but I'm lazy to check.)

Amanda 政宗 しろき

Denise Ikuto Faith

And anyone who passes by my blog (You passerby, have to do it. LOL.)

Gotta go! Bye!

Rogue Eleven out..!

Day 6: Your Favorite Political Entity and Day 7: Your Favorite Creature

Aaargh! I missed another day again. Woopsie. I was studying Chemistry, ya see.. There's 17 chapters to learn. Can ya believe it!! And there's still Physics and Maths and POA and Design and technology. Eeeeeep, I'm dyin' of exams... Aaaaaaaah~!

So I missed a day. Awwww.... Right.. It's 1am and I'm awake cos I'm staying up to try and learn 2 more Chemistry chapters so that I'll have more time for other stuf tomorrow.

I actually did a random drawing yesterday (it's not Star Wars this time) but I'l post in here perhaps tomorrow if I'm online.

Another thing, I need to post this reminder so that I'll remember to do it:
Harvest my crops in Farmville (on Facebook) at 12:57pm later today.

I know, I sound obsessed but two of my Star Wars friends on Facebook is playing it so I'm just playing so that I can relax and send them free game gifts to keep up the friendship. And one of them who plays is Wedge Antilles. I LOL-ed!!! He's level 24 too! Whahahaaaaa... I wonder if the rest of Rogue Squadron uses Facebook. That'll be cool. I found Tycho Celchu, 3 Jaina Solo, 2 Jacen Solo, Wes Janson, Tahiri Veila, Leia Organa Solo, about 4 Han Solo, 3 Luke Skywalker and SO MANY MORE~!! There's a whole world online world of friends on Facebook! So awesome. It's all thanks to Padme Naberrie for adding me as a friend. That's how I got to know the rest.

Now for the Star Wars memes:
Day 6: Your favourite political entity

That would have to be the Rebel Alliance.

The Rebel Alliance is sooooooo freakin' good! The Empire is soooo huge but they managed to defeat it. That's sumthin' alright. And if the Rebel Alliance didn't exist, the galaxy would be livin' in darkness forever!!! And Rogue Squadron wouldn't have been created if the Rebel Alliance didn't exist.

I <3333 the Rebel Alliance! IT RULES!!!!!!!!

And I'm a Rogue Squadron fan, Luke Skywalker fan and X-Wing fan because of it!

Now for Day 7's meme: Your favourite creature

Hmm... I like the umm.. The.. I'm not sure.. Let's see.. Errrrhh...
I like what's the Admiral Ackbar's fishbowl. Yea, this is. I know he has a pet in his room. He does.

I think I remember seeing a little bit of it in a comic or read it as part of the descriptions in a book. But I'm quite sure he has a pet. It shows that Ackbar can be a military commander and take care of little pets in his fishbowl.

P.S. His fishbowl is really cool. It's a floating ball of water or something like that. Very cool.

I gotta go now! See y'all later or tomorrow or whenever possible!

Bye peeps! Gotta fly. (I soooo need an X-Wing now. I want one soooooo bad!!!!!)
Rogue Eleven out!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 4: Your Favorite Moment To Mock and Day 5: Your favourite Pirate

OMG..! I'm sorry people and aliens (are there any?)!! I had seriously no time to use the computer yesterday! I was busy studying up I can for my Social Studies and Maths Exam today!!

I only learnt 3 out of 7 chapters for Social Studies. It was like gambling. I have a very bad memory and I can't seem to store useless stuff in my head. Social studies just doesn't interest me. It's all so boring. Sorry, history fans. I'm not a "In 1970s.. The Blah blah blah" recite to you everything kinda person.

Well, what I calculated was that the 2 out of 5 chapters I learnt from last year's syllabus who come out. That means I had a 40% chance of the question coming out.

(By the way, the Social Studies paper only tests you on 1 chapter even though you gotta learn 7. I think it's stupid. Poo doo..)

And the 1 out of 2 chapters I learnt for this year's syllabus means that that is a 50% chance that what I studying will be tested.

Thankfully... 1 of the topics I studied came out!!!!!!!


Maths was okay. I think I can pass. May be get the mark I want? I dunno. But the paper was managable. I even finished on time... FOR THE 1ST TIME!! I've never finished my maths papers before! I can actually get extra time for my Maths and Science exams but I want to prove to the world that I AM EQUALLY AWESOME.

LOL. There's so many capital letters!! XD

Tomorrow til Monday is a holiday for most of my classmates including me cos my class do not learn Biology (I still wish it could learn Biology. It's my mum's favourite..) and Additional Maths.

Now for the Star Wars meme!

By the way..
I'm so sad -- SO SAD!!!!!-- that I could not be online yesterday to wish everyone "May the 4th be with yall". So this is for everyone:


Now for Day 4's meme question:
Your Favourite moment to mock?

It's not really a moment in the movie, it's a moment in real life. Something that occurs among Star Wars fans. JAR JAR BINKS IS UNDER-APPRECIATED. I'm mocking you, Jar Jar haters.

C'mon!! Where would the galaxy be without Jar Jar? I know that Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan and Yoda and Jaina Solo contributed definitely far more to the good of the galaxy than him.. He's might not be a main character but he does deserve some gratitude.

Yea, his clumsy. But that shows that the galaxy is made up of all kinds of personalities. It translates to me that you should accept everyone for who they are.

He might be dumb to you Haters but remember what happened in The Phantom Menace? Jar Jar Binks was the link to the Gungan Army (is it an army thing?) that helped in the battle against the Battle Droids on Naboo!! And those little scenes of his clumsiness at handling the weapons (those bluish bomb-thingies)? His clumsiness produced a good outcome!

HA HA Jar Jar Haters, I still can't believe you can hate Jar jar after all that he did. He might be just a minor character but GIVE MINOR CHARACTERS A CHANCE TO SHINE!!

I'm mocking you haters.. What a laugh I had reading all you weird comments that are so insensitive to Jar Jar's feeling.

If Jar Jar saw them he'll be, "Mesa berry berry sadd...." Sob..

START APPRECIATING. It's about time.

(Hee hee.. I can't wait for Jar Jar to thank me for this!!)

Day 5:
Your favourite pirate?

There are pirates in Star Wars? Oh wait.. Are ya saying like the bad dudes that steal stuff for another person's ship in space?

This one is hard..

I wanted to say Cad Bane but he's a Bounty Hunter which is different from a pirate though both work for credits.

I know!!

The random group of Imperials that raided a random New Rebublic base in the middle of who knows where!
And they went, "Arrrgh, ya mateys. I ain't gonna take yer lives if yer gimme the gold!"
And the poor people at the base (including X-Wing Pilots. Nooooo..!! Not X-Wing Pilots! :'( Ohh!!) would reply, "Take it!! And scram! Mon Mothma is going to hear about this!"
And the baddies draw swords or vibroblades or whatever and a huge battle ensues.
Of course the New Republic wins (Duh!!).

What the-- Do I see an incredibly short Star Wars fanfic up there?? LOL.

It that pirate-y enough? Hahahaaaaaa.......

Now for other stuff..
I realised stuff recently and I wanna voice out. You can choose not to read it. It could be a whole load of rubbish for yall..

My dad and I don't talk. It's okay. I don't mind. He was horrible to me when I was young. But I forgive him even though I can't forget. I get nightmares once in a long while but it's really okay. I don't feel that I'm at a disadvantage in any way. It's been like this since forever. I can handle stuff without him.

I'm not close to my grandparents. My grandma dislikes me because I'm not the perfect whatever that she wants. This is me. If ya don't accept it it's your lost. She, like my dad was terrible to me. I don't get nightmares but I unknowingly used to obey everything she says just so she would stop hating me at least. But that was before I realised so many different perceptions, so many possibilities of everything around me. Well, I just stopped being a minion one day. I stood my ground and I never regretted it. She almost completely ignores me now but I'm independent. I can rely on myself. And any way, ultimately, ya can't stop me from being who I am.

I trust all the friends I made here to tell yall this if you are still reading up to now. I hope you aren't. You'll probably go into 'pity-mode'. I ain't gonna be pitied anytime soon. The awesome doesn't need so many others to be with the top. Ya just need yourself.

I sound dumb.

There were many incidents I remember very clearly because I have a photographic memory. There was once when I was perhap only 8 or 9 when I was playing with my brother in my old bedroom. I accidentally pushed him off the bed and his arm ended up trapped in between something for a while. My dad found out and thought that he broke him arm and he totally did not listen to my explanations.

In truth, I actually fell with him and my left arm hit something very hard. Now I think about it, it must have been the sound the alerted my dad. My mum was at work, I think.

I seriously sound dumb.. Are you sure you are still reading?

Well, my dad took something and whacked my right knee and the skin split (it was a rather big split). WTH, man.. The scar has probably faded by now but I remember.

I had school the next day and my friends in class would know that I had this ugly thing on my knee that had the markings on a spankin' so I dug the wound wider to make it look like a cut from a fall. I know it's gross but, yea..

There are other incidents such that he would yell at me for nothing.

Like the time when I was eating fishball soup and I dropped a fishball on the floor by accident. I picked it up and was going to wipe the spill but my dad started howling like MAD. And I was like, "????????????" And he got crazier and crazier.. No one is perfect, man, seriously..

But I'm not angry now. He's actually changed for the better and he even tapes my Sci-Fi movies for me on the recorder. I still find it hard to talk to him but I'm trying.

My grandma is a different class. I still can't figure out most of it.

Gosh, you actually read that? Man, I'm sure you'd be thinking, "What horrors?!!" but like I said I don't really bother 'bout the past. It's about the future!! And I'm gonna be AWESOME.

LOL, ya know I still get the creeps when my friends ask if my dad could accompany me to wherever. Haha. I haven't thought of a suitable response yet.

I <3333 my mum, though! She's the best! She's the only one in my house who cares and she's just awesome! She's one of my best friends, actually! We share popcorn in the cinema, just the 2 of us at late night Sci-Fi movies in the cinema. We watch Code Lyoko together once in a while. We play with blankets! We dance around and jump around like crazy baboons and she's my guitar teacher, math teacher, everything teacher! Yay yay yay!!!

Hahahaaaaa... Now that was a lot of randomness. Sorry for wasting your time. But this is my blog. ;)

Have a great night or day!!!
And may the Force be with you!
Til tomorrow then!

Rogue Eleven out.

Corran!! <333333 <333333 <333333 to infinity!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's Code Lyoko episode was very meaningful. Loved it. And Yumi and fly, DAWG!!!! O_o :D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 3: You favourite Diva

Does Star Wars have divas?? Looks like I've not been paying attention to the singers and performers in Star Wars. >_< I'm guessing that you can find some in Jabba's palace, I think..

Something random I thought up:
Wedge sings in his X-Wing.. NOT!!!

Now for my usual... I had English Exam today! Eeeeeeeeek!!!! I'm so worried that my English teacher would penalised my paper and minus a few marks because I did not leave 3 lines after every answer to the questions?!!

It's 3 lines!!!

3 lines!!

I didn't know we had to leave 3 lines after every question!! The instructions said so but I didn't read them cos they are the same every year!!

**In a monotonous voice**

No handphones allowed.
Write in dark ink.
No highlighters.
No pooping (Just kidding.)

How was I suppose to know that we had to leave 3 lines?!!

3 lines?!!?!?!??!?!!

To think positively:
I'm just one student but if everyone in the school leaves 3 lines, there be a lot of wastage of paper! SAVE THE TREES! STOP GLOBAL WARMING!! What are people doing to our precious homeworld?!!

This is why our Earth is dying! Please, the Earth is your home. Save it! LOL do I sound desperate. Hahahahaaaaaa....

After the exam, I went around asking if anyone did indeed leave the 3 lines. 40% of my friends did not.

Thank you 40%. And that's Joshua, Mingiee, YiEr, HuiCi, etc..!! Planet Earth <33 you!!

I feel so random.

After school, Joshua, Mingiee and I took a walk to the area behind our school to buy drinks (Green Apple Bubble Tea is yummy!) and for Mingiee to borrow some religious books (He's so interested!!)

Then I went home and took a long 3 hour nap before wacthing Code Lyoko on TV! It's Episode 74 today! I especially liked today's episode. It's a little different from the rest of the episodes and it's a fresh change from the usual 'Save the Earth' and 'Deactivate Towers' sort of episodes.

In today's episode, a meteorite was about to enter the Earth's atmosphere and destroyed the Factory (their hideout thingy...) and the School. I'm not gonna say more. Yall should try watching it! Code Lyoko rules!! Loved the twist in the story towards the end. And the animation (especially the meteorite) looked more detailed today! It could be because the episode had a little Sci-Fi in it.

(Mesa + Sci-Fi = Couch Potato Geek~!!)

I'm having a little bit of cold now. I hope it gets better.

See yall soon!

P.S. I've got no school tomorrow because it's mother tongue / second language exam! (I don't learn that! YAY!!)

Now to learn my Social Studies.. >.<

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 2: Your Favourite Villain!

Today's the 2nd of May!! Time for another day of Star Wars meme (and a little bit about what happened today)!! YEA!!

We were suppose to watch Thor in the cinemas today but my mum realised a few ago that she had night shift. Sad...

So now I'm cooped up at home. It means more time to memorise my Social Studies and learn my maths (Aaaaaaaaargh maths) for the coming exams. :) Now I really feel nerdy! But I don't feel like starting on that yet so here I am, posting for your entertainment and whatever.

One more thing...
I would like your opinion on this.
Can you tolerate people campaigning outside your home? Is it noise pollution to you whenever they announce whatever they are announcing that has nothing to do with you on their speakers/microphone/loud radio system?? If if annoyes you because they do that 5 to 6 times a day, what do you do to cope with it??

Please give you suggestions. That is currently happening at my neighbourhood and I cannot study, do maths, read "Dark Force Rising", and all my other daily activities which requires peace and quiet. I normally can do stuff in a noisy surrounding but this is campaigning is really annoying me. It could be because they are repeating the same few sentences everytime. Aaaaah..! It's been going on for about a week, according to my brother.

To block out the noise, I've been listening to music fromn Youtube on my laptop and handphone.

Oooh oooooooh, I know! Why don't y'all recommend to me good music! (Preferrably, country. I like country musics! <3333)

Thanks everyone!! :D

Day 2: Your favourite Villain

I've hear of Darth Bane and Darth Revan (is it??) but I've had no chance to read more about them because I can't find the books in the bookstore. But from what I hear from other Star Wars fans, these two Siths are rather Awesome. So there is a possibility that Darth Bane and Darth Revan could become some of my favourites.

I'm just giving them thumbs ups to be fair because I think that Darth Vader is THE best villain.

Yup. Vader is the best. Where would Star Wars be without him!

Here's like what a normal person should know.

Like in this, or example:

Random prank caller: Horrrr Shuuu.. Horrr Shuuuuuu **Darth Vader breathing sounds on the phone**
Me: Man, stop behaving like Darth Vader.
Random prank caller: Star Wars-- **Hangs up the phone**

That happened. It shows that anyone knows who Darth Vader is at least. It's basic knowledge!

I especially liked it when Darth Vader still had some good left in him and came back to the light side!! I really like that part in Episode 6! (I did not like it when he had to die but I excepted it cos that's how the story goes..)

So DARTH VADER IS THE BEST!!! No arguments! Darth Vader, woot!!!

Gotta go now! See ya'll for Day 3 tomorrow!
Um.. one more thing, I'm having my English exam tomorrow and I hope to get a 70+ for it! Pray please! Thank you!!

Rogue Eleven out! May the Force be with you!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 1: Your favorite character

Please read the previous post I just posted a few minutes ago before reading this one.

Today's post will be about the first day if the Star Wars Meme. I know the website says, "1st August 2010" or something about it being posted in August but it's still cool to do! Another Star Wars fan on the SWU is doing it too, so why not? It'll be awesome!

Before I start on "Day 1: Your favourite Star Wars character", I want to show y'all something and post about my weekend.

Something random that happened yesterday...

Wait for it..



Okay, that was really random. LOL.

Today, my brother, Alfie decided to take one of the limes (I think it was Mummy Lime) from the kitchen table to clean his Wushu sword. He said that his Wushu instructor told him that lime juice can remove rust. Interesting... And he took Mummy Lime away!! I yelled, "Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!" and he thought that I was insane. XD

I spent the weekends studying. Nothing much.. I did go to the newly open park near my house with my mum and Alfie in the evening today. It was so peaceful! If I looked to the right while on the bridge, there'll be an endless stretch of trees!! The scenery rocks!! I'll get pictures the next time I'm there!! (I forgot to take some even though my phone was in my pocket the whole time. Eeep..!)

We went to McDonald's after that for dinner and my brother and I were fasinated with dead flies. It's not me!! Alfie started it. He said that there were a lot of dead flies on the window sill and I took a peek and he went on about it. Hahahaaaa...

I bought some pens on the way home. Durians too. Yum.. I know almost everyone says that durians stink and whatever but I think they actually taste quite good. My taste buds are "alienized", may be. :P

Now for...

Day 1: Your favorite character

Are you talking about my favourite from the movies? My all-time favourite? Or favourite from the EU??

My all-time favourite would be CORRAN HORN!!

He is sooooooo cool! I dreamt of him this morning! He's so perfect in my eyes!! He's so talented at the controls of an X-Wing and he's so skilled in lightsaber combat and everything!! Corran corran CORRAN!!!

Excuse me.. This is *ahem* fangirl moment!! *Ahem...*

I was so mesmorised by his awesomeness when I first read X-Wing Rogue Squadron (the best Star Wars book EVER!!). He's super talented!! I like his personality! That's what a guy should be like! Totally!


Fangirl moment in process...

I've told my friends who've asked me if I want to date or have a boyfriend so something similar that he has to be like Corran Horn!! Yessssssssss!!!

Mum: Are you obsessing about Corran again? *rolls eyes and walks away*

Any way, because of him, I've begun to appreciate pilots more. Yup, I have. I've officially became a Rogue Squadron fan and a Pilot fan!

By the way, Corran is 167cm tall. That's 15cm taller than me. (How is that even relevant to this post. LOL..!!!)

Corran Horn will always be my all time favourite! He's so mature and he has such a strong character!! <3

I learn life skills from him, do ya know?

At this point, my classmates and school friends would probably think that I'm crazy. 0_o


That's my post for Day 1, guys!! Now you know that I'm this crazy about him.

Bye!! Have a great day or night everyone!

Rogue Eleven out!

P.S. I seriously dreamt of Corran last night. <3333!!!

I found a new Meme to do!!! Woots~!!

Hey everyone!! I found a link to this page on this awesome site/blog, from a link in the Star Wars Underworld (Love the SWU!!! Best Facebook page ever!!).

Any way, it's a Star Wars Meme and I'm gonna do it for the month of May which is Star Wars month as some people like to say!! It's definitely keep me posting because I'm going to be very busy witht he exams in school. This'll be some sort of de-stress-inator too. (My friend, Christy came up with the word 'de-stress-inator' ^__^)

30 Days of Star Wars
Day 1: Your favorite character
Day 2: Your favorite villain
Day 3: Your favorite diva
Day 4: Your favorite moment to mock
Day 5: Your favorite pirate
Day 6: Your favorite political entity
Day 7: Your favorite creature
Day 8: Your favorite movie
Day 9: Your favorite movie character
Day 10: Your favorite EU character
Day 11: Your favorite weapon
Day 12: Your favorite non-human species/race
Day 13: The most memorable death
Day 14: Your favorite EU novel
Day 15: Your favorite vehicle
Day 16: Your favorite planet
Day 17: Your favorite romance
Day 18: Your favorite scene
Day 19: Your favorite era
Day 20: Your favorite Star Wars spoof
Day 21: Most memorable John Williams music
Day 22: Your favorite droid
Day 23: Your favorite Jedi
Day 24: Your favorite force power
Day 25: Your favorite cartoon adaptation
Day 26: Most heart breaking moment
Day 27: Most heroic moment
Day 28: Least favorite moment
Day 29: How would you introduce a new comer to Star Wars
Day 30: What would you like to see regarding the future of Star Wars

I'm gonna start on Day 1 in a few minutes!! Y'all should do this too!!!!

See ya! Rogue Eleven out!