Saturday, May 21, 2011


I feel like jumping out of my seat and partying! My exams are over! Just perhaps 2 more weeks of school and I'm free!!! The holidays are almost here and I can't wait. This month, though not over yet, has been pretty epic or me.

And I've come to seriously appreciate the toilet. The toilet is the place where I thought of the entire story for my first comic. It's the place I found back my mood to study. And the place where I realise to much more about the world around me.

Heh, here's the actual reason why I found back my mood for the exam. The reasons I gave in one of my previous posts was random.

And I might sound stupid typing this but what the toilet helped me realise was that ya gotta accept failure and move on.

LOL. I told ya I would sound weird. Ha..

Heheh.. This post I taking kinda long to type out cos I'm chatting on Facebook while doing this.

I'm feeling really lazy. It's gonna be the holidays! But the last 2 days of the exams were a blast!

On Thursday, after Science practical, we had to seat in the hall and wait for 4 hours for all the shifts to finish. It stinks when your name starts with 'A'. I was in the earliest shift and the only one for my class in it.

Gosh, boredom kills. But Christy, a friend from my English class was there with me, thankfully, and we chatted at my table despite what the zoopid teacher said about sitting in our shift numbers and studying (Bueh..). She told me about when she lived in Georgia and it snowed when it wasn't supposed to. I guess from the way she said it, it sounded like she'd rather stay there. I'll migrate someday. And may be the both of us could be living next to each other!

Then my class arrived! And no one cared about what the teachers said!! I snacked on a packet of 'Muruku' while walking around the hall with it. I totally had fun. I played with my class. I know the exams weren't over but ot was awesome! It was truly awesome. I'm definitely gonna miss everyone in my class next year. This could possibly be the last time all of us are having fun together.

There were people running around and throwing paper balls at each other. It was insane!! And I shared food and sweets with my group and all. And we played till we went nuts!!! AWESOME!!!

And on Friday, after our last paper, my four awesomerized (cool word) friends and I went to McDonald's to have lunch and we played like hell! It was so much fun! I can't put into words how awesome it was! I've never had so much fun since the last year of primary school!!

I did have a fall and everyone was like sooooo caring and checkin' on my wound and all. I can't believe how I could have not appreciated them till now. This people (Alina, Christy, Mingiee and Joshiee) are the best! I think we are gonna be friends forever! Definitely!

I'm so thankful to have such great friends around me and on the internet.

Haha, I'm kinda not use to these people being so caring and all. Haha. I used to do important stuff by myself. LOL. Man, these people are superb.

Now for the Star Wars meme:
Day 18: Your favorite scene
That has gotta be the second Death Star battle. The whole thing was epic with Wedge and the others trying to destroy the Death Star while Luke was facing Darth Vader. Pure Awesomeness!

Day 19: Your favorite era
I can't decide. Certain parts of the New Republic Era and the New Jedi Order Era. The New Republic Era has some of my all time favourite characters and maily cos the X-Wing books and in that era. (I'm an X-Wing Squadron fan if you have forgotten.) The New Jedi Order. What should I say? Hmm. GO READ IT. LOL.

Day 20: Your favorite Star Wars spoof
I have to think about this. I hardly remember the zillions of spoofs I watch. I just laugh at the moment. :)

Day 21: Most memorable John Williams music
The opening theme!!! DDDDDUUH!!!!!

Okay, that's all for today. The next post will be about another blogger award I received and more about the upcoming holidays that I so badly need!!

See ya!
~Never forget how awesome Corran Horn is~
Rogue Eleven out!!


  1. I wish my testing was over...
    Congrats to you and your toilet!

  2. Good luck for your testing! You'll do great! :D


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