Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm back from Mars!!!

Hey everyone! I finally have this long awaited chance to post again. I've been really, really busy!

This week brought me some happiness and some disappointment, of course. And I'm rather upset with my best friend. He made me so mad that I went all 'mature kid" on him. When I go mature kid on someone means that I speak more psychologically hard to understand that usual. I use it very rarely, though. But he made me so disappointed and now I kinda feel rather alone in this universe.


That was just one upsetting thing that occurred this week. I just wish he didn't fail every single subject. (I won't reveal his name so that his identify with be safe.) Okay.. It's the biggest, most horrible event that occurred this week. To keep a long story short, (Let's call him.. Umm... WET CEMENT. LOL. what kind of name is that..).

Any way, it happened when we got back our results for the term. Wet Cement discovered that he failed every single subject and his parents were freaking angry. Their anger is rather deadly, by the way. And now, Wet always tells me that he is busy or he can't talk. We used to talk quite a lot. And I don't understand why we can't talk much nowadays when I used to be the one telling him to finish his homework and study for tests. I don't understand the situation now but I believe and can come to the conclusion that Cement's parents are being sarcastic and annoying by constantly reminding him that "If Andriee can get 'A's, why can't you?!"

But that does not solve the problem of why we can't chat like normal. And his parents are mean. They are. My school actually had two tests last term, between the months of January and February. Wet did not do well for the 1st test but managed to do well for the 2nd test. He even beat me in several subjects for the second round of tests!! But my school decided to take the marks of ONLY the 1st test at the eleventh hour. That stinks! That's why Wet Cement failed. In truth, he DID NOT fail.

I guess his parents just won't believe us when my mum and I tried to tell them. Sigh... I feel that our friendship is breaking apart because of the test results. I wish people would quit judging others by their intelligence. Instead, we should see people for their kindness and how good we are to ourselves and others around us throughout our lives. Completely my opinion, of course.


Something cool: I made friends with a Star Wars fan on Facebook. He's from Turkey and is really sweet! We talk mostly about Clone Wars and school. He's 11, 5 years younger than me! He's really nice. He said to me just now when we were chatting that if we were in the smae country, we would definitely be best friends. Aww... So sweet! I replied the same thing back. We've chatted three times so far and we get along surprisingly well! He said that it would be cool to fly over to where I'm at! He's such a terrific kid! I told him that I'll visit him when I get older. Hee hee! I wonder what he's doing now. I sure hope he has a great day!

Other news: My phone bill isn't to high!! Yeahhhhh!!!

More random news: I whole group of Star Wars fans are adding me as a friend on Facebook! It's really great! Now I'm friends with people from all over the world! I'm going to draw my comics and learn some Principles of Accounts for my test tomorrow! And there's a Physics test on Tuesday. So sad.

See yall next time! Have fun! May the Force be with you!
Rogue Eleven out!


  1. I'm sorry for you and your friend! I hope things get better. That happened with me and my cousin once. She got super busy with school work and I felt sorta lonely because she didn't have time for me I guess. :(

    LOL, I don't have Facebook, otherwise I'd totally add you!!! :) I met all my internet friends through Blogger and Her Universe. Now we have Lakehouse and we chat all the time. :D Someday i'm going to meet all of you......someday. ;) LOL! ;)

    Jedi~Chick <333

  2. Thanks. :) And the situation kinda got better today. I think.. I'll do a post about it some time soon!!

    Yea. We definitely will meet. Perhaps in the near future? Ya never know! Hee hee~!! :D

    May the Force be with you!

  3. Hey Jaina! Finally had the time to comment >:3. I'm glad to know that you've made a lot of friends internationally that are Star Wars fans! :D. Hope to see you soon ^_^!

  4. Oh yeah, I'm considering learning French ><. Can you teach me if you still remember? :D. Thanks XD~


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