Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chemistry Group Work at my place!!

Hi everyone! I'm back!

Well, you guys know that Joshua came over yesterday slightly after one in the afternoon to finish over Chemistry group work.. Pair work actually cos my other friends, Jordon and "Mingiee-Bean", the two people I always group with were rather hard to contact.

To Jordon and Mingiee: I know you know my blog (though there is a possibility that you guys could have forgotten..) if you still wanna be in my group for the Chemistry thingy and Fuels and Alternative Fuels/Energy, leave a comment, message me, etc...

Back to the post, so like I mentioned earlier, Joshua came over to do Chemistry with me. Before we started on the PowerPoint slides that we had to do, I realised (in 1000% horror) that there was a Chemistry Quiz that I had to finish on the school's online learning website too..

I'm really bad at Chemistry! SO BADDDDDDD!!! HORRIBLE! I cannot seem to understand. I changed my Science tuition teacher (the one I'm being taught by is the one my mum hired instead). And the new teacher I have is great. But.. I still suck at Chemistry. I want to understand badly, really badly but I can't and I dunno why.. I don't really hate Chemistry any more because Chemistry lessons in school are a lot of fun and the teacher I have in school is way better than the previous one... BUT I STILL CANNOT UNDERSTAND!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I know my tuition teacher is reading this..

Any way, moving on.. Joshua taught me the Chemistry quiz (I still don't really understand but I can say that I understand 5% more than last time which is better than nothing).


Then we moved on to our pair work.

We did get distracted along the way...

Joshua fiddled with my Lego A-Wing!!!

Note: If you do a "zoom in" after clicking on the picture, you should be able to see Princess Leia in the A-Wing instead of my A-Wing pilot Legos. LOL. Joshua put her in there! Heheh..

I also let him play with my other Star Wars Lego. (It's not really mine but more my brother's.)

Despite all those awesome distractions, we finished the PowerPoint slides and I really liked the effects Joshua put in. There was this effect where the words selected will form a Wedge as it appears and it was labelled Wedge. That made Joshua excited (the way he expresses his excitement is rather cute, I have to say!) The "Wedge" reminded him of his favourite character Wedge Antilles!
Then I let Joshua use Facebook on my laptop for a short while before dinner.
Check out the number of friends online he has at 5pm!!! This might be no big deal to you if you are one of those Facebook people that has possibly 300 friends but I only have 98 friends so it's kind cool to see how your account's chat bar thing would look like if you had that many friends.

Joshua agreed to help me rearrange my Star Wars book collection after dinner at about nine in the night. So I emptied my Star Wars shelf.

(This is not my full collection. I left about 5 books on the shelf in my Star Wars cupboard. And the stack near the top left-hand corner is Babylon 5, another great Sci-Fi series I love.)

And I used the Internet on my phone to go to the Star Wars Wiki's List of Books (novels section) to arrange my books in chronological order (more or less) depending on which books I've bought.
Halfway done....

It was dark (mainly because my bookshelf is black in colour) so Joshua helped shine a torchlight into it for a picture. Joshua rules!!

And we're done! Taaa DAAAAAAAAA!!

Cool isn't it!!! YEA!!! LOVE MY STAR WARS!! My brother, Alfie helped with the sorting too!
Thanks dudes!!
Before I took Joshua to the bus stop opposite my home for his dad to pick him up, we sat by my bed to discuss spaceship designs for my comic. My brother will be helping with the designs too!! I gave Joshua a sneak peek at my comic.. He was a bit reactionless and expressionless so I think the plot needs working on or sumthin'..
Joshua please tell me if it needs improvement.
That's all for today! Hope you readers enjoyed today's post! I had fun posting it.
Another thing:
My fanart was a slight failure because I tried to draw human art. REAL art. But it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. Does that mean I should stick with Manga?? Hmmm....
So no fanart pictures today. Sorry!But I have new news (Sounds like "Nioo-nioose" if you say it fast. Hahahaaaa..!!)
I am going to try and draw Corran fanart in my usual style and if I like it alot, I will use it as my profile on the Lakehouse!! I think the profile picture I'm using now is getting old.
See y'all awesome friends, classmates, Star Wars pals in a while!
Rogue Eleven out!
P.S. Tomorrow will be the last day of my holiday.. (Feels like bawling..)
P.P.S. To all Star Wars fans who collect figurines. If you can, can you help me with my Design and Technology project? I'm designing a Star Wars display and I need measurements of Star Wars figurines! More details here:
Thanks everyone, especially Atina and Endor for following my blog and Jedi~Chick for constantly commenting! I love reading comments so please comment! About anything in the world if you like!!


  1. Hey Jaina ;D. Sorry I couldn't go out to meet you guys during the March Holidays.. Was pretty much confined to the house.. -can't wait for the Os to be over-. Let's meet up next time, okay? ;D

  2. :D Your welcome!! Your blog rocks! :D Sounds like you had fun with Joshua. ;) The books look awesome! :D I'm SOOO sorry I forgot to measure my figures. I'll do that RIGHT now. :) I promise. Also, I really like your Manga art. My cousin is a manga fanatic, so I know good stuff when I see it. You DEFINITELY have great work. Keep trying with the other stuff too! ;)

    Jedi~Chick <3333

  3. the spaceship design thingy is gettin harder.....i tried last night but some measurements might be messed up and you still know what is kerosene right(hehe i drink aircraft fuel(coke acctually))

  4. Amanda: How about in June!! Can't wait for the June holidays!

    Jedi~Chick: It's really okay if you can't help. But if you can I actually need it by today.. Thanks for saying good stuff about my art! I'll definitely keep trying with all sorts of styles!! Heehee. ^__^

    Joshua: You don't need to measure your designs. I just need the rough idea of how the spacecraft looks like. Thanks for agreeing to help, by the way. Your name will be in the credits!


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