Friday, March 18, 2011

Another Boring Day

Hey everyone, I'm back again. It's 12.55am. Yes, it is. I'm not lying. I can't sleep because inspiration for my next fanart just "zoooooooted" into my brain.

Definition of zoooooot: It means enter but contains more feeling than the word.
Notes about using the word zooted: You can add as more "ooo"s as you want to cos that's the fun part.
Another note: Do not. I repeat, DO NOT. Use it in English essays or important documents as it's not an official word, just a figment of my creative side.

Okay.. That was random.

Today wasn't so interest and was quite uneventful. I spent most of today watching Ratatouille, finishing more homework, watching cool documentaries on TV, Physics tuition and.. Just about all that.

And right now, I have inspiration for my next Corran fanart!! Yes yes yes!! Whahahaaa..

I'm a little hyper right now..

Other news: My best friend, Joshua will be coming over tomorrow to do Chemistry group work and other undone homework so I'm gonna give yall a really good post. I'm really going to. Wait and see!!

Gotta go!! Rogue Eleven out.

P.S. I'll try and post my fanart tomorrow together with (may be..) the Anakin Solo, Jaina Solo and Jacen Solo ones a while ago. And if I think it's good enough, I'll try to scan it into my computer and use it as my new profile picture on the Lakehouse? May be..

May the Force be with you!!

P.P.S Help me with my Design and Technology project if you are able to! Link's right here: Thanks!

**Flys off in an X-Wing**

Note: I decided to do a Jaina Solo fanart instead. And I'm trying out a new style of drawing.


  1. Cool!!! ;) I love your art, it's great!! Post more! ;)

    Darn it! I keep on forgetting to measure my action figures for you. Sorry!!! I'll do it today. :D

    Jedi~Chick <333

  2. Thanks.. And you can take your time with the figurine measurements if you really wanna help cos I need it by Monday and there's still quite a while more til then. May the Force be with you!


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