Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yay! Parteeeeeeeeeee!!! 0__o

Hi, I'm back like I promised..
The tests are finally over!! Wooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo~!!!

Hmm.. Today turned out alright, I guess. I went to the library with Christy and Joshua after school for fun. We had no good reason for visiting the library except for some air-con since the weather outside was rather hot. We kinda had too much fun til we got a bit wild and insane, annoying one another. Actually, it was just Joshua and I that went crazy with fun. Christy was looking at us most off the time. It was sooooo much fun now that the tests are over. Now we just gotta wait for the results (which aren't gonna be good, I think..).

Other important things to note:
Lotsa thank yous to Amarathine for finding and following my blog! It's so awesome to get to know more people who know love Star Wars! Another bag full of thank yous to Barriss for all her good luck wishes and to everyone else who followed my blog!

Well, there is something else I wanna mention too. Joshua, Ming Jin, 'LaLa' and I took part in a Comic Competition in December last year and I believe that the results came out today. I think I'd like to go straight to the point: I don't think my group made it to the finals. I refuse to stop believing but the fact that the school did not mention our names is helping the ugly truth to set in.

But I'll never stop drawing cos art is everything to me. It's one of the only ways I can express myself fully and tell my stories. But I really gotta improve my drawing skills whenever my table isn't cluttered with schoolwork and chemistry stuff..

Any way, I found some more Corran Horn fan-art (of course by me.. Duh?)!!! **Does a squeal of delight!** It'll be in the next post because I want to seperate main posts from posts about fan-art or any other drawings. :D

Enjoy! Rogue Eleven out!


  1. i thot the weather was rainny when we went to the library and dun think our cmic suck it might be in the finals we'll find out tomoro

  2. It rained in class but stopped a short while before we left the school. The weather got hotter then.

    As for the comic, I'm still hoping but I'm kinda prepared for bad news cos the people who got to the finals are soooooo good. I'm really no match to them. If we don't win then I hope either Mui Ping or Nicole (I talked to Nicole before) wins cos they are really amazing artists!!!


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