Sunday, May 1, 2011

I found a new Meme to do!!! Woots~!!

Hey everyone!! I found a link to this page on this awesome site/blog, from a link in the Star Wars Underworld (Love the SWU!!! Best Facebook page ever!!).

Any way, it's a Star Wars Meme and I'm gonna do it for the month of May which is Star Wars month as some people like to say!! It's definitely keep me posting because I'm going to be very busy witht he exams in school. This'll be some sort of de-stress-inator too. (My friend, Christy came up with the word 'de-stress-inator' ^__^)

30 Days of Star Wars
Day 1: Your favorite character
Day 2: Your favorite villain
Day 3: Your favorite diva
Day 4: Your favorite moment to mock
Day 5: Your favorite pirate
Day 6: Your favorite political entity
Day 7: Your favorite creature
Day 8: Your favorite movie
Day 9: Your favorite movie character
Day 10: Your favorite EU character
Day 11: Your favorite weapon
Day 12: Your favorite non-human species/race
Day 13: The most memorable death
Day 14: Your favorite EU novel
Day 15: Your favorite vehicle
Day 16: Your favorite planet
Day 17: Your favorite romance
Day 18: Your favorite scene
Day 19: Your favorite era
Day 20: Your favorite Star Wars spoof
Day 21: Most memorable John Williams music
Day 22: Your favorite droid
Day 23: Your favorite Jedi
Day 24: Your favorite force power
Day 25: Your favorite cartoon adaptation
Day 26: Most heart breaking moment
Day 27: Most heroic moment
Day 28: Least favorite moment
Day 29: How would you introduce a new comer to Star Wars
Day 30: What would you like to see regarding the future of Star Wars

I'm gonna start on Day 1 in a few minutes!! Y'all should do this too!!!!

See ya! Rogue Eleven out!



  2. I AM SOOOO GONNA DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDD Thanks Andriee!!!!!

  3. LOL I think I'm going to do this too! Now I'm doing two memes LOL!

  4. I might try it if I have time XD

  5. Y'all should do it!! It's gonna be a lot of fun if we all do it together! Thanks for commenting and May the Force be with you!!!


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