Thursday, February 24, 2011

LOBSTER = Joshua! :D

A best friend of mine, Joshua, specially requested that I post something because he wanted me to post something. So, I have posted something.

I actually promised to show yall my drawings (particularly the Rogue Squadron fan-art) but I haven't learned how to go about getting my pictures from my new phone to this laptop. The whole transferring thing is different from my old phone so... You'll get to see 'em (hopefully) the next time I post something new, I think...?

I'm been busy.. SO "BEE-ZEE". LOL.

There's like extra lesson's aka 'Value Added Program' that we gotta attend everyday (except on Mondays cos I don't have a second language..). It's called value added in my school because it sucks your valuables from you such as your free time. Thats why the school is 'Value Added'. Similar to a black hole! Hahahaaaaa...! Wish our school was located near the Maw Cluster so that we'll have a holiday everyday. Reason? It's no longer there. Heheheeee...!

That was really random. And Star Wars helps me express myself better.. But I'm still really bad at english oral because the topics for conversation aren't what I can connect with and whenever I see the teacher's face, mind-blank.

Guess what??? I got a 24/30 for my English composition!!! OH YEAHHHHHHHHH PEOPLEZZZZZZZZ!!! (Warning: Do not bash me after reading the following.) As usual, I borrow names of favourite characters (mostly from the New Jedi Order) for my essays because it helps me connect with the lame topic given. By the way, the topics are always lame because they banned Sci-Fi (I write Sci-Fi best and they had to ban Sci-Fi stories... Humph!). Any way, I had to kill Jaina and Lujayne in my compo. It's about the topic "Fear" and I scored the highest in my English class. It has a touch of goriness, though.. Tomato sauce does make things more realistic sometimes.. Hehehe. But I killed the writer (I wrote from Lujayne's perspective..) at the end but my english teacher told me that I wasn't suppose to kill the writer. Sooo okay then. I'll stop making thing die in my compo?? I find happy endings lame. But happy ending in Star Wars aren't! YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

So Joshua, does this post satisfy your "so not free from desire" brain of yours?? Hmm?

Rogue Eleven out!

Engine problem... Just KIDDING! Me <3 Corran! Yea~!


  1. :D use cable to transfer data for your phone...i so sleapy(sleepy)sleeeeeaaaaapeeeee

  2. CABLE car! Wooooo hoooooooooo!!!!

    Ignore that.. 0__o
    I tried the only cable I could find already....

  3. i toht your phone came wif cable? and have you installed the programm( a disk that came wif the phone)

  4. Disk?? What disk??

    Oh my (does Threepio sound)I'm really bad at computer stuff.

    Where is R2 when you need him?



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