Monday, March 7, 2011

New original Drawings!!

Hmmm... New drawings again. And it's two in the morning! Whahaaa... Okay.

The first one was drawn on black paper. It's my first time trying this on black paper and I don't think it looks as nice as those I usually do on white or light coloured paper. Another reason why it didn't turn out as ncie as I wanted it is because the only white pen I have has a bit of an ink-flow problem. Aaah~

I drew the next one (the one below) a few minutes ago cos.. Well, I felt like drawing (in the middle of the night). The lightings not so good, I guess. And I did it on one of my Design and Technology A3 paper.. Hopefully my Design and Technology teacher won't notice the "one-less-paper" in my file! Heheeee..!!

That's all for tonight and I think I really need to go to bed now cos there's school tomorrow and I have to wake up earlier than in the weekends. I'll be back soon. Till then, May the Force be with you!
Rogue Eleven out! Zzzz.....

Please leave a comment or two! I will definitely read 'em! Bye!
P.S. I noticed that the shading for the hair is a little too light so I might re-do it and post it again soon. ^___^


  1. They are SO good!!!! I love your art! :D

  2. Thanks Jedi~Chick!! Your comments mean a lot! <3 :D


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