Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Part 1: March holiday randomness!!

Hi! I was a little busy yesterday cos my best friend, Joshua came over for dinner and to borrow a Star Wars book from my collection. So with all the entertaining and fun we had playing my brother's, Alfie's Nerf guns (makes me feel like either Jaina Solo or Leia all the time), I was too exhausted to blog.

Any way, since I'm back, I'll show you new drawings I did recently. But I wanna divide my post up into two random parts.. Okay, they aren't random but before I start on Part 1, which would be mainly questions done for fun, I wanna announce something...

Get ready for it!!

Yes, you gotta...

Yea yea yea....!!!


I still gotta go back to school for Chemistry extra lessons and Design and Technology cos I offered to help Joshua with his project (designing some sort of piggy bank, I would think). I'm doing a collector's display for Star Wars fans if you wanna know what I'm making for mine.

Okay, now to begin...

I found this on Jedi~Chick and Leia's blog and I thought, "Why not?" So I'm giving it a go. Some questions about yourself, they are. **Insert Yoda's voice when needed**

1) How would people describe your personality?
Hmmm... Artistic, I guess. People everywhere seem to ask me to help them with their art homework and stuff like that. Another would be easy-going cos I take things slow and have fun while I'm at it and whenever possible..!

2) What celebrity would create a "starstruck" feeling in you if you met them in real life?
George Lucas and the creator of Oban Star Racers.

Short note: Oban Star Racers is probably one the best cartoons I've since so far. The feelings of the main characters like Eva, Jordan and Aikka were expressed so beautifully and you can really feel for them. It's Sci-Fi, by the way.
***(This could be a spoiler..) I almost teared when I saw the ending of the last episode and it left me with an empty feeling in a heart for a day or two. (End of supposed spoiler)***
And for a cartoon to be able to do that, I would say it was so masterfully and beautifully made. And it's sooooo original! And so perfect in it's own way. I still love Oban Star Racers a whole lot even though I first watched in sometime in the first half of last year.

3) Who's your favorite Blogger?
My two most favourite would be Jedi~Chick and Barriss Offee and the others I've gotten the chance to talk to through comments would be Amarathine and Leia, and they are really great Bloggers too! :D

4) What is your favorite comfort food/drink??
Chocolates!! <3
And coke or bubble tea/smoothies!!

5) Be brave- Tell something weird and random about yourself!
Okay.. Hmm. I name my blankets in the bedroom my mum and I share. Yup. Haha.. That was random but true. **Runs and hides behind the cupboard**

Ooh, there's more.. **Reappears! Ta Daaaaaaa~!!**

6) What's your favorite movie genre?
SCIENCE FICTION!!! Got anything with aliens and starfighters and dogfights in space, mail it to meee!

7) What's your favorite type of reading material?
Star Wars, need I say more? :)

8) What's your favorite music genre??
Country. Country music is so relaxing with some sort of energy to it that gets me going.

9) If you inherited a million dollars, what's the first thing you'd do with the money?
Complete my Star Wars book collection (comics included) and I'll use the rest to publish my comics and may be a bungalow, yeaaa! I'll probably donate some of it to space research and a one-way shuttle ride to Coruscant and I'll use another bit of it to get my friends and I lightsabers! And may be a little bit more for a Jaina Solo costume?

Uh.. wait. The question said, "first thing you'd do"... Oh well!

10) Name one weakness of yours (confessions are good for the soul).
Sports and the bursen burner and big ferocious doggies and the tendency to draw in lessons.

11) If you could live anywhere, and take all your loved ones with you, where would you go?
Colorado, Denver. Cos John Denver rules!! (Never heard of him?? Google it. Yub yub!)

12) Strange Talent??
Uh.. The ability to go from serious to completely insane?? Does that count?

13) What is something you consider yourself to be good at?
I think you guys already know~!

14) What is your favorite thing to catch a whiff of??
The seaside, clam chowder soup (did I spell it right??), and the smell in the air before it rains cos it'll help to give me time to ready my umbrella to protect my Star Wars book. Heheheee..

15) When you leave a social gathering, do you wish you could've talked more, or talked less?
Depends on the company I'm having and the conversations there.

16) If money wasn't a factor, what stores would you shop in?
Borders and wherever I feel like shopping at.

17) What is your greatest fear or strangest phobia?
Darkness. It overwhelms me too much.

18) What's your greatest accomplishment?
Having won a merit prize in a Manga Competition last year. (12th place.)

19) What are your favorite Animals?
Krayt Dragons. Nah, I was kidding. I like turtles, starfish, and any pretty fish in the ocean.

20) Are you a hopeless romantic?
Haven't gotten the chance to find out yet.

21) What movie or book character can you most relate to?
Corran Horn. Upon seeing my blog url, that goes without saying right? Jaina Solo would be a close second.

Wahahahaaaaaaa! I'm done! And that was so much fun! (I did it while listening to music.. Yea!!)

See ya later for Part 2!
Rogue Eleven out.

P.S. I posted a short-something on the Lakehouse! Yay!! :D

P.P.S. There's a possibility of there being Part 3..


  1. I love playing with Nerf guns. And Lightsabers. And fake spy gear. =)

    Ooh cool a Star Wars collector's display!! Plo Kool!

    Oban Star Racers sounds exciting!

    -Barriss :-D

  2. Aww!! I'm one of your favorite bloggers!!!! :D Thanks Andriee!! :)

    Nerf Guns ARE fun!!!! :D I played with them when I was at my sister's best friend's house. ;) I felt like Leia, or Padme. ;)

    Oban Star Racers sounds awesome! I'll have to check it out sometime! ;)

    Keep coming on Lakehouse!! We'd love to have you on!!! :D Welcome, btw. ;D

    Jedi~Chick <3

  3. @Barriss: Yup, my Design ahd Technology teacher said my work on it was good enough so I really hope it is.. And we'll be built our designs soon! ^__^

    @Jedi~Chick: Thanks for the welcome! I'll post more there whenever I'm free and on the computer! :D

  4. out of 20+ rounds in your gun you hit 5 while i emptied my entire clip of 7 bullets into ya haha go train on moving targets
    (maybe be as crazy as jordon in oban star racers shooting the targets until the wall collaspe)


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