Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sleepiness + Randomness = INSANITY!!

I'm so sleepy right now... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

We had Humanities Value Added (VA) Program and boy, was it super boring. Mr Yuuuuuuuu took our class again but he didn't really go "Ooooooooooh-Aaaaaaaaaaaah-ing" at me for drawing in class or laughing in class or going hyper in class or being madly random in class, so we're cool. And it rained during Humanities--

Ohhhh... :0 I'm tempted to bouce on my bed and listen to Taylor Swift's music. Ohhhhhh.

Okay, that was random. Then we went to MacDonald's for a mini-size, near-dinner snack. And cos it happened to have rained, the swings at the playground nearby were wet.. Well, just the rubber seat. And we (not desperatedly) "cleaned" the seats to swing on 'em.

Oh yeah, I got cool, awesome news! I'm gonna be designing some sort of multi-purpose collection display thingy for Design and Technology lesson and it'll be mainly for you Star Wars fans out there. Ya know, to display your Star Wars novels and comics and figurines (ROGUE SQUADRON FIGURES!!!!! <3) Aren't I nice? Hehehe... But we haven't started creating the product yet.. We're still at the "write loads of trash that exam markers wanna see" stage.

And not forgetting one last thing, WE HAD NO PE TODAY!!! NO RUNNING THAT VIRTUALLY AND NOT SO VIRTUALLY KILLS YOURSELF!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

And like Denise would say on Facebook: "RANDOM DANCING!!!" Though I suspect that she got it from iCarly... Hmmmm.. Mysteries are mysteries. I wanna Scooby Snack.

LOL!!! I'M SO INSANE!?! What Scooby snack? ROFL!

Ohhh man, I'm so sleepy. I think I'll take a nap 'til my mum gets home.

P.S. Joshua, I like your ambition No. 2 the most. Give a comment, you shall!

This is so cool, there are jets zooming about above my house now. I can hear it! Joshua'll like it. Bueeeeeeeeiii!!


  1. i can post a comment??? wow!! yea i like jets (btw what was my ambition 2 again(ambition one is cia agent ...oh fighter pilot?? or weapon research

  2. Dunno. But I know. Cos I know that I know that you might or might not know what it is to know. Figure it out.


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