Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boring + LOL-ing = Class Field trip!

My class went on an excursion today. It was... well, ummm... Strange. I was very deep in thought throught the bus rides in between stops. I had fun with my friends though. The tour guide is smart but seriously boring.. Kept asking us to complete the worksheet.
Joshua, sometimes I can't tolerate your attitude and behaviour. Just be yourself, okay. Everyone is different with their own personality. Stop altering your personality to suit other people's preferences. You are who you are.
Don't you think worksheet on field trips spoil all the fun?? I didn't do my worksheet (I copied only 2 answers from C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) Hehehe..! And I doodled another mini Gavin Darkligher!!
I'm mostly annoyed cos whenever you encouter problems or don't do your work well or hand in homework, the teachers ask ME to help you. You are only 3 months younger than me, not 3 year. Please, improve your handwriting and doing your work well. It does help you to pass your tests.
And I pretty much LOL-ed throughout the trip with Ming Jin and Lala and a few others. I made some funny friends from 4E2 (part of that class followed ours).

I ate yummy yummy YUMMIIIIEEEEE ice-cream at one point with Joshua's $1 cos I won. We competed about scoring the highest in a Physics class test. The loser had to buy the winner a ice-cream worth $1. And I won him by 6 marks!! YEAHHHHHH!!!! I got 34/40!! Whahahahahahhahaaaa.... I'm so braineeeee~!!!! <3

Seriously Joshua. Be yourself and think about your future. Stop failing your subjects in school. Don't tell me the only way to make you study is to compete over money, cos that's not really right. Okay?
And (I almost forgot), I got 23/30 for my English essay! Hahahahahahaaaaaaa.... I'm freakin' "brain- neighhhhh"! It was about marriage and I used the names Corran (yeah..!) and Mirax (you know!!!). BUT I ENDED UP KILLING OFF CORRAN IN MY ESSAY!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... He's didn't really die.. I just wrote it in such a way that he was going to die.. I wrote from Mirax's point of view, by the way. It wasn't meant to happen that way. Ispiration kinda entered my brain after I wrote one paragraph... CORRAN HORN WILL LIVE FOREVER COS HE IS THE BEST ON THE WHOLE GALAXY AND WHISTLER TOO!!! Got that? HA! Wish I could show it to you all but my English teacher made us file it up and the files are in the cupboard. Sad. D:

Gotta go, guys!! Skipping over to Facebook! Bye!
May the force be with you!

Rogue Eleven out!

P.S. We visited a building that was like a flying saucer during the field trip and my classmates were like ALIEEEEEEEENNNNNNNN, ANDRIEE... ALIEEEEEEENNNNNNN!!! Cos they know I'm crazy about Sci-Fi. Hahaha.. Freaking fun!
Joshua can't ruin my fun when I've got so many friends around me! Yeah!!


  1. Man, I'm sooooo bad at hiding my words.. LOL. The background for the posts too translucent...

  2. i saw your messages.... sry for annoying you my behaviour is under construction....sry for being angry(somehow i feel like the sith i used to be omg noooooooooooooooooo but less angry )omg i ruin your fun srysrysry plz teach me how to interact wif friends more often :)so we still best friends?


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