Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog Post Update

Hey, I'm back after not usre how many days. I'm starting to get lazy cos hardly anyone reads my stuff her much. *Takes a peek below and notices that DuchessSatineKenobi has commented on my previous post* Okay, okay, I'll post.. But y'all better read it.

It's 11:11am!!! Make a wish! I treat it like a prayer actually. I wish many wishes for myself, my mum, my friends and the rest of the world so that everyone can get what they need. i know I sound stupid, but wishing is really fun and it helps you stay positive.

Atina asked me to do a Star Wars comedy Fanfic with her and I agreed. But.. I have no story. It's cos when I write, I go into 'Serious Writer mode' that's when I get serious (even at 5am <-- That's another story..) so how does one get serious but write something that ridiculous and funny? I have no clue.

My Star Wars Roleplay has been going pretty well. I met another Roleplay online that was new to the whole thing too. Let's just call him EG. I've had a lightsaber duel with him, played around his starfighter (LOL moment..) and had a 'normal everyday on Coruscant' chat. I've also met this other guy who is super nice in real life chat but plays a Mando Darkside user. Call him LH. We had a lightsaber duel (I lost.. Okay, stop laughing..) and we spent time on board his shuttle.

P.S. I want Amanda, my best friend to rate my writing better so I'm gonna do my very very best at this!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp!!!!!

I'm a little zonked out cos I'm still half asleep. I slept at 6am last night.. Burning midnight oil for roleplay and chat... Zzzz.. Hahaha!!!

Umm, if any of you want to make friends with me, search 'Andrienna Jaina Solo' on Facebook. There should only be one of me with such a name. I roleplay Jaina Solo but I'm planning on making her fall to the darkside for a while cos it's getting boring if my response is always, "I train at the Jedi Temple with Uncle Luke." And that's it. A little to plain. And I want more emotion in her. :P This is all Roleplay anyway..

I <3333333 Roleplay!!!! It's tooo epic! Tooooo awesome!!!!! Haha. I'm sad that once my holidays are over, I can't stay up late to roleplay anymore. But I'll still Roleplay in the weekends. That's for sure!!

LH wasn't online yesterday so I was slightly annoyed cos we promised to be online at the same time to continue our roleplay. But I understand that he probably has sometime more important cos it'll be 2pm where he's at. (It's 3am where I'm at..) Horrible time difference. I want move to the US when I get older. I'm like burning midnight oil for roleplay.. 0_o

I'll be meeting Atina and her aunt today at 1pm and I'm gonna have a blast. We did meet up on Saturday and we hung out and many places. The church service was cancelled somehow so we went to Borders instead. Then kinokuniya to find Star Wars books. I reserved two books in the Coruscant Nights series for meee! LOL.

Another thing, I'm having a poke war with two people on Facebook. *Cries* LOL.. POKE!! Haha!

I feel like upgrading my rp character's weaponry. Any suggestions?

See y'all later! And leave a comment in the section below if you are awesome. :P
~Rogue Eleven Out~


  1. Hmmmmmmm...no suggestions...glad you and Atina met up:p

  2. Aww? No suggestions? Oh, okay. :)
    We are meeting again on Thursdat at my place! YAY!!!


  3. Cool! You and Atina met? =D That's so awesome!

    -Ley <3

  4. Yay! Sounds like you and Atina are having fun!

  5. @Ley and Satine: Yub yub!!! YAY!!! I went to her aunt's house the day before yesterday (Tuesday) and we drew Ahsoka Tano!! :D


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