Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Drawings, Like I Promised.

Hey y'all. I'm a little annoyed.

It's for two obvious reasons. I'll go straight to the point cos I hate being wishy washy and lalalala-ing. <-- (Is that even a word? Whatever..)

1. Blogger is giving me problems. My pictures aren't right. Most of them are sideways and I don't know why. I've already rotated them right, ya know. Rrrrr...
2. No one commented on my 2nd Fanfic post. C'mon. My writing ain't that bad. At least I tried. Sigh.. I'm guessing I'm not cut out for writing.

I'm someone who tried my best not to break promises so here are my drawings. I did them during the motivation workshop, fyi.

It's sideways.

It's upright..

It's poopin' sideways again.

Before I go, I'm going to show you this strange cloud I saw on my way home that day. It's weird, see..

I like the second picture better.

My mum let me stop by the bus stop on our way home to let me get a good picture since trees kept blocking my view so many times at the corner of the bus interchange.

Okay. I'm going now. Comment if you like, don't comment if you don't like. Or comment any way if you think I'm annoyed. I'm not any more. Nowadays, I try not to let stuff bother me. :) That's Andriee's rule No. 1094730747327 to being happy.

See ya. I'll be back when I want to be. :P

~Rogue Eleven Out~

P.S. Do you still want fanfics from me? I have a Jaina Solo one. T_T And it's probably not gonna get any views so I dunno.

P.S. >_< Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!! *Cools down by sitting in a tub of ice water..*


  1. Sorry I didn't read your fanfic ;P I haven't gotten much comments either. I think people are on vacation so I'm cutting down my posts. YOU ARE SUCH AN AWESOME ARTIST! Espically compared to me! XD

  2. I definitely want to you to post more fan fics!! Sorry I didn't get to read your last one. :( I agree with futurejedigirl10202...people are probably on vacation. You're drawings are amazing! You are a VERY talented artist! :D

  3. @Futurejedigirl: Thanks! I think you are a great artist too. may be you could post some of your drawing on your blog. I'm sure they're equally nice! :)

    @Rebecca: Thanks! I'll post my Jaina Solo one once I finish editing. :)

    AS for everyone else: HAPPY VACATION! Hope y'all have a blast~!!


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