Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I ain't gonna go to no poopin' motivation workshop.

I'm sure what I want to say now. So I'll tell you what I did yesterday and today:

I went for the 1st day of the Motivation workshop yesterday and 70% hated it.

It's not like I made myself hate it. I just didn't like it. They gave only 30mins to eat lunch and another 30mins for dinner. I always take 45mins at home. During lunch I tried to eat faster than my usual and I choked on a strand of noodle. So for dinner I took my time to eat. I realised that I eat slower than everyone else. :'(

I found the talk partly boring because we had to sit in the same seat for more than 3 hours at one time. My bum hurts! And after 4 hours I couldn't concentrate any longer. So I doodled and chatted with my friends, Mingiee, Jingyi, Yiting and Joshiee (Joshua).

I'm listening to Rascal Flatts music now. XD LOL. After that, I'll listen to Brad Paisley and then Taylor Swift--

I have to mention that the 2nd instructor at the workshop doesn't like Taylor Swift and I was slightly pissed cos I love <333 her music!! He asked us to use his methods to memorise the 20 words and he picked this one guy in the class to say it in the correct sequence. That boy said it correctly, 'though a little bit slow. And the instructor asked him if it was satisfactory. He said yes and the instructor got angry. The instructor wanted that boy to say it correctly and quickly but I guess the boy couldn't but still tried his best.

I'm annoyed with that. I could only remember 10 words cos I have a bad memory and that dumb instructor said THAT to that boy?!! Asking him if it's satisfactory and getting angry when he said yes?!! This is a direct insult to people with bad memory! My mum agrees!


I think that the workshop sucks. I skipped today but Alina told me that many people cried today. Good thing I didn't go. I have to go tomorrow though. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!

I'll end the post here cos I'm in a strange mood and I feel like jumping around my room, playing the guitar (I'm learning a new song, "Today by John Denver!! Omg, I <333 John Denver's music!!) and drawing another fanart!! Eeeeep!


Lakehouse sisters FOREVER! :DDDDD

See y'all next tiem for more random ranting and hyperness and insanity from mee! :)
~I want Rogue Squadron to be the motivation workshop instructors not these goons~
Rogue Eleven out!!

Special shout out to my grand aunt and POA tuition teacher!
Grandaunt Bessie's birthday was yesterday and Jin Shan's birthday is today so...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You guys rule!!

P.S. I got back my exam results today and although I did badly, I know what need improving so I'm happy.~

P.S.S. I realised that I forgot to complete the Star Wars May Meme. O_o I'll do it in my next post.


  1. Sorry to hear that your workshop wasn't very fun. I can't believe that the guy actually got angry.

    Rogue Squadron pilots would make AWESOME worshop instructors!

    Have fun meeting Atina!

    That helps a lot to know what you need to work on. At least you can narrow down what you have to study. =)

    Have a great day!

    -Barriss :-)

  2. The blog post title made me laugh XD
    Have fun meeting Atina!

  3. Sorry about the workshop.

    Awesome, you get to meet Atina!!!!!!!!! Be sure to tell us how it goes!

  4. @Barriss; Oooh, yes yes!! Rogue Squadron pilots make the best motivational speakers ever!! And have a great day too!! :D

    @Futurejedigirl: LOL. Glad it did. XD

    @DuchessSatineKenobi: No prob! I'll post about it and all!! ^_^


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