Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yesterday's Part 2: Drawing for yall!

I was too tired to do Part 2 yesterday so I'm posting it before going for my Chemistry extra lesson. (I suspect it'll be boring and I yet again, won't be able to understand much but I hope to learn something!)

It's an improvement of a drawing I did. (Shaded the hair, actually..)
I had to stand it on my chair cos the lighting that day (when I took a picture of it) wasn't so good. That's why it's a little off and you can see too much of the chair(?).. Hahaa..

For you guys:
Well, I did this for all the friends out there that I made through the internet! Especially Jedi~Chick, Barriss, Leia and Amaranthine in particular for all your wonderful comments! :D :D :D

See ya later! Gotta go for Chemistry noww... After I've eaten my noodles that is..
Rogue Eleven out!


  1. it acctually look nicer with shading your drawing rocks!!!

  2. It looks awesome!!! :) Awww, thanks! :D Great job!

    Jedi~Chick <3

  3. @Joshua: Thanks! :D

    @Jedi~Chick: Glad you liked it!


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