Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Holidays Are Finally Here!!!!

Hey everyone!! This is my 66th post and that means.. ORDER 66!! Aaaaah~ LOL. Okay, people, I'm back! I teels like I'm disconnected from the blogging world and the Lakehouse and e-mail and things like that because of some poopin' motivation workshop that was compulsory.

Some of the stuff in the motivation workshop were not neccessary. For example, the trainers kepts talking and talking for hours at a time. No breaks?!! Yea..

Omg.. My brother, Alfie said that my painting was nice!! Woots~!!!!!

Where was I? Oh. Actually the last part of the motivation workshop gave me a shock. I didn't know heroic people exist in our daily lives. I mean, I always thought they only existed in Star Wars and Babylon 5 and Code Lyoko and all my other cartoons and movies.

The trainer was talking gibberish (not really) to the parents who attended for more than an hours. I was dying.. SOOOOOO BORED!!! 0__o I read my Star Wars book, ate sweets, played a shooting block thing sort of game on my handphone, playing a racing car game on Joshua's handphone and disturbed Mingiee. Hahaaa..

Towards that end, the trainer asked my schoolmates to talk on stage to theit parents. Not me. Most of the girls that did so cried while they were expressing their thoughts and feeling to their parents. The first speaker said that her dad was handicapped and all and she was like a hero to me cos I thought people with characteristics like her belonged in books and movies. Wow.

And I have successful completed my mission. I didn't cry!! Muahhahahahahaaaaa!!!! >:)
Yea, I rule. LOL.

I finished watching 'Kobato' already. The ending was so sweet. I really like Fujimoto cos he's so cool. Y'all should watch it too!! I found small typo errors in the english subtitles but they're not a big problem.

Now, I'm watching a new anime, 'Soul Eater'. It's kinda strange and weird and has a few inappropriate scenes (but I'm almost 16 so whatever) and I think it's gonna have a good storyline so I'm gonna continue watching it. 51 episodes in all, for your info! Yea~!!

Code Lyoko ended during that stupid motivation workshop so as usual, I missed the last 2 episodes for the 2nd time. Aaaaaaaaah!!! I wanna tear my hair out!! Just kidding. But, seriously, I MISSED IT AGAIN!! Sigh.~

By the way, do y'all know that my holidays officially begun yesterday?!! That's no more school for me for 3 weeks!!! Woooooo hoooooooooooooo!!!

What I'm gonna try to do in the holidays:

  • Draw 2 pages of comic everyday.

  • Revise 1 chapter of my school stuff almost everyday.

  • Finish Design and Techology Project (My Star Wars Collectibles Display!).

  • Do more Painting.

  • Get my dad to install the Adobe Photoshop thingy for me so that I can scan my art into the computer and add colour and shading to them.

  • Play Farmville.

  • Read finish 2 Star Wars books.

  • Re-read the NJO series.

  • Meet up with best friends.

  • Pass Denise X-Wing: The Krytos Trap to Denise to read.

  • Improve my manga.

  • Finish watching Soul Eater.

  • Watch Starship Troopers 3 cos it's taking up recording space in my dad's TV recorder.

  • Find and watch the last 2 episodes of Code Lyoko on the Internet.

  • Draw the leftover cover pages for my comic.

  • Draw more comic.

  • Finish crappy holiday homework. Yuck.

  • Meet Atina and have the most fun ever!

  • Have lotsa lotsa FUN!!!

Ta daa!!

One more thing. My maths teacher had a mini chat with me on the last day of the motivation workshop about studying in the holidays cos I never ever ever do that. Holidays is party mode after all. But what he said at the end was awesome. No teacher has ever encouraged me to do that.

He encouraged me to try out for art school. That's very AWESOME. I tried out once, 5 years ago but I didn't get in but.. WHO EVER SAID YOU CAN'T TRY AGAIN? :D

I need to compile my best artworks together. I have quite a few I like but I want to draw more so that I can have an even wider variety to choose from.

Actually, this art school thing is my back-up plan. I saw my report book later that day and my marks can bring me nowhere. Seriously..

And my other back-up plan is to publish my comic in December this year so that I can add it in as an accomplishment.

The good thing is is that I can have 2 bonus points minus off the points I get of my marks. YAY!! The lower the points the better. Aaaaah~ 0_o I need 11 points to do Film Video, 3D animation and Creative Writing and all those stuff I wanna do!!! And my points are at 21. Yes, I know, my points suck. But I have 2 bonus points!! Yay!!

I actually have these 2 extra points cos I have 4 CCAs and half of the points in from the comic competitions I've joined and won!! Woooooooooo~!!!

My next post will be featuring my drawings!! Hope you'll enjoy. Now I gotta run around the blogging world and comment on everyone's blog before they think I've disappeared too long!!

See ya!!
~Rogue Squadron is awesome. Believe it. Heehee.~

Rogue Eleven out!!!

P.S. Happy holidays to everyone having holidays now!!


  1. Can't wait to see your drawings! Happy break!

  2. Good luck with the art school! =)

    -Ley <3

  3. @Futurejedigirl: I'll post my art as soon as possible. I haven't finished my painting yet so y'all might have to wait a little. >.< Oops. Have an Awesome day!!!

    @Ley: Thanks! And May the Force be with you always~!! :D


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