Friday, February 18, 2011

Raccoons are squishy and Chicken Wings are yummy and Tycho Celchu is 100% AWESOME!

Aaargh! School was so tiring today that I almost couldn't stay awake in Physics afternoon lesson/ VA program. I was so freaking sleepy that I mumblen lotsa rubbish and played with the pronunciation of Joshua's name!

Like.. Jioooo-shua! Or Juice-shua. Or the famous one (used by Joshua's cousin) JOUSHUA!!
Oops.. Joshua's gonna see this post with these inside-- Hi JOSHUA!! ***Insert sheepish grin***

I can't wait for the TV station on my planet to air Star Wars: The Clone Wars 3.. I've seen fans discuss about it and I really wanna watch it. I've NEVER missed a simple episode from Seasons 1 and 2. I'm such a fan!! I really wanna watch. I really wanna wanna WANNA!! I need it! Rooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaarrr!!!! Aaaaaaah!!!! I'm so obsessed with Star Wars that I need an extra bag to carry my overflowing fandom-ness in.. Oohhhh...!

I also realised that recently I've been turning all my school English essays into New Jedi Order Fanfiction.. And my teacher actually gives me more marks for my fan fics (I keep them realistic enough for the teacher to not think it's Sci-Fi cos we aren't allowed to write Sci Fi. Rrrrhhh!!). The one about Mirax and Corran got me my highest mark yet. (See previous post for more details).

I'm feeling so bored in front of the laptop. Joshua is taking an awfully long time to get online. I've been WAITING for AGES!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah

I believe there's American Idol on TV tonight so at least I'll be entertained then. BUT I NEED SOME FUN NOWWWW!! I'm actually freaking bored.

Ohhhh!! I know. I'm do a question and answer survey about myself to myself!
Let's seeeeeeee...

Do you prefer racoons or jelly?
I like jelly (I almost typed 'Jedi'..) cos it's so yummmmmmmy! But racoons are... Okay?? So I think I'd go for the jelly, especially of it's free!

Do you like rugs or curtains?
Rugs. Then I can lie on the floor without always being startled about how cold the floor is.

Would you rather get 100 bucks or take a picture with Tycho Celchu?
TYCHO CELCHU!!! He's soooooo awesome! Tycho!!!!!! You are soooo awesome that I'm at a loss for words to say how perfect you are. You are tha-best (besides Corran and Wedge and Ooryl and some more others)!! Totally worth it to get to snap a pic with him!


P.S. Blogger messed up my post so some stuff that I though of to talk about on the spot are gone.. SUCKS man. And I think I know why: Blogger doesn't allow me to make a heart shape with the no. 3 and the arrow. Especially the arrow!! It's so annoying. I can't use the arrow like in Facebook. Humph.. So disappointed that one of my random questions is gone (completely) and my "Rogue Eleven out" got delete the first time I published this..

Once more: Rogue Eleven out. (I still wanna be Eleven, Joshiee).

P.S.S. I'm going use ***s from now on the insert my emotions. Arrows stink. >:P


  1. i thot you like corran more??btw racoons are worser cause thhey will steal your jellllllley

  2. Ohhhh.. I like Corran Horn more. But Tycho is very cool and brave and smart and everything too! ^_^


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