Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm Gonna Like Star Wars Til Forever!!

I'm a bit pissed with technological things because I really suck at anything that has advanced technology. You are probably guessing that I can't figure out how to get my picture from my phone into the laptop and finally to here. Well, guess what? You won a million dollars -- paper money. Hummmph..!! No pictures today then.

And there is another thing, this only occurred to me once and quite sometime ago but why do kids and people around my age memorise every minute detail of their handphone or MP3 or whateva?? I was taking the bus (the one that goes a loop before arriving where I need it to) when I met a very old friend. I met him when I was partying after school (cancel the partying part but I did have a hell lot of fun) at this student care centre when I was in Primary school. He was actually a fan of my awesomeness (Yea~). Cos I used to tell stories and draw comics for people there, gaining lots of fans in the process.

The thing is when I met him that day, he was so concerned about the model and brand of my handphone for a few minutes. The thing is I can't be bothered about my phone's ID thingy (whatever you call it cos I seriously ain't bothered) and type and whatever cos if you have a phone that functioning, enables you to message and call and perhaps some access to the internet then thats all I need. He was flippin' in the bus seat about I not knowing my phone model and whatnot.

And after he stopped freaking out, he went on to blabber about phone models with tons of codes and what could only be more numbers of more phone models, which I did not understand a thing about it all. I sounded like a doofus saying, "Mmm", "Ah", "Yup, "Uh-huh" like as though as it I knew all that. LOL.

May be, he is just obsessed with handphones like how I'm obsessed with Star Wars but that's not the point. The point is: he discouraged he from liking Star Wars. Yup.. He did.

I only have one thing to show you then:

"Why Star Wars is the best thing ever list"
  1. My classmates find liking Star Wars to be very cool thing cos I'm like no other girl in the class.
  2. Star Wars taught but a lot of social skills.
  3. Reading Star Wars books really improves my English, yea!!
  4. Reading Star Wars books gives me something to do in my spare time and my mum doesn't yell at me for idling my time away.
  5. I get to interact with other Star Wars friends on the internet.
  6. I use the time (about 10 minutes) walking from the bus stop to school imagining 'What if I were on Coruscant?' or something like that to pass the time.
  7. I doodle a lot of mini Star Wars characters on my worksheets, everwhere. And my classmates did notice and usually pick me to draw for the class in group and stuff. Contributing is funnn!!
  8. School is so much fun cos people in my school would always make lightsaber sounds or talk about Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan, etc.. When I'm within hearning range!!
  9. Star Wars helps me see that I don't exist alone in this whole galaxy, there are people around me too.

These are just some of the points in the list, but you get what I mean: Star Wars is everything that's important to ensure my survival. I cant live without Star Wars!

So if I should not like Star Wars that he should not memorise phone models.

That was... not what I wanted to post about but it ended up like that so I left it that way. Hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any comments about whatever you wanna talk about (that is not vulgar) leave 'em all in the comments!

Rogue Leader out.

P.S. The dude with the phone obsession is still my friend but I just wanna use the opportunity to tell yall how important Star Wars is to me because before I became a fan, I was quite a loser in school. Ain't gonna talk about that.

Have fun Jedi and Jedi Coucil Mattress Changers (someone has to change the mattresses, right?)

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  1. hehe and another point drwing star wars improve your ability to draw very nice and your creativity


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