Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Jaina Solo Fanart

Hi! I'm gonna show yall more fanart today!! It's a Jaina Solo one! I took a picture of it before and after I added colour and I would like to hear/read your opinions about my colouring. I got to tell you that it's been ages since I did a proper coloured work with my colour pencils.


Hope yall enjoyed Saturday's fanart!

Rogue Eleven out.

P.S. The "Saturday Fanart" thing is not for every Saturday. I draw when I'm free! Thanks for viewing, by the way!


  1. It's really cute! You should post some of it to the Lakehouse sometime! And maybe post a tutorial :P

  2. Great job!! I wish I could draw like you Andriee. ;) I love your art!

  3. Joshua: Thanks.

    Endor: Yay! Soooooo glad you like it~!

    Amaranthine: Hmm.. I could try to post some there but I've got to figure out how to first. (I'm rather slow at fiddling with computer/ hi-tech tools. LOL.)

    Jedi~Chick: Aww... Thanks. I'm sure you can draw well too if you draw everyday. I use to be rather average at art when I first started drawing. And reading manga and watching anime or good cartoons do help. Yea~!! :D

  4. Thanks Leia! And may the force be with you too!


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