Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Swirling and Whirling

OMG! Things have been really hectic recently. So much has happened in a span of less than a week. I'm partly confused with the whole mess, it's all too overwhelming, I guess.

The most significant thing that happened was when my good friend (who's a boy) asked to be more than friends. I seriously was at a loss for words. I mean.. I dunno.

What was I suppose to say?

Before he told me his feelings, I always treated him as one of my many good friends. We used to be best friends when we first met but after a heated argument, we settled at just 'good friends'.

The whole situation actually contradicts itself, ya see.. Why does he say that he likes me at the beyond friendship level but made me so disappointed and betrayed barely a month ago? It doesn't match. The sources aren't accurate. Or may be the sources are and what I'm seeing in him is not what he truly is.

I'm trying to sort out my thoughts but they keeps getting jumbled up again. He also asked a friend of mine for advice. I can type out nearly exactly what he asked and what I answered:

The first thing he asked was whether I like him or not.
I just replied that he is a good friends and that I treasure his friendship.

Then he wanted to know what to buy for my on my birthday.
I said either a Star Wars book or something related to Sci-Fi.

He also questioned in a strangely polite way where I wanted him to take me on a date or something similar.
I said:
1. Space Observatory Centre to look up through a huge telescope into a night sky painted with stars.
2. To the cinema to watch a Sci-Fi movie.
3. A colony on Mars because I want to see how the Earth looks like from Mars.
4. A starship.
5. A Star Wars convention.
(I have bizarre dreams, I know.)

In addition, he asked where he ranked among my other friends.
I said that he was near the top with my other very close friends like "Mingiee", Jordon, "Dust", Denise "Ikuto" Faith, Amanda, "Nanana", Yi Er, Hui Ci, "Christy the V", "Lala" and a bunch of others.

Then he asked if I liked him more than a friend would and that's where I got stuck.

We still talk in school but I'm sure he wanted an answer from me soon. Hmmm... Time will tell.

Now, about the fanfiction I showed more than my aerage enthusiasism at writing... I haven't thought for any good ideas yet but I really want to write!!! So I think I'll try writing an orginal story first. I'm better at coming up with stories that take place in my own created world. I'll be Sci-Fi, I think. I actually want to start writing today. Now. NYAAAAHHHH~!!! **Random outburst of excitement!**

Okay, the reason why I'm showing interest in writing this year is because of my internet friends like Jedi~Chick and many more who write quite a bit. Another reason is because my good friend Dust is a great writer. My English teachers always gives him very high marks in essays and he is a really witty person that makes me giggle at random things. I wanna write like him someday. He is seriously very good. He can write about romance, action, thriller. Ya name it, he can really write it. If he ever becomes a writer in the near future, I'll definitely buy his novel!!

I'll try writing a little now.
See yall soon! Rogue Eleven out!


  1. Wow. That's.......big. ;) I hope everything works out! :D

    Aww. I'd love to see your writing! I bet you'll do great! I love to write, and I love to read fanfics too. ;) Good luck!! If you need any help, just let me know! ;)

  2. @Jedi~Chick: Me too. I actually like reading fanfiction too (I tried reading some to get inspiration)! Some of the writers are brilliant~!! :D

  3. acctually your friend of yours asked him to try after talking to him in chinese va


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