Thursday, April 21, 2011

My First Fanfic!!! YAY!!

Here's the Oban Star Racers fanfic I promised y'all a week ago.

Before I continue I just wanna type the disclaimer thing to play safe. So OSR isn't mind (duh) and I'm just a crazy fan with a fanfic. Of course OSR belongs to the awesome creator of it all and the companies and what-nots that made OSR what it is today.

P.S. Umm, Jedi~Chick, do ya still wanna do ya proofreading and stuff? It's okay if you don't since the planets and the galaxy I'm writing in is probably unfamiliar to you. :)

And.. This is my second post today so please read the first if you want to.


Molly stared up into the overcast sky of Oban, with a forlorn look on her youthful face. Shadows filled the interior of the floating structure she was on. Dozens of kilometres below her lay and endless stretch of jungle that met the horizon beyond.

As she sat cross-legged at the edge of the floating structure used by the Earth team to house their star racer, she let out a heavy sigh. Suddenly, her goal seem so far away. She thought about the races they have been losing ever since they won their ticket to Oban as the dark clouds moved closer together to hide the remaining sunlight left. Failure fell heavy on her shoulders. She could not afford to lose another race. This was the only way to get her family back together again.

Just as she was about to hide her unhappiness and herself away from the world, a voice spoke up from behind her.

"Molly? What are you doing?" Jordan's sillouette asked from somewhere back in the shadows, "The race is going to start!"

Startled by Jordan's presence, she managed to gather herself up. She turned to the shadows to face him.

"Well, I.." Molly's mind searched frantically for a response, "Jordon--"

Jordon slid out from the darkness, grabbing Molly's hand and giving it a slight thug, he lend her inch by inch towards the stairwell. Nearing the stairs carved out of whole structure which was decorated with fainted carvings, he caught a short brief glimpse of her face.

"Hey, cheer up! It's time for some racing. We'll be one step closer to the ultimate prize. C'mon."

"Yea.. You're right. But it's just that--"

"No 'buts'! Molly, we are going to win this thing. We came here for a reason so I suppose you have one too."

"Okay, " Molly replied, feeling her resolve to win the ultimate prize gaining in strength.

As both of them trundled down the stairwell leading to the Whizzing Arrow, Molly let a slight grin creep onto her face. I'm not going to let the race start without me! Today's my day to win it!

Settling into the cockpit of the newly repaired Whizzing Arrow, she ran through the flight circuits. Giving one more glance at the engine lever at the controls, she whispered, "I'll win it, you'll see."

The floor beneath them opened up and the Whizzing Arrow plummeted into the atmosphere of Oban. She adjusting the power levels and steadied her hand on the controls as Jordon gave a yelp of excitement from the turret compartment.

With a strong fiery boost to the engines, they sped off into the distance, carrying with them the future of the Earth into the Great Race of Oban!

Done? Did ya like it? Please give me tips, suggestions, anything in the comments section!! COMMENT please!! I love comments!!! I want to improve my writing since this is the first time I'm writing something that's not a school essay. Thanks!! Comment guys! I'll try to comment back on your blog too if I got the time!!

Rogue Eleven out.

P.S. My second Fanfic might be set in the Code Lyoko timeline/period. Code Lyoko fanfic! YEAAAAAAAAAA!!!

P.S.S. For reference: My fanfic is set between Episode 15 to 18.


  1. :D Nice!!!!! That was really good!!!!!!!

    If you want me to, I'd be glad to!!! :) It would be unfamiliar to me, but I could read it for content and grammar/spelling sort of things. :D Just email me if you want me too. My email is on my 'contact me' page on my blog. :)

  2. Thanks. I dunno if I should ask you to proofread it or not because I don't want to bother you much. Glad you liked it, though. I hope to write more! Now I know why you and the others think writing is so much fun! :D

  3. Awesome!!! Love it!!! Very nice writing style!

  4. @Duchess Satine Kenobi: Thank you!! And thanks for that post you did on your blog about your fanfic. It encouraged me to put my fanfic here! :D


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