Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 4: Your Favorite Moment To Mock and Day 5: Your favourite Pirate

OMG..! I'm sorry people and aliens (are there any?)!! I had seriously no time to use the computer yesterday! I was busy studying up I can for my Social Studies and Maths Exam today!!

I only learnt 3 out of 7 chapters for Social Studies. It was like gambling. I have a very bad memory and I can't seem to store useless stuff in my head. Social studies just doesn't interest me. It's all so boring. Sorry, history fans. I'm not a "In 1970s.. The Blah blah blah" recite to you everything kinda person.

Well, what I calculated was that the 2 out of 5 chapters I learnt from last year's syllabus who come out. That means I had a 40% chance of the question coming out.

(By the way, the Social Studies paper only tests you on 1 chapter even though you gotta learn 7. I think it's stupid. Poo doo..)

And the 1 out of 2 chapters I learnt for this year's syllabus means that that is a 50% chance that what I studying will be tested.

Thankfully... 1 of the topics I studied came out!!!!!!!


Maths was okay. I think I can pass. May be get the mark I want? I dunno. But the paper was managable. I even finished on time... FOR THE 1ST TIME!! I've never finished my maths papers before! I can actually get extra time for my Maths and Science exams but I want to prove to the world that I AM EQUALLY AWESOME.

LOL. There's so many capital letters!! XD

Tomorrow til Monday is a holiday for most of my classmates including me cos my class do not learn Biology (I still wish it could learn Biology. It's my mum's favourite..) and Additional Maths.

Now for the Star Wars meme!

By the way..
I'm so sad -- SO SAD!!!!!-- that I could not be online yesterday to wish everyone "May the 4th be with yall". So this is for everyone:


Now for Day 4's meme question:
Your Favourite moment to mock?

It's not really a moment in the movie, it's a moment in real life. Something that occurs among Star Wars fans. JAR JAR BINKS IS UNDER-APPRECIATED. I'm mocking you, Jar Jar haters.

C'mon!! Where would the galaxy be without Jar Jar? I know that Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan and Yoda and Jaina Solo contributed definitely far more to the good of the galaxy than him.. He's might not be a main character but he does deserve some gratitude.

Yea, his clumsy. But that shows that the galaxy is made up of all kinds of personalities. It translates to me that you should accept everyone for who they are.

He might be dumb to you Haters but remember what happened in The Phantom Menace? Jar Jar Binks was the link to the Gungan Army (is it an army thing?) that helped in the battle against the Battle Droids on Naboo!! And those little scenes of his clumsiness at handling the weapons (those bluish bomb-thingies)? His clumsiness produced a good outcome!

HA HA Jar Jar Haters, I still can't believe you can hate Jar jar after all that he did. He might be just a minor character but GIVE MINOR CHARACTERS A CHANCE TO SHINE!!

I'm mocking you haters.. What a laugh I had reading all you weird comments that are so insensitive to Jar Jar's feeling.

If Jar Jar saw them he'll be, "Mesa berry berry sadd...." Sob..

START APPRECIATING. It's about time.

(Hee hee.. I can't wait for Jar Jar to thank me for this!!)

Day 5:
Your favourite pirate?

There are pirates in Star Wars? Oh wait.. Are ya saying like the bad dudes that steal stuff for another person's ship in space?

This one is hard..

I wanted to say Cad Bane but he's a Bounty Hunter which is different from a pirate though both work for credits.

I know!!

The random group of Imperials that raided a random New Rebublic base in the middle of who knows where!
And they went, "Arrrgh, ya mateys. I ain't gonna take yer lives if yer gimme the gold!"
And the poor people at the base (including X-Wing Pilots. Nooooo..!! Not X-Wing Pilots! :'( Ohh!!) would reply, "Take it!! And scram! Mon Mothma is going to hear about this!"
And the baddies draw swords or vibroblades or whatever and a huge battle ensues.
Of course the New Republic wins (Duh!!).

What the-- Do I see an incredibly short Star Wars fanfic up there?? LOL.

It that pirate-y enough? Hahahaaaaaa.......

Now for other stuff..
I realised stuff recently and I wanna voice out. You can choose not to read it. It could be a whole load of rubbish for yall..

My dad and I don't talk. It's okay. I don't mind. He was horrible to me when I was young. But I forgive him even though I can't forget. I get nightmares once in a long while but it's really okay. I don't feel that I'm at a disadvantage in any way. It's been like this since forever. I can handle stuff without him.

I'm not close to my grandparents. My grandma dislikes me because I'm not the perfect whatever that she wants. This is me. If ya don't accept it it's your lost. She, like my dad was terrible to me. I don't get nightmares but I unknowingly used to obey everything she says just so she would stop hating me at least. But that was before I realised so many different perceptions, so many possibilities of everything around me. Well, I just stopped being a minion one day. I stood my ground and I never regretted it. She almost completely ignores me now but I'm independent. I can rely on myself. And any way, ultimately, ya can't stop me from being who I am.

I trust all the friends I made here to tell yall this if you are still reading up to now. I hope you aren't. You'll probably go into 'pity-mode'. I ain't gonna be pitied anytime soon. The awesome doesn't need so many others to be with the top. Ya just need yourself.

I sound dumb.

There were many incidents I remember very clearly because I have a photographic memory. There was once when I was perhap only 8 or 9 when I was playing with my brother in my old bedroom. I accidentally pushed him off the bed and his arm ended up trapped in between something for a while. My dad found out and thought that he broke him arm and he totally did not listen to my explanations.

In truth, I actually fell with him and my left arm hit something very hard. Now I think about it, it must have been the sound the alerted my dad. My mum was at work, I think.

I seriously sound dumb.. Are you sure you are still reading?

Well, my dad took something and whacked my right knee and the skin split (it was a rather big split). WTH, man.. The scar has probably faded by now but I remember.

I had school the next day and my friends in class would know that I had this ugly thing on my knee that had the markings on a spankin' so I dug the wound wider to make it look like a cut from a fall. I know it's gross but, yea..

There are other incidents such that he would yell at me for nothing.

Like the time when I was eating fishball soup and I dropped a fishball on the floor by accident. I picked it up and was going to wipe the spill but my dad started howling like MAD. And I was like, "????????????" And he got crazier and crazier.. No one is perfect, man, seriously..

But I'm not angry now. He's actually changed for the better and he even tapes my Sci-Fi movies for me on the recorder. I still find it hard to talk to him but I'm trying.

My grandma is a different class. I still can't figure out most of it.

Gosh, you actually read that? Man, I'm sure you'd be thinking, "What horrors?!!" but like I said I don't really bother 'bout the past. It's about the future!! And I'm gonna be AWESOME.

LOL, ya know I still get the creeps when my friends ask if my dad could accompany me to wherever. Haha. I haven't thought of a suitable response yet.

I <3333 my mum, though! She's the best! She's the only one in my house who cares and she's just awesome! She's one of my best friends, actually! We share popcorn in the cinema, just the 2 of us at late night Sci-Fi movies in the cinema. We watch Code Lyoko together once in a while. We play with blankets! We dance around and jump around like crazy baboons and she's my guitar teacher, math teacher, everything teacher! Yay yay yay!!!

Hahahaaaaa... Now that was a lot of randomness. Sorry for wasting your time. But this is my blog. ;)

Have a great night or day!!!
And may the Force be with you!
Til tomorrow then!

Rogue Eleven out.

Corran!! <333333 <333333 <333333 to infinity!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's Code Lyoko episode was very meaningful. Loved it. And Yumi and fly, DAWG!!!! O_o :D


  1. Sounds rough. Glad you're stronger now and can overcome those things! I'm glad you have a good mom too. Happy Belated Star Wars Day to you too!

  2. Jar-Jar haters suck XD I am neturel about Jar Jar actually.

  3. Happy Belated Star Wars day!!

    I concur, Jar-Jar is awesomely awesome.

    Wow, that's great that you can forgive your dad. Most of the time, when you refuse to forgive someone, you're only hurting yourself. It's good that you're not dwelling on the negative. =)

    -Barriss :-)

  4. I love Jar-Jar. He makes things funny!

    I'm so sorry you had to go thru those things. It sounds very hard. Good for you for being strong, and looking to the future! Keep being strong girl! :) And moms rock. Glad yours is so amazing. Love you!
    And Happy Belated Star Wars Day!!! :D

  5. Favorite pirate: If Han Solo does not count then it has to be Hondo Ohnaka from TCW.

  6. @Amaranthine: Thanks. ^_^ Hope you had a great Star Wars day!

    @Futurejedigirl0202: Me too. I'm neutral towards him but I just feel that he's under appreciated, that's all. Haha. :D

    @Barriss: Same to you too! Hope you had a good one. And thank you and I agree on what ya said. :)

    @Jedi~Chick: Agreed. Sometime the way he speaks makes me crack up. Have Star Wars day to ya too. Hope your Star Wars day was great! Thanks for your kind words. :D

    @James and Jacob: Oh yea!! I totally forgot about Hondo! Yep, he's a cool pirate, alright. ^_^

  7. Long live Jar Jar Binks! XD

    Sorry about your dad though. Hope things get better for ya. =)

    -Ley <3

  8. @Ley: Yay! Long live Jar Jar and LONG LIVE STAR WARS!! :D And thank you, things are getting better. May the Force be with you! ^__^


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