Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 3: You favourite Diva

Does Star Wars have divas?? Looks like I've not been paying attention to the singers and performers in Star Wars. >_< I'm guessing that you can find some in Jabba's palace, I think..

Something random I thought up:
Wedge sings in his X-Wing.. NOT!!!

Now for my usual... I had English Exam today! Eeeeeeeeek!!!! I'm so worried that my English teacher would penalised my paper and minus a few marks because I did not leave 3 lines after every answer to the questions?!!

It's 3 lines!!!

3 lines!!

I didn't know we had to leave 3 lines after every question!! The instructions said so but I didn't read them cos they are the same every year!!

**In a monotonous voice**

No handphones allowed.
Write in dark ink.
No highlighters.
No pooping (Just kidding.)

How was I suppose to know that we had to leave 3 lines?!!

3 lines?!!?!?!??!?!!

To think positively:
I'm just one student but if everyone in the school leaves 3 lines, there be a lot of wastage of paper! SAVE THE TREES! STOP GLOBAL WARMING!! What are people doing to our precious homeworld?!!

This is why our Earth is dying! Please, the Earth is your home. Save it! LOL do I sound desperate. Hahahahaaaaaa....

After the exam, I went around asking if anyone did indeed leave the 3 lines. 40% of my friends did not.

Thank you 40%. And that's Joshua, Mingiee, YiEr, HuiCi, etc..!! Planet Earth <33 you!!

I feel so random.

After school, Joshua, Mingiee and I took a walk to the area behind our school to buy drinks (Green Apple Bubble Tea is yummy!) and for Mingiee to borrow some religious books (He's so interested!!)

Then I went home and took a long 3 hour nap before wacthing Code Lyoko on TV! It's Episode 74 today! I especially liked today's episode. It's a little different from the rest of the episodes and it's a fresh change from the usual 'Save the Earth' and 'Deactivate Towers' sort of episodes.

In today's episode, a meteorite was about to enter the Earth's atmosphere and destroyed the Factory (their hideout thingy...) and the School. I'm not gonna say more. Yall should try watching it! Code Lyoko rules!! Loved the twist in the story towards the end. And the animation (especially the meteorite) looked more detailed today! It could be because the episode had a little Sci-Fi in it.

(Mesa + Sci-Fi = Couch Potato Geek~!!)

I'm having a little bit of cold now. I hope it gets better.

See yall soon!

P.S. I've got no school tomorrow because it's mother tongue / second language exam! (I don't learn that! YAY!!)

Now to learn my Social Studies.. >.<


  1. LOL! Wedge....I could see him doing that....XDD

    Good luck with your school! :) And feel better! :)

  2. Ha, I'd love to see Wedge do that.

    Cool! I used to watch Code Lyoko ALL the time!! I even turned a shoe box into the portal and made paper people of them!! Did they ever get Ileta (Is that her name, or how you spell it? I don't remember. Anyways, the girl with pink hair.) out into the real world permanently?

    I hope you feel better, and good luck with your school!

    -Barriss :-D

  3. @Jedi~Chick: Hahaa.. And thanks, I do feel better today! :D

    @Futurejedigirl0202: Thank you sooo much! Any, yup, I'm feeling a whole lot better! :D

    @Barriss Offee: YAY! I found another Code Lyoko fan!! I'm not sure if Aelita is back on Earth permanently. I would think so since Jeremie pretty much solved most of the problems Xana infected her with when the group brought her to the real world. I've currently watched up to Episode 76!! It's getting so exciting!! Thanks for your well-wishes! I do feel much, much better! :D


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