Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm back everyone! Awesome, isn't it! Hehee!

Yo everyone! I'm been really busy lately. Got a ton of holiday homework to finish (which I still haven't even gotten half done yet..) and Chemistry tuition and loads of other stuff to do. So I'll make this a quick but possibly long post for your enjoyment before dinner.

I remembered promising to talk about the barbecue at Denise's church friend's home. So here go's nothin'!!

Well, I have to wait for Denise at the train station for kinda a while since she was rushing there from school so I occupied myself with the 'awesome-mess' book in the world, "Heir to the Empire". (Yes, I read slow.. Deal with it~!!) Then we bought drinks for the barbecue and took a bus there.

And her friend's house (Sonia's house) was huge!! Humongous, in fact! I loved her house! I wanna live in one just like that one day and it'll have plenty of storage space for my Star Wars collectibles and big rooms for all! So cool. I didn't get to see the inside but one look and you'll know how big it is. The house was joint to another and some more but there was plenty of free space in between for walkways and such. So this space near Sonia's home was where we had the barbecue and I helped with the flipping of sausages and buttering the chicken wings (I loveeee Chicken!!)

It was evening by then and one of the church helper dudes invited as to a game (something like Duck duck goose or whatever it's called. I forgot. But it was a passing game with two pink balloons and a small purple one). And I got to know some of the people there in the process. I lost the game though! Heheee...

Denise and her church friends gathered for a mini bible reading and I sat in. And it was loads of fun and it was really enjoyable! I wouldn't mind sitting in on another.

The rest of the evening and into the night was spent eating and getting to know the others there and making friends. I met this girl (I forgot her name) and we actually study quite near each other. The only difference was that she was in a school for smart and supposedly rich kids and I'm in a not-so-good school. (Told ya I'm not smart but I still try to be as smart as Corran or Wedge~! Heee!) But she's a nice person. Kinda cool too!

I also met this other guy, Andrew who is a Star Wars fan like me!! Yesssss!! And we talked by the fire (electric heater thingy to cook the food since charcoal usage seems to be the old style of barbecuing) about X-Wing Lego and Episode 3 and a little about the newest clone wars figurines. (I have none cos my mum doesn't allow me to buy figurines. I can buy books and comics, though.) And someone had a brillant idea of barbecuing marshmallows! So I ate a few (totally like the melting in your mouth parts of squishy marshmallows!!)

Denise's dad was really cool too. Asking and sharing "top 10 lame jokes"!! Fun fun fun! But Denise, another friend of hers (Nicole) and I had to leave soon after and Denise's parent were really nce to drop Nicole and I off at the train station. I took a train and a bus back with Nicole since we live quite close to each other after that.

All in all, the barbecue was great!! So to thank Denise, I'll promote her blog even though she doesn't post much nowadays but her blog has some features that might appeal to yall or sumthin'? I dunno?? Any way... http://tht-innocence.blogspot.com. Done.

Now for something short that happened today:
Joshua and I had to go back to school today for improvement on our Design anf Technology project. It's the one I told yall about in some previous post I believe. Can't remember which post though. Any way, I'm making a Star Wars display cabinet thingy. Cool, ain't it!! Yea~!

I need help from you Star Wars fans out there! Please help! This is important to me cos I'll be getting a grade for this!! Really need your help!

My teacher said that I will need the measurements of Star Wars comic books, hard cover novels, paperback novels, models (eg. X-Wing, Snowspeeder, etc..) and figurines.

The thing is, I have most of the above so I can get most of the job done with what I have. What I don't have is figurines. Like I said, my mum doesn't allow me to buy any figures!! Aww.. But I need to measurements for them to be able to get the accurate height, width and length to build my design.

So it would be a really big, temendous help to me if yall could grab say, 2 to 3 figurines from your collection and measure the height, length and width of each for me and leave the measurements in the comments section below! More details in the next post to clarify my needs and stuff. The reason why I ask for measurement of three different figures is because I want to calculate the average measurements for better accuracy.

I'm taking my project really seriously because I'm doing it for you Star Wars fans out there! Because Star Wars is everything to me and I wanna keep us Star Wars fans hope and dreams and what-nots alive!

If you guys help, I will promote your blog, youtube channel or fanpage/webpage in my Design Journal. Of course, with the name you use on the internet (or if you request I use your real name).

Your help will be much appreciated as this might be the only subject that I can get an 'A' (I mentioned that I'm not smart. Creative, yes. Hee hee!!).

Do help me, fans (not air-conditioners)!

I'll be back for my next post about the measurements of figures in a more detailed manner with drawings of mine for elaboration! So stay tuned!

Rogue Eleven out!

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  1. cool dnt is the only subjects where learning star wars can get you a A!!english.. maybe a a2


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