Tuesday, May 17, 2011

La La La.. What A Random Day.

**Do not read if you think I'm complaining again when all I'm doing is just stating the truth.**

Geez, I think my parents are numbskulls. They are numbskull for disliking average kids and teens. I don't have to be smart to be equal to my brother. Humph.. And I thought it was the effort you put in that counts.

I seriously feel like asking people like that to get a life. But that's too harsh so I shan't.

A few minutes ago, my mum woke up from her nap and started being mad at me for something totally nonsensical. She asked if I'd pulled the computer wire and judging by tone, she didn't sound too happy. But I didn't really mind her grouchiness and replied that I'd never pulled it before. That's because I've never did and it's to kinda reassure her that I would never pull it. I had no reason to be pulling it any way. Why would I pull a wire? Is it going to get me a unicorn? A dandelion?? Nope.

And she went berserk. Was I suppose to say I pulled it? That wouldn't make any sense. The logical thing to do is to not mind the wire since it's just a wire that's usually connected to the computer. Hmmm...

Then she started thinking that I'm accusing her of whatever of something. And I thought that perhaps she didn't hear what I said so I repeated what I said again. And she got more crazy. I don't get it. I know that right thing to do is not to pull the wire since she did tell me that before..

And soon after, she said that I should answer a 'Yes' or 'No' went she asked me something. Huh??? That's what I did. I told her that I never pulled the wire!! Whaaaaaaaat???

And she kept going on and on about answering with only a Yes or No. And she wouldn't leave the room.

I'm the sort of person who listens to logical things. It's understandable if it's logical. And you gain useful knowledge in the process. What I believed from this situation is that my mum did get her point across: Do not pull the wire (She mentioned it quite a number of times when she was going berserk). Other than that, I don't see any reason for her to pick on my speech.

From dictionary.com:
Never = not ever, not at all.
No = not at all.

They are synonyms!!!!

Recently, my mum has been behaving very oddly towards me--

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh! My mum just returned to my room and she kept talking on and on. It was hard to control my anger. But I did. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!

Any way, like I said, my mum has been behaving very strangely towards me. Constantly picking on a lot of things I do. And when I try to clarify or question her negative attitude towards me, she would get anger all over again. It stinks.

Not to be mean or anything like that but the word 'Douche bag' came into my mind several times when I was talking to her.

I want back my old mum!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccck!!!

This is why, the conclusion I came up with it that she is mad at me for not being as smart and she and dad, and my brother and my cousins. I'm also not as smart as most of my friends.

She's not gonna stop me though. I'll be awesome someday. I just know it! Ya wait and see!!

Okay, y'all can read now (unless you've actually been reading all along.. Aaaah~)

So today, I started revising for my exams again. I found out why I lost the mood to study when I was in the toilet yesterday. I love the toilet. It's the best place to think about things and to get new ideas for my comics.

Now for the Star Wars meme:

Day 16: Your favorite planet
Hmm. I like Corellia. It's Corran, Mirax, Han, Wedge and so many of my favourite characters' homeworld. I really like Corellia. I wish it was real so that I can fly there and meet cool people and stuff like that.

By the way..
I'm gonna learn how to make Corellian Ryshcate.
**Spoiler the people who have not read X-Wing: Rogue Squadron**
Mirax made for Corran some Corellian Ryshcate in one part of the book and I really like that scene/part!! <3
**End of Spoiler**
I want to make Corellia Ryshcate too! And give it to. Myself. Just kidding. I dunno.
Not sure what to substitute for Corellia Whiskey. That's gotta be hard.

Day 17: Your favorite romance
Ooooh! That's gotta be Corran and Mirax!! Haha. You would have expected that to come from a Corran fan, yea? :D
I also like Luke and Mara, Han and Leia, Tycho and Winter and Wedge and Iella.

Uhmm, I saw several times that many of my Star Wars friends on Facebook does Role-playing. They're names are Star Wars names like mine so I guess that's how they found me.

I really want to role-play with them! It looks like so much fun. I really want to join in as Jaina Solo since my Facebook name is Jaina Solo. But I've never talking to anyone except Anakin Solo before. I'm scared to join in because I'm not sure if I need their permission or not. :/

I was wondering if y'all could give me suggestions on how to approach them. They added me as a friend but we've never spoken to each other. Please leave your suggestions in the comments. Random suggestions is acceptable too!

See y'all later!!

Rogue Eleven out!

P.S. I really really want to role-play. I even know the codes. 'Ic' probably means 'in character' and 'Ooc' means 'Out of character'.

~Flies away~


  1. I love when Mirax makes the Ryschcate for Corran!!!!! I want to make some now, too..........

  2. Good luck eith your mom (yes I read that entire thing :p)


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