Thursday, March 17, 2011

Short Update, Yeaaa!!

Nothing much interesting happened yesterday. I'm saying yesterday, since I'm posting in the dead of night at 12:45am. I have a slight sleeping problem in the holidays. And that usually results in a bad waking up problem.

Which was what happened yesterday.. Somehow my mum didn't call me up or anything, and I slept right through all the morning noises outside my house until 2:30pm. I've never woken up this late in ages.

Hmm, other stuff: Anyone can lend a helping hand for my Design and Techology project? Details are in the previous post below this one.

I tried finishing all my homework tonight but I made little progress. And there only 4 days (4 days?!?!!) left of my holiday. Sad thought there.

I'm trying to think of good stuff to think about but my--

**Toilet break**

Where was I? Umm.. I noticed that my friends out there are doing this March challenge(?) thingy where you gotta answer questions daily. Wish I joined in. The reason why I didn't is cos I thought that I'd be too busy to post and stuff. Strangely when I was looking at my past posts, I realised that I do post almost everyday. I might just join it on the next challenge 9or whatever it's called) next month.

The year, my school has been giving me more school work to do which clashes with my comic very frequently. Right now, my comic is way behind time. And it's actually very hard to do all my homework everyday, go for extra lesson from tuesdays to fridays, have tuition on Mondays and Saturdays, find time to read Star Wars for at least 1 hour everyday, watch cool stuff on TV like Survivor, American Idol, Amazing Race, my cartoons, etc.., draw my comic (I wanna publish it in December this year) and draw for my viewers and classmates and a whole lot of other stuff.

**Looks at above paragraph**
That's a lot of stuff to do.

Most important to me is my comic because I know I'm not good at studies or sports but I wanna do something in my lifetime. Even if my comic doesn't sell or isn't good enough (I hope not) I still wanna see my name on the bookshelves someday..

May be I can be a writer too, though I'm much better at drawing cos drawing helps me visualize the whole scene. Especially space battles!

I wonder if there is anything to talk about. This post is probably quite a short one so I hope things will get interesting later today. See all of you awesome followers, classmates, reader and everyone else in a short (may be long?) while!!

Rogue Eleven out!

P.S. I'm going to pop by the Lakehouse in a while.. Lalalaaaaaa!


  1. :) Have fun on Lakehouse!!!! :D

    I'm going to help you with your project. ;) I'll put it in the comments of that post later today. :D Good luck with it!!!!!!

    I'd buy your comic. :D That's awesome that you draw/make comics. :)

    Jedi~Chick <333

  2. Thanks! I really like the Lakehouse, it makes me feel at house with yall Star Wars fans.

    Thanks for offering help! :D :D :D YEA!!!

    My comic could be considered childish to you because I have problem with romance bits and when I planned out the story, it kinda looked like it would interest kids more.. May be after editing older kids might like it too? ^___^

    Thanks for your help again!!!


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