Sunday, April 3, 2011

You can never take the Sci-Fi away from the Sci-Fi geek (Me!).

Hey guys, I'm back. Man, I totally had no time to post ever since school started.. But don't worry, I doubt I'll ever close down this blog. Cos it's super fun to blog and ramble on and on and on about Star Wars and awesome things and such (Duh..).

I did many cool stuff throughout this week. The most significant one was the Sci-Fi movie that I was dying to watch because I'm a crazy Sci-Fi fanatic. I've watched so many Science Fiction movies that I think I loss count. Or may be I haven't. Any way, I love Sci-Fi!!!

The Sci-Fi movie I watched was in Japanese, "Space Battleship Yamato". It was completely awesome! It was ages since I saw a good Sci-Fi movie mainly because I missed a few in March. My favourite character (I have a few, actually) is most probably Yuki. She's a great pilot!! I have an obsession in Starfighter pilots that I actually memorised the entire Rogue Squadron list for fun last year. Y'all should go watch Space Battleship Yamato, I'm quite sure any Sci-Fi Geek like me will love it! (And.. WOW. I actually managed to keep spoilers to myself. WOW.) I also did a Jaina-Jacen-Anakin Fanart (I forgot which day I did it).

It's rather lame. Just about Jaina, Jacen and Anakin eating cookies with Jacen exclaiming something like, "Cookies are yummy. Can I have some more?" I still have no idea why I drew it. So if any of you reading wants to see it, please tell me in a comment.

Hmm.. What else did I do this week. Oohhh!! My Humanities teacher cancelled the extra lesson on Tuesday so everyone in my class got to home early! But that's not all..

My English teacher, cancelled English extra lessons on Friday as well! But not everyone got to go home early and party because in my school, all the classes are split up into the best class to the not-so-good class. I happen to be in the best class (3 years in a row. I love English cos it's my favourite subject!). And only people in my English class got to go home early! Aaaaah~ The benefits of being good in English. Wonderful. Hee hee.

Any way, I also got new for my friend, "Lala" that all the people in my school learning a second language have to go back to school during the holidays for some sort of "Intensive Lessons Lesson-Thingy Thing". At first I thought, "Good for me. I don't learn a second language, any way."

But then, Lala said that people like me, without a second language, still have to go back to school in the holiday to do revision. And it's not like the teacher is going to give you worksheet to do or notes to fill up. (Lala's information is quite accurate, by the way. After all, she's the awesome President of the Student Council in my school.) So the teachers just want us to sit there and revise. In other words, just sit there and start at a textbook. Seriously, what a waste of time. (I sound like a bad student here.) I'm someone who doesn't study at 7am in the morning in MY HOLIDAYS?! My mum says that she'll write a letter of some sort or call up the school cos she has to power to preent me from wasting time.

But if I still do have to waste time pretending to study without an aim since there appears to be no worksheets to be done and stuff, then I'll probably write my FIRST FANFICTION EVER! What shall it be about I dunno.. The setting would probably be in Oban Star Racers or Star Wars or I could write a short book. OMG.. My forst time writing a story.. Aaahhhh! (Okay, it's not the first time but it could be the first time that I show my work to anyone.) We'll see what the school plans when the holiday nears...

So leave a comment and keep commenting as much as you want because I like reading comments of all sorts (as long as they aren't insults)! Happy Star Wars-ing!! And if anyone has good Sci-Fi movies to recommend, please recommend them to me!

Bye for now.

Man, I've got a ton of Physics homework and some maths worksheet that Ive been owning my teacher for a few days and an English Compre.

Speaking of English compre, I finally passed one!!! YES!!! I got a 17/25! Sooooooo overjoyed. See y'all later! Or may be the next time I post. Or sumthin'..

Rogue Eleven out!



  1. :) Cool post Andriee!! That movie sounds cool! I can't wait for more fanart. You're an awesome artist. :D Wow. You're school sounds hard! xD I guess my school is too, but yours sounds different. ;) Good luck! :D Have fun writing fanfiction!!!! I LOOOVE fanfiction!! If you ever need anyone to proofread or help you, I'd be glad to do so!!!!!! :D

  2. I feel strange......I only like one kind of sci-fi and that's Star Wars! I'm trying to read Dune because my friend said I HAD to, but it's kind of boring me.

  3. That movie sounds really good! I'll ask my parents to order it from Netflix. I want to see the fan art!!! And I can't wait for the fanfiction!

  4. Yes!!! I LOVE fanart!! Post it! =)

    -Leia <3

  5. @Jedi~Chick: Thanks! I'm still waiting for ieda to flow, though.. Currently, I have zero cool thoughts and ideas because most of my imaginative power has gone to planning the plot for my half-drawn comic. But I'm sure I can come up with something.. :D

    @Endor: Star Wars got me into the whole Sci-Fi obsession so if I never knew Star Wars, I guess I'd still be a plain, everyday person. I wonder what Dune is about. May be I can find it in the library. :)

    @Dutchess Satine Kenobi: Yea, I really enjoyed it that day. The fanfiction I said I would try writing might take sometime.. I need some good idea first. ^__^

    @Amaranthine and Leia: It's in the next post. Hope you like it~!! And I'll try to draw more whenever I'm free.

    Thanks for commenting, everyone!!!


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