Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Average Sunday

Soory guys, I've been very busy today. That's why I can't find time to upload my original drawing and fanfic. Sorry. But I can guarantee you that you'll get to see them soon.

And you might be wondering why i can find time to blog but have no time to upload simple stuff from my handphone or type out my short fanfic. It's cos to transfer the files from my phone to this laptop I'm using now is kinda troublesome. Basically, I'm lazy.

Something random: I'm listening to Brad Paisley's music again!!! ^__^

So why am I so busy you may ask? Here's why. I went to sleep at 6am today (see previous post to find out why if you don't know why.) and woke up again at 11am.

I spent almost my entire afternoon on maths. I've got so many tests next week. I don't mind tests cos it's kinda okay to me. Tests are just okay. Except Chemisty. Boy, I dislike Chemistry. I've never passed a single Chemistry test since the start of last year..

Any way, there's a really difficult chapter in maths that's going to be tested and I can't seem to get my workings and answers right on the first attempt. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. So I spent most of my afternoon learning and re-learning and revising and understanding and re-understanding it. (Sounds confusing...)

Something else I did in my afternoon today was watch Episode 45 and 46 of Code Lyoko (Season 2). CODE LYOKO WAS MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE CHILDHOOD CARTOON. I'm so thankful that the TV station responded to the request my best friend, Denise and I made 5 years ago to air Season 2, 3 and 4 where we're at!! I remembered that this was the cartoon that brought Denise and I closer together.

I know Code Lyoko might be not so much for teens but it's still one of my obsessions, even till now. Y'all should watch it if you guys haven't. I really like the feeling of true friendship and teamwork that every episode holds. I know that there are many filter episodes throughout the four seasons but look, I'm sure your life doesn't occur in 3 days.

Now when I look back, I think the reason why I got so obsessed in this show back then when I was only 11 was probably because I was still looking for a true friend. Code Lyoko is about five friends, Odd, Ulrich, Yumi, Jeremie and Aelita saving the world together and they shared this really strong unbreakable friendship that I was looking for and I felt a connection with. All in all, I think it'll always remain the great show it is. CODE LYOKO RULES!!!

(It's some of the non Sci-Fi stuff that I really like.)

And if it weren't for Code Lyoko, I wouldn't know about Oban Star Racers (another cartoon I love) because Code Lyoko used to be showing after Oban Star Racers.

Crazy inspiration time!!!: I wanna try writing a Code Lyok fanfic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spent the rest of the day (sometime after 5pm til now) chatting with my Facebook friends and passing important info around about the chapters that will be tested in other tests like POA and Social Studies. And of course 1 hour on Youtube. I always spend 1 hour on Youtube everyday. YEAAAAA!!!!

Plus, today I made a new goal:

Firstly you gotta know that my school has been very insane lately. The teachers make us stay back after school for extra lessons until around 5pm and I only reach home at 6pm because we have important exams this year end. So in total, I spend about 11 to 12 hours in school everyday.. INSANE isn't it? And those teachers and that vice principal guy still expects us to complete all our homework and do revision? After my calculations, it would mean that I won't have time for any fun or relaxing stuff.. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.... So I'm gonna prove the school wrong!!!)

I'm going to watch at least 1 movie every week!!
I'm going to spend at least 6 hours on Youtube every week!
I'm going to draw at least 1 page of my comic every week!
I'm going to have fun and go nuts in school with my close friends!
I'm going to watch Code Lyoko everyday!
I'm not going to try and concentrate in class so much (I have a concentration problem. Serious and if I concentrate to hard it'll wear my brain out and I'll get very tired.. And sleepy. I've got a medical document thingy for it. But I don't look down on myself cos I think I'm cool and my best friend, Mingiee said I'm Beyond Awesome. Hee hee. YEAAAAAAAAH!!).

And I'll still get 4 'A's and 2 'B's in school! HAH!!

I'll show yall out there in my school! THE GEEK WILL RULE ONCE MORE, YOU'LL SEE!!! (Okay.. I'm a little hyper. But I'm serious. I want to prove the school wrong. It's not right to take away our fun time like that.) I dedicate my goal to everyone in my school who is very tired and less happy this year because of these extra lessons that are on every weekday and last too long. I'm accomplish it.

To start of my goal, these are the movies that I'm going to watch in the coming week: I'm going to watch Men in Black 1 and 2 (I recorded them on TV that day). And spend Mondays to Fridays and Sundays watching at least half and hour of Code Lyoko!!!

And I'm still gonna do well in school!!! I'm gonna prove yall wrong, teachers!!
Goodnite everyone!

Rogue Eleven out!

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  1. Good luck with school and your goal! Oh, I left you an award at my blog, BTW. ;)

    -Leia <3


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