Sunday, May 22, 2011

Answers and awards and questions and ME.

Today is all about answering stuff I got and said I would do. Before I start.. HI Y'ALL!! (Now, that was random.)

I received this award from James and Jacob. Thank you!! Yay me!

To accept it, I gotta type 7 things about myself. I remembered doing the previous one with pictures but I don't think I'm gonna do this one with them. And it'll be new info about me since y'all already know my favourite cartoons and manga if you've been following my blog from Day 1 (not really..).

1. My favourite place to think things through: The toilet (Any toilet will do. Although the one in my house is the best.)

2. Book series that left a positive, lasting affect: X-Wing Novels! (DUH..)

3. I accomplished my 2010 New Year Resolution No. 3 two days ago, I think. It's on my previous blog, the fisrt blog I ever had. It's a lame blog with no one reading it so I shan't post the link. What I accomplished was I didn't yell and scream when I fell that day. YEA! (I always yell and act like a demanding queen. LOL.)

4. Uhmm... I learnt a new word when I went to a bookstore near my home: Awesomerised. It's a cool word, man, really cool. I noticed it when I was testing new pens on the long row of paper at the pen section. People always scribble tons of funny and ridiculous stuff there. And I would reply them. Hahaha.

5. I made my mum promise that she'll read the X-Wing series when she gets her new and improved shaded glasses. Providing that she's comfortable with her new lenses, of course.

6. I can't wait for the June Holidays!!! Aaaaaaaaargh!! A few more days of school left. C'mon!!

7. I feel sorry for that stalker who I believe, is still hoping that I'll date him or sumthin'. Man, he's just not my Corran Horn. Sorry..

And I'm suppose to pass it on the 15 great blogs/bloggers I know.

1. Amaranthine
2. Ley
3. Endor
4. Rebecca
(All my other internet friends seems to get gotten it already.. >.<)
5. Joshua Antilles
6. Amanda 西井 しろき
7. Denise Ikuto Faith
And everyone else who hasn't gotten it and wanted to do it!

Now for the near 100 post (may be..) thingy I got from Ley's blog! Woo hoooo!!

Name: My internet name is 'Andriee Jaina Solo' My real life first name is Andrienna and I think it's the best name ever!! :)
Nickname: Andriee and Star Wars (Some of my school mates call me that. LOL.)
Elementary, Middle and High School: Not gonna say. Not gonna tell.
Height: 15com shorter than Corran Horn. Aaaargh.. I wish I could be taller.
Sweats or Jeans: It's so hot where I'm at that I wear shorts instead. Eeeep..!
Best Friends: Joshua Antilles, Denise Ikuto Faith and Amanda 西井 しろき!!!
Do You Have a Crush On Someone: In real life, nah.. In Star Wars, Corran Horn!!
Eat or Drink: I like both! Eating a little more.
Coke or Pepsi: Coke!!!

Have you ever?
Been in an Airplane: Nope. I wish I could..
Been in a Relationship: Hello? Where's my Corran?? (Hahahahahaaa..) Of course not. LOL.
Been in a Car Accident: No. I don't want to ever be in one.
First Award: Merit prize for the 20 page comic I submitted. ( I consider that to be my first award cos the rest I got before that aren't really of much value.)
First Crush: In real life, I've not found anyone. In my awesome world, that would be Corran. He's too awesome, ya see..
Last Person I Watched a Movie With: My parents and my brother. We watched Rio.
Last Song I Listened To: Enchanted by Taylor Swift.
Last Thing I Bought: A meal at MacDonald's. 0__o

Food: Hotdogs, popcorn, nachos, chicken wing and almost any snack.
Drinks: Coke, iced green tea and almost any flavour of bubble tea.
Bottoms: Shorts or something awesome. It depends on my mood, really.
Flowers: As of now, Dandelions. It was Ixoras yesterday.
Animals: Turtles, angel fish, starfish and others from the sea and coast.
Colors and Shades: I like green and any shade of green. I expecially like the green that Corran seems to wear..
Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Star Trek, Space Battleship Yamato, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5!!
Subjects: English and Principles of Accounts.

[[Put 'X' in the brackets if yes]]
[] Celebrated Halloween (I totally want to!!!)
[X] Had your heart broken (By several dorks from time to time.)
[X] Had someone like you
[X] Did something you regret (I regret not taking art as a subject.. What was I thinking?!!)
[X] Broken a promise (Only a few..)
[X] Hid a secret
[X] Met someone who changed your life (Does Rogue Squadron count?)
[X] Pretended to be sick (Fail..)
[X] Left the country (I saw a shooting star in Malacca, Malaysia. It was so surreal, yet beautiful.)
[X] Tried something you normally didn't like and liked it
[] Cried over the silliest thing
[X] Ran a mile (And nearly died.)
[X] Went to the beach with your best friend (December 2009 Chalet Stay. Awesome.)
[X] Got into an argument with your friends
[X] Hated someone (Once. Not any more. Hating is a path to the darkside.)

Eating: Yep. Chicken curry with rice.
Drinking: A cup of water.
Listening: Not at the moment.
Plans for Today: Get back to drawing comics. I'm way behind time again.
Waiting: For my friends to get back online!!

Your Future:
Want Kids: Nope.
Want to Get Married: Nope.
Career: Comic Artist and something to do with movie making.

Have you ever:
Snuck Out Of The House: No. I love my Star Wars books at home too much.
Broken Someone's Heart: Yes. I apologise.
Been in Love: Almost but no.
Cried When Someone Died: A little cos of X-Wing: Iron Fist. Man, I wish Ton Phanan didn't die. My friend think that I'm too crazy. ROFL.

Do you Believe in:
Yourself: Yes! 1000%.
Miracles: Yes. If you believe hard enough.
Love at First Site: No. Geez, don't judge a book by it's cover.
Heaven: Yep.
Santa Claus: Yes if he gets my an X-Wing (with flying manual included) for X'mas.
Aliens: Yea!
Ghosts: Uhmm....

Is There Someone You Want to Be With Right Now: Not really. Not at the moment, any way.
Do You Know Who Your Real Friends Are: Possibly.
Believe in God: :D
Post as 100 Truths: Haha.. No. I got it from Ley, remember?

Okay! I'm done! See y'all later!
~Never forget how awesome Rogue Squadron is~
Rogue Eleven out!


  1. That was a Awesomerised post and you said "your goal is to watch as many good Science Fiction movies as possible" have you whatched the movie Inception it is the best si-fi movie since Star Wars EP. III.

  2. Awesome post!!!! This looks like fun!

  3. I should try the 100 truths thing XD

  4. @James and Jacob: Nah, I had to miss it. I can't really remember why but I think it was because of tests and exams. Those really get in the way sometimes. >.< Perhaps I'll get to watch it when it shows on TV. :D

    @Dutchess Satine Kenobi: Thanks! You could tyr it too if you like. :)

    @Futurejedigirl: Cool! If you do, I can't wait to see it. ^_^


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