Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 6: Your Favorite Political Entity and Day 7: Your Favorite Creature

Aaargh! I missed another day again. Woopsie. I was studying Chemistry, ya see.. There's 17 chapters to learn. Can ya believe it!! And there's still Physics and Maths and POA and Design and technology. Eeeeeep, I'm dyin' of exams... Aaaaaaaah~!

So I missed a day. Awwww.... Right.. It's 1am and I'm awake cos I'm staying up to try and learn 2 more Chemistry chapters so that I'll have more time for other stuf tomorrow.

I actually did a random drawing yesterday (it's not Star Wars this time) but I'l post in here perhaps tomorrow if I'm online.

Another thing, I need to post this reminder so that I'll remember to do it:
Harvest my crops in Farmville (on Facebook) at 12:57pm later today.

I know, I sound obsessed but two of my Star Wars friends on Facebook is playing it so I'm just playing so that I can relax and send them free game gifts to keep up the friendship. And one of them who plays is Wedge Antilles. I LOL-ed!!! He's level 24 too! Whahahaaaaa... I wonder if the rest of Rogue Squadron uses Facebook. That'll be cool. I found Tycho Celchu, 3 Jaina Solo, 2 Jacen Solo, Wes Janson, Tahiri Veila, Leia Organa Solo, about 4 Han Solo, 3 Luke Skywalker and SO MANY MORE~!! There's a whole world online world of friends on Facebook! So awesome. It's all thanks to Padme Naberrie for adding me as a friend. That's how I got to know the rest.

Now for the Star Wars memes:
Day 6: Your favourite political entity

That would have to be the Rebel Alliance.

The Rebel Alliance is sooooooo freakin' good! The Empire is soooo huge but they managed to defeat it. That's sumthin' alright. And if the Rebel Alliance didn't exist, the galaxy would be livin' in darkness forever!!! And Rogue Squadron wouldn't have been created if the Rebel Alliance didn't exist.

I <3333 the Rebel Alliance! IT RULES!!!!!!!!

And I'm a Rogue Squadron fan, Luke Skywalker fan and X-Wing fan because of it!

Now for Day 7's meme: Your favourite creature

Hmm... I like the umm.. The.. I'm not sure.. Let's see.. Errrrhh...
I like what's the Admiral Ackbar's fishbowl. Yea, this is. I know he has a pet in his room. He does.

I think I remember seeing a little bit of it in a comic or read it as part of the descriptions in a book. But I'm quite sure he has a pet. It shows that Ackbar can be a military commander and take care of little pets in his fishbowl.

P.S. His fishbowl is really cool. It's a floating ball of water or something like that. Very cool.

I gotta go now! See y'all later or tomorrow or whenever possible!

Bye peeps! Gotta fly. (I soooo need an X-Wing now. I want one soooooo bad!!!!!)
Rogue Eleven out!

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