Saturday, March 12, 2011

Handphone posting is funnn!!

This is my first time posting something on my blog on my handphone..! It's kinda cool. YEAAAA~!!

Any way.. I deleted the previous post cos i felt like it. And I might be back for a real post tomorrow cos I'm going for my friend's, Denise's church barbecue and i think it's going to be awesome.

I can't wait. It's at around 5pm... Yay!!

See ya guys soon!! And Corran Horn is toooooooo AWESOME. HE MAKES THE WORD AWESOME AWESOME..! Hahahaaa..

Rogue Eleven out.


  1. I liked yesterday's post! The one with the story? It was really good. ;) Have fun tomorrow!!!! :D I'm having a dinner party tomorrow, so I'll be posting on that too. :D
    That's so cool. I can blog from my iPod, which is REALLY awesome (and helpful!) ;D

    Jedi~Chick <3

  2. my phone cant my fingers cant select the profile and i cant post btw

  3. Hi yall! I'm been busy lately but I'll try to check out and comment on your blogs today!

    @Jedi~Chick: Thanks and.. I can't wait to read about your dinner party the next time I visit your blog~! ^__^

    @Joshua: Umm.. I don't exactly know what you are trying to say about the 'profile' bit cos I thought you just need to click/press 'new post' and finger something to get the 'keyboard' function to pop up to type stuff... But your phone might be different from mine, so.. You could try what I just typed to you. :D


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