Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 2: Your Favourite Villain!

Today's the 2nd of May!! Time for another day of Star Wars meme (and a little bit about what happened today)!! YEA!!

We were suppose to watch Thor in the cinemas today but my mum realised a few ago that she had night shift. Sad...

So now I'm cooped up at home. It means more time to memorise my Social Studies and learn my maths (Aaaaaaaaargh maths) for the coming exams. :) Now I really feel nerdy! But I don't feel like starting on that yet so here I am, posting for your entertainment and whatever.

One more thing...
I would like your opinion on this.
Can you tolerate people campaigning outside your home? Is it noise pollution to you whenever they announce whatever they are announcing that has nothing to do with you on their speakers/microphone/loud radio system?? If if annoyes you because they do that 5 to 6 times a day, what do you do to cope with it??

Please give you suggestions. That is currently happening at my neighbourhood and I cannot study, do maths, read "Dark Force Rising", and all my other daily activities which requires peace and quiet. I normally can do stuff in a noisy surrounding but this is campaigning is really annoying me. It could be because they are repeating the same few sentences everytime. Aaaaah..! It's been going on for about a week, according to my brother.

To block out the noise, I've been listening to music fromn Youtube on my laptop and handphone.

Oooh oooooooh, I know! Why don't y'all recommend to me good music! (Preferrably, country. I like country musics! <3333)

Thanks everyone!! :D

Day 2: Your favourite Villain

I've hear of Darth Bane and Darth Revan (is it??) but I've had no chance to read more about them because I can't find the books in the bookstore. But from what I hear from other Star Wars fans, these two Siths are rather Awesome. So there is a possibility that Darth Bane and Darth Revan could become some of my favourites.

I'm just giving them thumbs ups to be fair because I think that Darth Vader is THE best villain.

Yup. Vader is the best. Where would Star Wars be without him!

Here's like what a normal person should know.

Like in this, or example:

Random prank caller: Horrrr Shuuu.. Horrr Shuuuuuu **Darth Vader breathing sounds on the phone**
Me: Man, stop behaving like Darth Vader.
Random prank caller: Star Wars-- **Hangs up the phone**

That happened. It shows that anyone knows who Darth Vader is at least. It's basic knowledge!

I especially liked it when Darth Vader still had some good left in him and came back to the light side!! I really like that part in Episode 6! (I did not like it when he had to die but I excepted it cos that's how the story goes..)

So DARTH VADER IS THE BEST!!! No arguments! Darth Vader, woot!!!

Gotta go now! See ya'll for Day 3 tomorrow!
Um.. one more thing, I'm having my English exam tomorrow and I hope to get a 70+ for it! Pray please! Thank you!!

Rogue Eleven out! May the Force be with you!!


  1. Darth Vader is the best villain and then Darth Reven. Darth Reven is in the video game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. :D

  2. I LOVE DARTH VADER!!!! :D He rocks.

  3. Darth Maul? XD Of course Vader is a close second. Palpatine is too evil to like.

  4. @James and Jacob: That's cool! Wish I owned the video game. ;) And thanks for following my blog!

    @Jedi~Chick: Totally!!

    @Futurejedigirl0202: Darth Maul is a close favourite! I had a hard time choosing between them. Gotta love Darth maul's fighting style! He makes double-bladed lightsabers rock!


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