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My 2nd Fanfic!

Hey y'all! I have no idea why I'm online. I have finished read every fanfic with Corran in it from that website I found. I read the *ahem*NC-17*cough* ones too. The NC-17 ones weren't too bad. I have a Corran and Mirax Fanfic too. It's PG. And I had to kill off Corran in it because it was a school essay and the topic was on 'Death'. 0_o I got a 23/30, okay!

Since I have nothing better to talk about since I promised to upload my art but they aren't completed yet, I'm going to post my school essay here!! LOL..

**Some parts are edited to make the story more suitable for Corran and Mirax fans and to make is more Sci-Fi.

***Sorry for injuring Corran in my essay. >_<

****We're not allowed to write Sci-Fi essays so I have to edit a lot of parts. Yikes..

Wait.. I have to find my essay first..
Ohh, I found it! It's AU, okay. And a little strange, I think. Enjoy. Entirely from Mirax's point of view.
P.S. Sorry, Corran. Eeep..!! >.<"

"No... NO! Please, no...!" My boyfriend's shout woke me up from my sleep.

I groggily tried to get a bearing of my surroundings and I fingered around the side table in the darkness, reaching for the table lamp. With a flick of my finger, the bedroom lighted up in a soft, yellow glow, chasing the darkness away. Seeing my boyfriend, Corran, in such terror jolted me wide awake.

"Hey! Hey, it's just a nightmare. Wake up!" I yelled, while shaking Corran frantically.

Corran sat up in shock, the blanket falling off him to his waist. Sweat covered him all over and he looked around our room as though searching for what had scared him in his nightmare. Then, he grabbed me with his shaky arms.

"I dreamt that you almost died, Mirax," he whispered in my ear, "I dreamt that you left me."

"It's just a dream," I reassured him, embracing him in a warm hug, "Don't think so much about it."

I didn't know I could be so wrong until it was too late.

I dropped Corran off the Pulsar Skate at the Rogue Squadron base before heading off. We went about our usual duties, him flying with Rogue Squadron while I smuggled stuff for the New Republic. Our jobs did not take us too far for each other. We would still frequently see each other everytime I stopped by with a new load of shipment.

Somehow, I felt like finishing my work early today so that I would have the rest of the day off to spend with Corran. Making my mind up, I made the jump to hyperspace. As I watched the stars stretch and elongate from the cockpit, my mind drifted back to the nightmare Corran had..

An annoying beeping filled my ears as I sat back upright and pulled the lever, bringing the Pulsar Skate back to real space. The darkness of space surrounded a dot in the centre of the viewport: Coruscant.

As I stroded towards Corran's room, I started to have a bad feeling. Little did I know what I would find..

The door swooshed open and I stepped into the room. The soft, pale light from the corridor illuminating the room. A dark figure lay half way on the floor groping for the bed.

"Corran!" I screamed as I dashed to his side.

Blood streaming down his mouth, he tried to focus at me. His green eyes filled with shock and horror. He looked as pale as a zombie.

"Oh. Corran.." I weeped, tears blurring my vision.

He said something inaudible as I fished my comlink out of my pocket, hands shaking as I dialled for the medics. By now, I had caused a scene and squadron members and colleagues nearby rushed over to help. I was oblivious to all this as my mind kept straying to the thought: Will he die?

Hours after, I sat outside the Emergency Room waiting anxiously for the medical droid. I kept my fingers crossed as I chanted in my mind, "Please don't die." While deep in concentration, I heard footsteps on the grey stone approach me.

"Are you Mirax Terrik?" The monotonous voice of the medical droid asked.

"Yes, about Corran Horn?" I felt my voice fade away.

"I am sorry, but we have to inform you that Corran has been diagnosed with an unknown illness. It's fatal. I apologise."

I stared back into it's expressionless face. How was that possible? How?

"H-How long left?" I asked, fearing the answer.

"A month or two."

The news hit me so hard that I froze for a few moments. Then, tears streaming down my face and I sobbed uncontrollably. Suddenly, I felt so alone. I was going to loose Corran forever.

I took Corran back home in a wheelchair the following week. As we sat there in perfect silence, praying for a miracle, I glanced at him from the corner of my eye. He looked so calm and serene. So fearless. When he heard the news, he accepted it and faced it head on bravely. As bravely as when he flew against TIE Interceptors in his X-Wing. I smiled at the fact that I was so fortunate to meet such a strong man like him.

On our way back to the Medcentre for another check up, Corran told me something.

"We have to cancel the marriage," he declared.

"No," I replied, looking him in the eye, "You are the only person I want to be with in this galaxy. The marriage will go on."

Further tests and medical check ups at the hospitat revealed to us that Corran was having fewer and fewer days left to live. We held the wedding only a fortnight after. Seeing Corran's wide smile and joy at having his last wish fulfilled, overwhelmed my heart with joy.

That night, after the wedding, the two of us sat in the balcony of our appartment overlooking the building on Coruscant, enjoying the peacefulness of the night. The night sky, a contrast to Coruscant's naturally occurring auroras, was a blanket of twinking stars above the city lights.

We leaned against each other, taking in every single moment we shared together. With one hand around my shoulders, Corran gestured with the other at the star filled sky.

"One day, Mirax, I'll be among the stars, always shining my light upon you," he whispered promisingly.


I hope y'all like it. I tried my best at writing. I actually love writing but I'm not much of a writer, I think. I dunno. This was actually my first attempt at a romance story in school but I'm glad that it could become a fanfic for you all.

Please comment and give tips on how to improve and everything! Comment, people and aliens~!!

Thanks for reading! Goodnight! (It's pass 2am..)
~Rogue Eleven out!!~

P.S. All characters and whatsoevers belong to their respective owners. I'm just a fangirl with a fanfic. :D

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  1. Hey :D, seeing that no one commented, guess I'm first then XD. Uhm there are a few spelling mistakes >_<".. 1.It's not 'weeped', it's 'wept' and it's not 'loose', it's 'lose'. >_<", other than that, your fic is great :3. Try to elaborate more on the character's feelings and such >.<. I don't mind being your beta reader [Someone who proofreads your fics and corrects them]. Keep it up! :D


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