Monday, March 21, 2011

"Mesa sad and Fanart" Post

So the best time of the year has come to an end. The March holiday's are over.

A great time of the year that sadly finishes the moment I wake up later in the morning for school. I don't feel like going back to studying and facing exams and all those stressful, unpleasant stuff but that's how thing go so ya gotta, ya know?

The end of this holiday also spells a lot of things that I don't wanna experience again. I don't wanna have to stay back after school for extra lessons MONDAYS TO FRIDAYS?!!! And still have plenty of homework to do when I reach home every weekday at 6pm. Perhaps my school thinks that people can study 24 hours for 7 days all the time. But that's not me. I can't do that. I tire easily. My brain tires easily.

Eeek. I sound whiny but I want to express the unhappiness that will creep into my life in 7 hours.

The teachers who planned this whole extra lessons thing has got to be insane. My brain can't learn for 8hours straight. Seriously..

And they expect us to do our homework and revision at home?! I have a life... I have a comic to draw. Those teachers might think, "Your comic and art are not as important as the big exams this year!!"

They are partially wrong. The exams are really important, of course. But so is my comic. Art is the only thing I can do well in. I wanna make a name for myself and if I don't start now, when will I ever start to move forwards, towards where I wanna be?

I need time to draw. I don't keep drawing the same way all the time. I make small improvements along the way. It's true. I sat down with my friends about a month ago and showed them a mini-comic I did 1 year ago and a comic I did in December last year. They said I made a lot of improvement.

That ought to be something, right, teachers??

But I'll keep on doing what I do!! YEA!!


Cos the minute ya stop doing what you do, you are no longer yourself. That's what I always believe.

Now for the good part about my post!!

A sneak peak at my comic. It's a little blur..

I tend to rush a little with the drawing of each frame/box thingy in my comic because there is quite a number of scenes to draw so it's quite a waste of time to concentrate on a particular scene for too long. But I make sure that the drawing is still clear and good enough to understand the picture.. I'm sure the editors will help me with the improvements to scenes and such any way.

Now for the Star Wars fanart!!!

It's Corran (left side) and Wedge (right side)!!

(You'll need to click on the picture to see it more clearly cos my handphone's camera isn't working well today..)
Corran <3
I drew them from during the Rogue Squadron novels. Are the X-Wings nice??
Gotta go sleep so that I'll have enough energy for school tomorrow.
Rogue Eleven out..
P.S. I'm asking my mum to talk to my school teachers about letting me skip one extra lesson every week and my mum agrees with me about it. She said that "If it tires you, don't go." My mum rules!!
Bye for now!!
Please help me with my Design and Technology project!! I need it in 17 hours!! Please help!!!

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  1. :D I helped!!!!!! :D Those look great!!!!! ;) You're such an amazing artist!


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