Monday, June 20, 2011

Roleplay is Awesome! Yep!

Hey everyone. I know I haven't been on blogger and the Lakehouse recently. I was really into Roleplay this month. RPing is just too much fun!

My holiday ends this Sunday and I don't wanna go back to school. I actually hate my school, seriously. I hate math too. For holiday homework, we were given a math paper to do and I can only do 40% of the questions. AAAAAAAAAAAARGH, I failed again.. T^T

This stinks. AARGHH!!

Any way, I found myself a Jedi Master to train me since I'm still a Jedi Padawan. (I'm talking about RP..) My Jedi Master is AWESOME! I learnt a few defensive Force Powers and we're starting on the offensive ones soon. I'm gonna help rebuild the Jedi Order!! :)

Atina wanted to roleplay too and it turns out she's better at it than me! Eeeeeeee... I mean, she's playing a Mando (I knew she would) and there's a chat going on between she and Fi Skirata. It's so good! The way she writes and stuff is as though as if she is in control and has confidence in how the RP is going.

I'm still shy and I rather follow around. >_< GAAAAAAAAAH.. Atina is so goooood at RP! I'm really surprised in a good way! You go, Atina! You rule~!! LOL.

Hmm, but it could be because Atina is playing a Mando. Mandalorians need to fend for themselves and protect their brothers and sisters and stuff so naturally her character would be confident, in control and things like that.

I'm just a Jedi Padawan, still training to be a great Jedi. I feel like the way I portray her makes her a little confused and weak at first but as she gets to know the others better, she becomes more comfortable with them and opens up. I believe that's how I'm like in real life.

And we gotta change that! This is roleplay not real life. I wanna be the best Jedi ever. I kinda studied how Atina spoke to Fi and I understand. Both you and whoever you are RPing with need equal control over the turn of events. The problem is, I'm afraid to injure the others in lightsaber fights (for example) that is why I lose.

Sigh.. The holidays are going to be over soon. I want the holidays to last forever. When school starts, I won't be able to stay up late and RP so often. Kinda sad cos I love roleplay. I really love it. It's like I get to be another person in the Star Wars universe. How cool is that? And in roleplay, my character doesn't back off from fights. She's brave and awesome. I wanna be like that in real life. LOL..

This is a rather useless post, huh? I'm just going on and on about roleplay. I'm still learning about what goes on in it. Apparently, there are more Sith, Grey Jedi and Mandos than Jedi. We are kinda out-numbered.

My friend, Joshua wants to roleplay too. (I don't want him to RP. T_T) Why? Cos he's a little bit naive and easy to manipulate. I'm just saying, of course. But ya know, RP will but strange with him around..

That's all for today. I woke up to early cos I thought that my mum would be bringing me to my grandmother's house but I ended up staying home. It's only 10:35am and I dunno what to do. Bye.

~Jedi Andrienna Out~


  1. If Joshua RPs, a stone will randomly drop from somewhere =X.

  2. XD Cool! I've always wanted to rp, but I lack creativity. XD


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