Thursday, June 16, 2011

Everyday is like Everyday

Hey.. I'm back. June is a suprisingly dull month for the blogging world. What's going on in my life, you ask?

Here's the Everyday schedule of Andriee Jaina Solo:
Wake up
Eat lunch
Uses Facebook on my laptop
Draws comics
Goes out with my mum sometimes
Uses more Facebook and listens to songs on Youtube
Sometimes there is TV
Uses Facebook again
Draws a little more comic
Lazing around
Uses Facebook?
Roleplay time on Facebook!

The teachers in my school are like always making us study 24/7 last semester that I just don't feel like studying anymore in the holidays. T^T

I'm gonna party and have the beat fun I ever had!

I didn't get suggestions for my rp character's weaponry.. Sigh. Anyway, I've updated my character's profile and info:

I'm roleplaying Andrienna Jaina Solo, a mixture of me, Andrienna and Jaina Solo. I'm combining both personalities. In a way, you could say that my character gets the best of both worlds. :)

Andrienna Jaina Solo still a teenager and is still trying to figure out the galaxy. She might make a few wrong turns in life such as nearly falling to the dark side, but never fails to try and do good and make the galaxy a better place.

She is currently training to become a great Jedi someday and uses two purple-bladed lightsabers in battle. (I know that Jaina Solo probably uses only one lightsaber, but my character will have two.) She also carries a hidden blaster.

Andrienna Jaina Solo enjoys flying an X-Wing fighter and is her most preferred choice of starfighter. She hopes to be able to fly with Rogue Squadron someday. She can fly almost anything as well. (Bet you didn't think she could do that! :P)

Something unique about her is that she is a talented artist who draws in her bedroom at the Jedi Praxeum when no one is looking. (I can draw manga in real life. LOL..)

Apparently she likes hanging out with darkside users, something that she herself doesn't really understand. She can be really funny and easy-going but dead serious at times.

Taa daaaaa!

See y'all later, peeps! MTFBWY!
~Rogue Eleven out!~

P.S. Please tell me what you think about my character in the comments! PLEASE!! Thank you!


  1. Your character sounds awesome!!! I like how you mixed two personalities together to make a really cool character.

  2. Yep, she sounds awesome! When making a character it's best to put a little of you in there ;p

  3. Apparently i did the same thing as u, except role-play and drawing :)

  4. @Satine: Thanks!

    @Sophia: Yub yub and thanks!

    @Alina: LOL.. Hey Alinaaaaaaaa!!!! *Too hyper*

  5. Your character sounds Plo Kool!!

    -Barriss =)


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