Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's raining on a Saturday..

Hey! I noticed that my posts are very random..

Last night my mum asked me if the book I was readin', "Heir to the Empire" (very awesome) was nice. My totally quick response was, "Duh, it's nice!" Star Wars is the nicest thing EVER!!

Hmmm... I noticed that recently I've been drawing Rogue Squadron on my worksheets and workbooks and other things. But now (actually later) I can put pictures of my art here! Cos... **add drum smashing sounds and people yellin' "Meesa wan seeeeee!"** MY MUM BOUGHT ME A NEW PHONE and I can't wait to fiddle with it nowww-- when it's done charging... Can't wait! Can't wait!!!

Who thinks Corran is cool?? ME!!! MEEEEE!!!!

Ohhh noo.. the randomness has started.. 0__o

But Corran is really cool, he's my favourite character in the entire galaxy. Sadly, I don't have his figurine cos there's no shops anywhere near here that sells figurines from beyond the movies.. I do have a Luke Skywalker and Palpatine one I won in a Star Wars game I played at some convention more than a year ago..

I saw on my newfeed on Facebook that one of my classmates said he saw the Sec 1's in our school talking about Star Wars and laser guns and other futuristic stuff. I really wanna meet 'em. We must increase the number of Star Wars fans here, where I'm at!! C'mon people!! You know Star Wars is awesome! You know!!! **Waves hand and tries to use the Force..** You know Star Wars is the best thing evaaaa..... Hehehee...

Any way, I'm bored so I might go read my Star Wars book or discuss the X-Wing series (which Joshua is currently reading cos I convinced him that they were awesome) with Joshua.

Rogue Eleven out.

Jaina is sooooo cool. Yes, she is!!!


  1. Very cool blog!!!

    Corran Horn is definitely a cool character. =)

    -Barriss :-D


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