Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ranting Again and Getting Caught Up on the Star Wars Meme

Hey y'all.. I'm back. Yep.

What have y'all been doing while blogger's been down? I've been sulking. It stinks. So I'm not gonna talk about it.

My mum's been weird to me too. Exams ruin everything, so it seems. All the more reason for me to improve my art and get my comic publish. If brains don't work, creativity and talent should.

This mornin', went I got up from bed -- it was 2:20pm, yep, I overslept again -- I overheard my parents planning what I should do next year after my classmates and school friends and I graduate. They were talkin' about me so I was curious (Who wouldn't be?) and I went over to hear whateva they were talkin' about.

They were talkin' about courses that needed really high marks to get in. And I just shrugged and said, "Those stuff? Too hard for me." And my dad probably replied something like, "If you try hard enough, you can do it."


But I realised why I probably flunked 'em.

It's probably cos of those stupid after school lessons I mentioned in my previous post. They took up all my time that I had no time to revise. So I made up my mind. I'm not gonna go for any more of 'em stupids. I'm not gonna care if the school gonna come and find me. I ain't gonna be a fool and waste my time.

My mum's gonna teach me some at home after school and I would probably have some tuition that will benefit me instead.

Man, I hate my school.

Other news:
I found this anime that's really cute. It's called Kobato. I heard about it frfom my friend, Denise. I'm currently at Episode 4.

I've still got Geography exam to study for but I lost the mood to study. After the math exam, I kinda lost the mood. But Geography's one of my favourite subjects so I'm still gonna put in some effort to do it.

So here's the list:

Things I flunked:
Design and Technology

Things I could have flunked:

Things I think I might pass but with not the marks I want:
Social Studies

As for the rest, I don't know. Sigh.

So to everyone out there, be glad that your are smart.

Something else:
DuchessSatineKenobi, pointed out that I shoud try to be more confident in myself so I'm going to be.


I'm gonna pass my Geography.. Is that confident, yet? Hehehee..

And I should get caught up with the Star Wars meme.

Day 9: Your favorite movie character
That would be Luke Skywalker. Totally Luke Skywalker. He's awesome. Simply awesome. It's like even normal everyday people can be something more. And the whole Death Star thing in Episode 4 was epic. Luke was totally the best there! He's possibly the coolest Jedi ever!

Day 10: Your favorite EU character
CORRAN HORN!! Yes yes yes! He's awesome! He's totally the best in the X-Wing series. He's so everything! I wanna be as smart as him someday! He's my inspiration. LOL. I'm his NUMBER ONE FAN!!!
I also do like Jaina Solo, Anakin Solo, Tycho Celchu, Wedge Antilles (I started becoming a fan of him after reading EU books), Grand Admiral Thrawn, Ooryl Qrygg, Mirax Terrik, and mainly the entire Rogue Squadron.

Day 11: Your favorite weapon
The lightsaber! DUH! Who wouldn't want a lightsaber! I want a green-bladed one. Green's my favourite colour.

Day 12: Your favorite non-human species/race
Hmm.. I like Wookiees, Gands, Mon Calamari, Chiss, Nautolans. Yep. I dunno which is my most favourite, though.

Day 13: The most memorable death
That would be Ton Phanan's in X-Wing: Iron Fist. I didn't think he'll die so soon. It was tooooooooooooooo sad!!! He was one of my favourite character's from Wraith Squadron. **sniff..**

Day 14: Your favorite EU novel
Um.. I like the entire X-Wing Series so it's hard to pick one.
X-Wing Series = Best thing ever!!

Day 15: Your favorite vehicle
The X-WING!!! Need I say more!! I love X-Wings! I want one so bad! X-Wing X-Wing X-WING!!!!

See y'all soon! I'm going to watch more Kobato! Byeeeee! And may be study some Geography later tonight.

Rogue Eleven out.

P.S. I might include pictures in the next post.

P.S.S. Thank you for following my blog, Rebecca! Now I've got 15 followers! YAY!!


  1. I hope you can keep on trying hard in school! :p
    Luke is awesome too :)

  2. I <3 Luke. And Mirax is SO COOL!!!! :D She and Corran are great together. ;)

    I hope everything works out in school! I'll be praying for you!

  3. @Futurejedigirl0202: Me too. I'll try to try hard. Unless it's "Do or do not, there is no try!" :D

    @Jedi~Chick: Yea!! Totally agree! They're one of my favourite Star Wars pairings! Thanks for praying!! ^__^


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