Monday, March 7, 2011

A little disappointment but nothing too serious. :D

**This post contains complains about my Common Test results. If you are a reader who gets bored easily, you might not want to read the below. Hee hee...!**

I think my mum is having one of her rarely seen mood swings and just at the right moment...

I got back my Common Test papers for English and Principles of Account (POA). Well, since I was yabbering about my problems with English in one of my previous posts last month, I might as well tell yall my marks. Any way, it's no harm.

I actually fail English.. By 1 mark.. HOW COULD I POSSIBLY FAIL ENGLISH?!! IT'S THE ONLY LANGUAGE I KNOW SINCE FOREVER SO I SHOULD BE GOOD AT IT. It's the first English test I've failed in my whole life.. I wanna bawl... I got a 9 out of 20 for it (comprehension). I mean, I know I suck at comprehension but I usually still pass it by 2 or 3 marks... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.....!!!!! It's so frakking annoying! I still can't believe the 9 marks I see written in blood-red ink on the paper. And I tried thinking optimistically by thinking stuff like 9 is Corran Horn's number in Rogue Squadron. But.. It didn't exactly work the way I wanted it to cos I'm still kinda (sort of, really..) fuming about it.

And my mum made it worse. She was lying half asleep on the bed when I got home and she said that if I wanted to chat or sumthin' she would be wide awake to listen and talk. So I told her my marks cos honesty is GOOD! LOL.. And she kinda picked a fight with me about how understanding of my feelings she was. She didn't even hear me out totally and whenever I paused for her reply, she wouldn't answer and I had to nudge the mattress which annoyed her. But she kept claiming that she's awake?!! Aaaargh! I mean, does it make you lose pride or insult your ego to just tell me that you're to sleepy to talk to?

Another thing was that she thought that I don't try hard enough or sumthin' similar to that and that really gets on my nerves cos I believe that everyone will find it infuriating to be told that they didn't put in their best efforts when they did. I put in my best efforts. I know I did..

People in the world should be more grateful of what they have and instead of giving negative comments, why not help the other improve? It'll be a win-win situation as if the other person gets better at what he's working on, wouldn't you feel happy to know that you were part of the success that the other achieved?? Sometimes, me mum should teach me what went wrong in the answers I write in my exam papers. It's not like she can't since she told me long ago that she got 'A's in everthing. Literally, everything.

SO shouldn't you impart knowledge to the younglings so that they can become great Padawans one day? And then Jedi Knights and Masters?

Any way, I'm less pissed with my mum now. So, just to satisfy your curiosity, I got a 19/25 for POA. Not my best mark but I'm contented since it's equivalent to 76% which would mean that I actually got an 'A'.

Other stuff. We had PE (Physical Education) today and as usual we had to run 3 rounds around the school. Yes. THREE. I'm not kidding and because I'm not a sporty person, I came in last (yes, last..) in the whole level. But I know my talent lies in other areas.

See ya, Jedi! Rogue Eleven out!!!

P.S. I did a mini Anakin Solo fan-art in maths class today cos our teacher didn't come and my maths class had to join Joshua's maths class... Joshua's maths teacher started teaching in the middle of nowhere so my friends from my maths class were lost with me. :0

P.P.S. I USUALLY score high in English. Believe it! :D

Gotta fly! Phweeeeee~!!


  1. Aww! I'm sorry about your test scores! You tried you best and that's what counts though. ;) Maybe your mom was just having a bad mom has those sometimes. :) 19/25 isn't all that bad!!! ;) Ehh, I'm not that sporty either. You're not alone when it comes to P.E. ;P

    Have a great day!!!

    Jedi~Chick <3

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your test scores! But at least you tried your best, which a lot of people can't say that they did. =)

    I'm not very good at P.E. either. I kind of despise it, unless they teach you Lightsaber dueling techniques. Which never seems to happen.. :-)

    -Barriss :-D

  3. Thanks for making me feel better. And I used to think I was truly the worst at sports but yall made me believe that I'm not alone~! Thank you guys a million times over!!!

    And it'll be totally awesome if they would teach us lightsaber combat, Barriss! And may be then, there would be the possibility of meeting a Luke Skywalker look-alike? Heehee.. :D

  4. Your account on the Lakehouse has been approved! You can start posting now. :D I think you'd like the Expanded Universe section. There is also a section where you can post fanart!

  5. I hope you're feeling better now! You did try your best, and that's what's important. =)

    I stink in English myself kinda. It's one subject I can't stand and don't do as well in...

    -Leia <3

  6. @Amaranthine: Yay! That's awesome, I can't wait to start posting (and checking out the fanart section!) :D :D :D

    @Leia: Thank you for your kind words. ^__^
    And I found out that I passed everything but English so I guess overall, I didn't do too bad!! Thanks again!!!


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