Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nooooooooooo... Not More Tests Again?!

Just some updates.

Next week is another one of those Common Test weeks where the whole week is filled with tests for every subject. Soooo.. Monday's gonna be for English and Geography.

For english, it's gonna be comprehension and I'm weak at that. I sometimes fail and I sometimes get a borderline pass. My compositions usually pull up my marks but looks like it won't be helping this time. I don't think comprehension can be studied cos there are millions (perhaps billions??) or possible passages the 'school-english-people-things-monkeys(?)' could choose to use for a comprehension. And one thing my friend, Clara and I agreed on was whatever you answer is always wrong. Even if you think it's right, it will always be wrong. It's like the answer for whatever it is is super elusive.

It's like the answer's right there floating with the chunks of Alderaan and when I try to take the answer, I end up taking rocks. And comprehension can't be studied it seems. So I think I'm going to use the Force real hard (Jedi kickin' style) for this one. Just a pass is good enough since I usually fail... Please please pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, I needa pass!

And it's having problems memorising the whole Natural Vegetation chapter. Apparently our Geo teacher was absent for many weeks (still not back yet, it seems) and there's this part in the chapter that I do not remember being taught. I'm quite sure that Mr Yuuuuu and the other relief teacher didn't teach it.. I really wonder.

Another update, a sad one.

Our fish died. He's called Jon Junior by the way because we used to own anther Jon before him. It's sad really because we've been having him for quite a long while and it's really sad to see him leave. Hope he rests in peace with all the previous fish we took care of. I'll really miss him because the tank will look empty without him.

Finally, gotta say I went Sith on my mum today because she scolded me nothing. I know what Wifi is, you doofus. And why should I pretend I don't and stand there hearing you force my dad to tell me what Wifi is?? I've got better things to do and you say I like wasting my life away? C'mon?! Be sensible and understanding and open your ears and clean your ear drums when I tell you stuff. And I got so angry that I ended up bending my pen into a U-shape. Serious. It was too darkside, I realise so I should stop doing that.

but I'm cool with my mum now so things and pretty much like they are before with her usual amount of nagging and my usual amount of rudeness when I can't stand it or when I feel irritable cos of other random stuff.

Okay, I needa take a shower now. Yes, it's midnight and I love late night showers! It's so refreshing and I sleep better.. If I don't have to memorise my geography again later...

Rogue Eleven out. (I realised that I put "Rogue Leader out" in my previous post when checking for new comments. That was an error, dudes.)
May the Force be with yall! Hope everyone does well for the Common tests! (See, I'm sooo kind!! Yay!)

P.S. I need a new pen. :0

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  1. :"( sad to hear your fish died whats its species btw


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