Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 1: Your favorite character

Please read the previous post I just posted a few minutes ago before reading this one.

Today's post will be about the first day if the Star Wars Meme. I know the website says, "1st August 2010" or something about it being posted in August but it's still cool to do! Another Star Wars fan on the SWU is doing it too, so why not? It'll be awesome!

Before I start on "Day 1: Your favourite Star Wars character", I want to show y'all something and post about my weekend.

Something random that happened yesterday...

Wait for it..



Okay, that was really random. LOL.

Today, my brother, Alfie decided to take one of the limes (I think it was Mummy Lime) from the kitchen table to clean his Wushu sword. He said that his Wushu instructor told him that lime juice can remove rust. Interesting... And he took Mummy Lime away!! I yelled, "Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!" and he thought that I was insane. XD

I spent the weekends studying. Nothing much.. I did go to the newly open park near my house with my mum and Alfie in the evening today. It was so peaceful! If I looked to the right while on the bridge, there'll be an endless stretch of trees!! The scenery rocks!! I'll get pictures the next time I'm there!! (I forgot to take some even though my phone was in my pocket the whole time. Eeep..!)

We went to McDonald's after that for dinner and my brother and I were fasinated with dead flies. It's not me!! Alfie started it. He said that there were a lot of dead flies on the window sill and I took a peek and he went on about it. Hahahaaaa...

I bought some pens on the way home. Durians too. Yum.. I know almost everyone says that durians stink and whatever but I think they actually taste quite good. My taste buds are "alienized", may be. :P

Now for...

Day 1: Your favorite character

Are you talking about my favourite from the movies? My all-time favourite? Or favourite from the EU??

My all-time favourite would be CORRAN HORN!!

He is sooooooo cool! I dreamt of him this morning! He's so perfect in my eyes!! He's so talented at the controls of an X-Wing and he's so skilled in lightsaber combat and everything!! Corran corran CORRAN!!!

Excuse me.. This is *ahem* fangirl moment!! *Ahem...*

I was so mesmorised by his awesomeness when I first read X-Wing Rogue Squadron (the best Star Wars book EVER!!). He's super talented!! I like his personality! That's what a guy should be like! Totally!


Fangirl moment in process...

I've told my friends who've asked me if I want to date or have a boyfriend so something similar that he has to be like Corran Horn!! Yessssssssss!!!

Mum: Are you obsessing about Corran again? *rolls eyes and walks away*

Any way, because of him, I've begun to appreciate pilots more. Yup, I have. I've officially became a Rogue Squadron fan and a Pilot fan!

By the way, Corran is 167cm tall. That's 15cm taller than me. (How is that even relevant to this post. LOL..!!!)

Corran Horn will always be my all time favourite! He's so mature and he has such a strong character!! <3

I learn life skills from him, do ya know?

At this point, my classmates and school friends would probably think that I'm crazy. 0_o


That's my post for Day 1, guys!! Now you know that I'm this crazy about him.

Bye!! Have a great day or night everyone!

Rogue Eleven out!

P.S. I seriously dreamt of Corran last night. <3333!!!


  1. REALLY like Corran Horn, don't you? xDDDD You're nuts! LOL! Just kidding. ;) I know how crazy we fangirls can get over our Star Wars guys.... ;)

  2. Hehehee.. Yup! I'm totally obsessed! I do like others like Luke Skywalker, Anakin Solo, WEdeg Antilles, Gaving Darklighter and Tycho Celchu. They are all so awesome!!


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