Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hmmm.. I think I'll keep this post short and simple because I needa revise for my Maths, Design and Technology and (possibly..) Chemistry tests tomorrow. Aaaaaaargh..! It's so hard to cramp so much important trash into my brain. And my weakest subject is Chemistry so I think I'll have to flip through my notes a little just in case my Chem teachers wants to spring a surprise test.

So far, I've done English, Geography and Principles of Accounts (POA) tests and I can't say that I'm confident that I'll do well even though I put in sooooo much effort to study for them. **Hears cricket sounds and aliens murmuring among themselves** YES, I did revise! I sort of sacrifised a few minutes or so of reading "Heir to the Empire"!! That's major effort put in, okay?!

Ohh yes! Did anyone check out the Star Wars wiki today? This depends on your time zone and all but today's quote of the day is by Corran Horn! (I'm a big fan of him cos he's just sooo good and talented and experienced and everything! He's the coolest!!) There have been quite a number of Corran Horn's quotes there so if you are a Corran fan or just wanna know anything Star Wars like you should visit the Wiki perhaps everyday if possible cos you never know when a quote by a favourite character might pop up. For Corran fans: I think last week, there were two Corran Quotes in a row and I when hysterical and my mum spend parts of the day telling no one in particular how obsessed I am with Rogue Squadron.

Hmm, I must have side tracked to Star Wars (the best thing ever, by the way..) again. As I was saying, I'm not expecting good marks this time as the tests are getting harder and the school peeps are adding more chapters to be tested this time. And for the first time ever, I COULDN'T BALANCE MY BALANCE SHEET! I HAD 9000 DOLLARS MISSING FROM THE DEBIT SIDE! I'm soooo disappointed.. I always (ALWAYS) manage to balance it. POA is my best subject.... What a disappointment. And my English teacher said that only 1/4 of the class passed the comprehension for the English test?!! If we, the best class in the school as only 25% passes, that would mean that the other 2 to 3 English classes are doomed... And I don't think I'm part of the 1/4 passes as I'm really bad at comprehension. And this time my Composition won't help meeee... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

Well, you everyone in general: It's the effort that counts so if you've put in effort even if you fail, BE HAPPY! Cos there's many more opportunities to succeed~!! :D

That's all, I guess. I'll try to post again may be tomorrow (unlikely) or Thurday (which happened to be the last day of tests so I'm bound to be free!).

Rogue Eleven out!! Good luck for your Common Tests, Joshua, Amanda and Christy and others who have tests and either stumbled onto my blog or are Star Wars fans or readers or sumthin'!!!


  1. Good luck with your tests!!

    I haven't been on the Star Wars Wiki today yet, but that is sooo cool!! Corran Horn is a great character.

    YAY!! Star Wars!!

    -Barriss :-D

  2. Hahaha, yeah, good luck to you too! Tomorrow's finally the last day - A-maths and I had to cancel my tuition in the night and reschedule some stuff =_=. *headaches* anyway, may the force be with you for the CT! And forever :D

  3. @Barriss: Thanks and may the Force be with you! :D

    @Amanda: Good luck for you tests too! Hope unlike me, you will manage to pass everything!!

    P.S. I found some more old Star Wars fan-art~! ^__^


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